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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
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So, here we go. Night 3.
....never gotten this far XD
The moment I got home, I instantly grabbed the convienent bottle of asprin on the counter, and took out about 3 pills. I downed them with water, then fell onto my bed. An exhausting night.
I groaned, thinking of the possibility of a night five.
Please, someone shoot me before I get to that rueful day.
Rolling over, I pulled my covers back onto my bed and over my head, hearing the annoying new chime of my alarm telling me it was 7.
7 already?
I peeked out for a moment, suddenly blinded by sunlight that wasn't there a moment ago. My body was stiff, as if I'd been laying down for a long time. Yet, I'd only been in bed for a split second.... What time is it now?
The clock read 12:02. I blinked for a moment, then rubbed my eyes. I yawned, then slipped out of bed. I realized I was already dressed- oh yeah, I forgot to put on pajamas. Oops.
I was, for some reason, in the pizzaria. It was bright, daytime, and there were kids running around, yelling and laughing. Onstage, the five animatronics were singing and looking down at the pile of kids sitting right in front of the stage. It was a little warm, and the place looked more innocent than Chuck-E-Cheese, for some reason. I knew the truth, but all of these innocent kids.....
I realized that I was sitting down, at a table near the back. I could see everything. I couldn't hear anything too clearly, though, and all the sound echoed. It looked a little too bright, and everything was hazy, and I felt a little sick. Maybe it was the blinding sun- I don't know. But it shocked me to see the kids so happy in a place like this. Had they gotten amnesia, or had their parents just told them to 'have fun', and forget about the fact that the animatronics had killed tons of people, as in night guards?
Then, another possibility hit me, one far more likely- was I just dreaming?
Probably, but I wasn't sure. I'd never dreamed lucidly for so long- once, a while ago, I was lucid for a few seconds in an odd dream where my right thumb was sore and asleep, and I consciously tried to move it. It didn't feel as real as this, though. I simply decided that I was just being lucid for once, and shut my eyes and smiled. Who knew when I would feel this way about this place again? Probably never.
"Hey, kid!" A man's voice cut through the haze, being the first clear, distinguishable sound I'd heard so far. A man in a security uniform leaned and bobbed his way through the tables, just as the show stopped. I noticed that my uniform was perfectly in order, despite the abuse it must be getting in reality. The kids started running towards the tables, and the man wobbled his way to the front, to a little girl. He kneeled down to her height and started talking brightly to her- she soon responded, even brighter, if possible.
I watched as a little girl began heading to me. I knew this because she was looking directly at me, not through me, at me. I blinked as she came up to my knee, then smiled up at me.
"Miss, could you give this to Freddy? I wanted to, but I couldn't get it to him before the curtains shut. He hasn't come out, either, so I was kinda wondering if you'd do it, 'cause you guys go back there all the time." I blinked again as she handed me a piece of paper. I saw the beautifully colored, sketched picture of the entire band. It certainly wasn't all her. Even so....
I looked at her, her tiny, beaded, blonde pigtails, her rosy cheeks, her ocean blue eyes.
"Wow, you drew all this? You're really talented!" She blushed even deeper (How can toddlers just do that?!), and smiled.
"My sissy helped. She drew the outline, she said, and I colored it. But could you give it to them today, please?"
I didn't want to crush the bright look in her eyes- even if there was no way in hell I would go any closer than the edge of the crowd towards them.
"Okay, but I'll have to wait for closing. I can't do it now, they're busy!" She smiled, then nodded.
"Thanks, miss!" She smiled and ran off, pigtails bobbing. I noticed that the man had been walking towards her, a trail of four kids already behind him. He smiled, holding his hand out to her. My mind was literally banging with the suspicious activity that was already going on. Was this the 'missing children incident'?
I put a hand to my forehead, cursing the asprin that was not helping at all, and I winced from the pain in my head. I looked up to see all five children and the security man gone. I unsteadily stood, the world swooping and rising like a feather on top of a fan facing the ceiling. I stumbled fowards, looking around wildly.
A shining beam of light was falling on a child holding hands with another girl, and they were walking backstage. I focused.
'Get over there.'
I shuffled quickly over to them, even going so far as to try running. I was breathing heavily, and I couldn't really focus all that well- but if there was a chance to change my own delusional dream before it went too far, I should.
I watched the backstage door shut slightly, and being only feet away, I was able to shove it open in time to see the last little girl dissolve into the darkness of a trapdoor.
I tore the door open, then literally fell down into the dark. Suddenly I could focus, the pain in my head was gone, and I could see. I slowed my breathing, and I looked around slowly. The children were gone. I was alone in the silence, and I had no idea what I'd just done.
