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A story you've already read in a drawn form. It's only part of a chapter so don't expect much. It was fun. Review it. Story by Panda_1418.

Category: Delilah and Julius - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2006-08-21 - Updated: 2006-08-21 - 119 words - Complete

This is what happened.

I completely ran out of ideas for stories. I decided to just draw some of my chapters but they weren't inspiring me that much. I browsed through all of your stories and this is the one I wanted to draw the most. It's a little part of a chapter from 'Free Fall' . I hope you all like it. It's my first try at a real-looking comic.

God I hope there aren't any typos. If you find one, Please Tell Me!
Also feel free to comment on either Ficwad or on my DeviantArt account. Thanks.


Click on the pic to see full view.

Story by : Panda_1418
Drawings by : Gucci84

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