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Chapter 4

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The fourth chapter... finally XP

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Chapter 4
A/N: Welp, I'm back!
So, super-late, totally awkward chappy making its way towards you. All while having taken the Oath of Office that Presidents take to enter office. PAY YOUR TAXES IN CHOCOLATE! XD I wish, but I'm not old enough... you have to be at least 45.... I think.
Sneakydinosaur: Thanks! And here you are.
When I opened my eyes, all I could hear was a dull ringing. My head was throbbing, and from some distance I could hear the morning bell. I whined lightly as my back started aching as well. I felt extremely nauseous, and when my molars seemed to shudder, I put my hand on my mouth, rolled over, and scrambled for the bathroom, all while trying not to make a noise.
I sat next to the toilet for about three minutes before I violently began gagging.
In short, my third night had been a literal hell.
I had to sit there for about an hour before I was finally able to get up. Thankfully, the place didn't open until ten, and apparently noone started to arrive until about eight- the chef, who started cooking, apparently. Then others would come.
I checked the time now- 7:08. Plenty of time to make myself scarce before everyone else showed up.
That was when I realized that I didn't have that picture that the girl had given me in my... vision-type thing.
For a moment, my breath was gone.
Then, I shook my head. What an idiot. I couldn't really think coherently at the moment, so there was something else I could say if anyone asks if I passed out during my shift.
For once, I was glad that the security cameras didn't save footage. And the animatronics sure couldn't and won't go to sell me out.
So with great appreciation for what my job actually did good, I sighed.
Then I forced myself up, grimacing, and took my bag from the office before stumbling out the door and into the night.
I dreamed about my interview/tour, only.. what, three, four days ago? And yet it seemed a lifetime ago. Cliche, I know, but sometimes I go through the day and when I see it's only 6'o clock or the like, I'm shocked because it felt like hours later to me.
I still remember pushing open the door with the bell that was virtually silent in the loud room, walking in and right up to the girl at the counter.
"Umm... hi."
"Hi! Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's, how can I help you?" The girl had a slight southern accent, that tiny country twang. She had blonde hair that lightly curled at the ends, which was pulled up into two high pigtails, leaving her bangs to fall messily but prettily over her face.
"Uhm, I'm here for the.... night guard position? I got a notice in the mail-"
"Ah." A flicker of -what, fear? Sadness? Pity? All?- passed over her face, but she quickly plastered a smile on over it, moving around the counter.
"Alrighty then! I'll take you on a tour, and you'll get your uniform and your door keys, and we'll talk a bit about your job. Okay?"
"Sure." I tried not to think about much as she began leading me down the hall to the right of the counter. It was also to the right of the stage and PIRATE'S COVE, a shut down nook closed by a purple curtain. I blinked before walking on.
The tour went fairly quickly. She didn't say much other than small talk, mostly about how I'll love the job or something like that.
At the supply closet, she stops to explain that if I accidentally make a mess, I can just pop in here at any point in the night and grab a few cleaning supplies to mop it right up.
Right. If I can reach it, that is. Otherwise it can wait until morning. I nod to myself.
When we reach an office in the corner of the hallway, she tells me it's not the one I'll be working in, it's the manager's office. The doors are thick sheets of metal, with a keypad in case of missing key.
She says I'll meet the manager later on, maybe on my seventh day. She looks blank when she says it.
She stops for a second at the door to my office. There aren't any doors.
She looks nervous for a moment, but just like before, she's smiling and pulls me in.
"Alright, this is where you'll be spending your time when on your shift. Here's your computer and a fan, in case you get too hot. They should be left on all night, so please use them."
I nod again.
"Now, you'll only have so much power avalible per night, so be careful. If the power dies, it won't come back on until the place is opened at around eight in the morning. However, if it's really an emergency, just go into the Parts and Service room down the East Hall. In it you'll find a crank generator, but it only powers up the place again if you crank for about three minutes, and then it takes about another ten just to get it to full power. There's no camera there yet, but- shouldn't need to look." I nod hesitantly, as I know she was about to say something else, but what?