Suddenly, I felt a sharp, stinging pain erupt on my back, and it burned all the way from my lower back to my right shoulder. I screamed, arching and falling to my knees. I was gasping again, and I felt something warm on my hands that I suspected was blood. I fell to my side, yelling in pain, and watching the little bit of the world I could see melt away.
I sat up, my hands still on my back. I leaped out of bed and into the bathroom, then lifted up my shirt.
A thinner, shorter, yet still there cut resided on my back. The lack of much blood proved it to be recent- but that wasn't what worried me.
What worried me was that I hadn't been dreaming.
About ten minutes later, changed, bandaged by hand and unable to eat anything, I decided to ride my bike for a change. I didn't want to initially due to the chance of it being stolen- now, though, that wasn't my major concern.
I was at the pizzaria in less than two minutes- I chained my bike to one of the random posts and tried not to sprint inside.
I was met with the gloomy, desolate landscape of the sullied, cold, still not empty pizzaria. It was only 10:42, and yet the place was already almost empty. I blinked as the kitchen light shut off, and as the last person ran out. I was still dressed, and I couldn't leave now. Plus, I couldn't ride my bike back without aggrivating my cut more than I already have. I winced as I gently probed it, noting the slightly damp feeling. Damn, it was already open. Time to change it.
I staggered to the bathroom, trying to keep my back and shoulder muscles from moving any more than was necessary. Tonight, I'd leave the right door shut, camera shut, and only check the lights once in a while. I was shaking lightly while I slowly unwrapped the bandage, moving a little to test where not to move and where I could.
I felt dizzy, and it took me until 11:09 before I finally finished. I had cleaned it out, whimpering the entire time, because 'pain' and 'me' do not work together. At all.
I made my way to the dining room, then cursed myself for not bringing any provisions- or anything really, for that matter. The nearest food place was at least ten minutes away by bike, and in my condition- thirty. An hour there and back.
I sighed. Another torturous night in Child's Hell.
I looked up blearily at the sound of the phone ringing.
It rung thrice before clicking on.
''Hello, hello? Hey you're doing great! Most people don't last this long. I mean, you know, they usually move on to other things by now. I'm not implying that they died. Th-th-that's not what I meant. Uh, anyway I better not take up too much of your time. Things start getting real tonight."
"Yes! Real! I didn't just have a vision that actually injured me in a way that I can't injure myself! It totally wasn't real before now! Oh, and of course, Freddy's finally running amok. All the more reason to keep the right door shut. I sighed, feeling the throbbing on my back.
"Uh... Hey, listen, I had an idea: if you happen to get caught and want to avoid getting stuffed into a Freddy suit, uhh, try playing dead! You know, go limp. Then there's a chance that, uh, maybe they'll think that you're an empty costume instead. Then again if they think you're an empty costume, they might try to... stuff a metal skeleton into you. I wonder how that would work. Yeah, never mind, scratch that. It's best just not to get caught."
"Make up your mind, will you? Geez. I'm in the same position you're in, and yet I'm thinking as rationally as I can, which isn't much. Wow, a teenager is more capable than you. How sad."
"Um... Ok, I'll leave you to it. See you on the flip side." Another click, then silence.
"Sure, dude. I love playing dead, especially when there's a giant gash on my back."
I shut my eyes, reaching blindly for the asprin. Thaaaaat wasn't there.
Brilliant, self. A flipping plus.
Yay for migraines and bloody bandages everywhere. I groaned, easing myself further back into my chair.
I replayed the memories of my.... vision.... from earlier. The little girl with the picture. I had put it into my back left pants pocket.
Back. Left. Pocket.
My hand snaked to this location, and I felt my heart stop. I pulled out a slightly crumpled, folded picture of the Fazbear band and the little girl who had given it to me.
I shuddered- she was likely dead. Gone. Killed. I bit my lip hard, breathing fast.
Then, I remembered the light in her little eyes. That light was gone, dimmed forever.
Suddenly I yelled out as the pain in my back jerked to a burning line. I held onto the picture, trying not to crush it. I fell off the chair and onto the floor, tears already streaming down my face. It hurt worse than it had initially, and I couldn't help the pained sounds from escaping my throat. Thankfully there was noone here to listen.
I looked through the pained haze that had fallen over my eyes to see Bonnie standing near the door. I couldn't stand up to reach the door button- as it was, I could hardly move at all.
I shut my eyes.
The face of the little girl again showed itself to me.
I raised the picture to my eye level for a moment. My hands were shaking violently. I choked for a second, my vision becoming spotted with black.
I raised it up, towards Bonnie, and held it for a shaking moment.
Then the black exploded, and I felt my hand fall, my eyes shut, and I spiralled into oblivion.
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