"Now, what you're going to be doing is watching around the place to make sure nothing suspicious happens. Someone could come in at any point. So, as a precaution, you should get here at around eleven-thirty each night, right about the time everyone gets out. Lock the front door and keep it locked until your shift is over, understand?" I nod quickly.
"Alright. So- a few short rules, off topic, but oh well. First- no eating anything from the kitchens. There's labels on everything, including weight of the items, so they'll know if you took anything and you'll get a warning. Got it?" I nod.
"Next- no tampering with the animatronics. If you do, you'll be fired on the spot. So no messing with them while they're off, yes?" I nod again.
"Finally, no vandalism. None at all. We will not tolerate it." I nodded, relieved. I could bring my own food well enough, and I didn't want to touch the animatronics, and the place was too filthy for vandalism to make a difference.
"Well, there's that. Now, a bit about this." She points to a set of buttons, green and white.
"This one-" she points to the green one, "is your door button. It's off now, but during the night if anyone comes in and you feel threatened, press these and these-" she gestures to the doorframe, which now seems oddly thick, "will drop. There's a phone in case you need to call the police, the manager, or any family. Don't use it all night, though; it pulls power worse than the doors will.
"This white guy turns on your door lights. If you can't find anything on your camera, try looking in the door light. Usually that's where they are if they're nowhere else. Okay?" I nod.
"Good. Let's move along," she announces, pulling me out the other side.
I look at the bathroom, the kitchen- which is full now- and then finally to the backstage area. It's hidden from the crowd, and it's full of spare parts. One in particular is a metal endoskeleton, my guide says. I feel its eyes bore into me as we leave.
When we arrive back at the counter and she hands me my uniform, I resolve to look up the history of this place tonight.
When I do, it's nothing like I expected.
I wake up drowsily to the blaring of my alarm. Shift time, great. And I get little enough sleep as it is.
I groan and roll straight off the bed, falling face first onto the tiled side of my floor.
Then I'm up.
Swiftly I manage to pull on my uniform, replenish my pack, rebind my wound, and grab the asprin and a few waters off the counter.
Then I run all the way to work, because I'd left my bike this morning when I'd left.
I arrive earlier than ever, at exactly 10:31. And still noone is here.
This makes me start to wonder if my watch is behind. I run in as fast as I can.
No, it's not. And yet, from my dream memory, I clearly remember the girl telling me everyone got out at 11:30. There's no way.....
It takes me a moment to realise that I have free run of the place for- safely- an hour and fifteen minutes.
I can finally look around this place.
The thought of exploring makes me excited, and I take a few energy bars and start walking around.
First I thoroughly look in the kitchen. Nothing too weird, other than a random cookie sheet that's sitting on the counter. I leave it.
When I'm done with the supply closet, bathrooms, and the cashier area, it's about 11:14. I decide to really look around the last few rooms.
Stage, Pirate's Cove, and the Parts and Service room.
First to the Parts and Service, then.
I get there, unlock the door, then turn on the light.
I notice, first, the brownish stains on the wall.
Next, the crank generator.
Finally, the suit in the corner.
I blink.
Then I run right back out, slam the door, and relock it as fast as I can. I'm panting, and there's tears welling behind my eyes.
I ignore them and decide to go to Pirate's cove.
When I reach it, the curtain's shut, per usual, but there's a steady noise coming from inside. A bit apprehensively, I open the curtain with my eyes shut.
The noise continues.
I open my eyes.
There, hanging with his neck on a rope, is a small boy, one of the ones in my dream yesterday, with the little girl, and the picture of the band-
I cry out and stumble back, but then the sight vanishes to a small gold pendulum on a thin rope.
I can hardly breathe for a moment. My head is in the clouds.
I look at my hands, try to focus on the lines on them. It takes a moment, but I feel a bit of worry when they clear.
This isn't a dream.
I yank the curtains shut, because even though he was turned off, Foxy was still slumped in the back of the room, eyes shut- but if I waited too long, that could change.
After a minute of fighting with myself, I decided to go onto the stage area.
I grimaced, but decided to just go.
It was with slow, silent steps- no shoes, just socks- that I crept onto the stage. Bonnie, Chica and Freddy, all offline and slumped against the wall.
I checked my watch. 11:32.
Damn, I've really got to hurry or I'll be dead.
I looked haistily around them, a bit at the curtains and levers- which siphoned off ten of my precious safe twenty minutes- and then around the animatronics themselves.
They're not clean, especially Chica. Freddy looks like he's been touched too many times by greasy hands, and Bonnie does too. I notice pizza sauce and dough on Chica.
I'm about to run for the office when I stop, seeing something in Bonnie's paw. I don't even have to really look- I know what it is.
The little girl's picture from my dream.
I'm in the office with both door buttons repeatedly slammed before I realise that I'm there.
I hear the phone ringing when I begin to see again.
I can't get up. Not yet.
It keeps ringing, but I don't get up to click it on. I don't do anything.
It rings a little more.
For once, I don't reply to the message. I'm still thinking about everything I've seen so far tonight, and I'm shocked it's already midnight. I thought it'd only been a few seconds.
It rings a bit more.
I slam the message button.
And for some reason, everything goes black.
When I open my eyes, I'm standing in the office, right where I had been- but I didn't shut my eyes. And the phone is off, no message. I blink and go to sit back down, but the sight of the desk chair stops me. It's practically new, no tears or stuffing rips like I just remembered sitting in.
And sitting in the chair is a man I've never seen before.
With light brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin, he's easily forgettable- except, something about his prescence. The simple way he holds himself, the air around him. Something that makes all the other features interesting.
He's constantly flicking on the lights, turning the tablet on, and the entire time he's sweating. He's extremely worried about something.
I blink, then remember that this all might be a hallucination.
Suddenly, blissfully calm, I look onto the desk at a few of the papers he's looking at.
The calm slips away very fast.
After a moment, the guy rolls his chair over to the phone. He presses a few buttons, then waits until there's a click.
"Hello, hello? Hey! Hey, wow, day 4. I knew you could do it."
I blink again. Undoubtly, I know the voice. Every night I've heard this.
This guy in front of me is the Phone Guy.
"Uh, hey, listen, I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow."
Suddenly, he shuts the door on the left, his eyes flicking up to the window.
I jump- it came from the door he JUST shut. Two seconds ago.
And the sound metal on metal.
"It's-It's been a bad night here for me. Um, I-I'm kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you-" he takes a moment to clear his throat- "uh, when I did." He wipes his forehead and runs his hand through his hair, shaking.
I realise that this another truthful vision. Something that actually happened.
"Uh, hey, do me a favor." More banging. Each time I jump. "Maybe sometime, uh, you could check inside those suits in the back room?" Banging. I swear it's getting louder. And it makes me cringe now. Is it Foxy? I think it is. "I'm gonna to try to hold out until someone checks. Maybe it won't be so bad." Yep, banging is definately louder. And I'm shaking now, too. Shuddering. "Uh, I-I-I-I always wondered what was in all those empty heads back there." My eyes widen when he says the last line. Suddenly there's a slight chime. In the room.
"You know..." He stops, then moans. "Oh, no - " For some reason, I can't see for a moment- but then, I can hear. Odd, various noises- then the sound of an animatronic screeching and then static.
The sound of game over.
The static is still playing when I wake up on the floor of modern day Freddy's. I get up and eventually shut the damn noise off, but something is clicking. In my head, still trying to understand what I just saw.
He wants me to check out the suits in the back room. And the way he said 'empty heads' was a little too shaky.
And what was the last bit he was going to say? I'll never know now.
Because I'm pretty sure the reason most people aren't at Freddy's past ten is for this reason.
I'm pretty sure this Phone Guy is dead in the back room right now.
Okay, I'm done now. :)
Wait. I didn't write what I had planned. Crap, I should fix thaaat...
Please stand by for technical difficulties.
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