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Now Atlanta tells some secerts

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Thanks you all so much for the great reveiws and heres Atlantas juice.
Chapter 3 Atlanta.
Flashback. He put his arm around me and pulled me close to his chest. I handed him the note. He didn't read it yet. Too bad.

The movie was over and Archie made his way up to his room.He quickly changed into a plain white shirt and blue boxer shorts. He then remembered Atlantas note he reached into his pockets on the pants he had just taken off. Carfully as if it were a bomb he unfolded it. Then printing was small and neat, The paper smelled of her hand lotion. Coconut and lime. Hummmm!!! He thought to himself. He hadn't read it yet but he didn't need to he knew she wanted to take it to the next level. But he felt he should read it anyway.
Archie when you read this please meet me in my room tomorrow morning i have big news.

--- Atlanta.

Archies face sterched into a hudge grin as he hop into bed he pulled his covers up and set the note from his girlfriend on the table and flicked of the lamp beside him.
Atlanta was looking through PMR photos she found one of her Archie and Theresa working out with Aries. She sighed and turned it off and let the sand man do his job.

Atlanta was sitting at her desk when someone knocked on the door. She weeled her chair away from her desk and went to open the door. Archie was standing at her door way. " Hey Lanta." Archie said with a smile. "Oh hey Arch." Atlanta replied.
" Archie I need to be honst with you, I think we should break up, I mean I kinda liked it when I couldn't have you." Atlanta held back tears as she said this. Archie stood there blankly have numb half not sure what just happend. " Bye Archie ." Said Atlanta as she shut the door.

Archie just stood there outside he looked fine but inside he was shattered like glass. " She wanted to break up with me this whole time?" He questioned himself. " But why she seemed so happy?" Over the past few Archie was begining to relize that girls were way stranger then even Cronos.

Atlanta wasn't quite sure why she had dumped him but she new she had to. Maby she would go see if he was okay, Ask him if he wanted to go for a run.Atlanta walked out of her room and into the comon room. Herry lay sprawled out on the couch . He was eating popcorn. Atlanta took a set on the floor in front of his feet. She turned her attention to the movie in front of her. Pamala Anderson came on the srcean along with some deticive guy he was wearing a hat and chewing tabacco. This movie was deffently the oddest one she had seen befor. Oh Drick I love you'r soft dry kisses. And the smell of you'r arter shave. Atlanta could of hurled right then and there.

" So Herry you want to tell me whats wrong?" Atlanta questioned .
"What do you mean?"
" You're watching chick flicks, Theresa is the only one who likes those."
" Well it went like this," And Herry started a the begining.

A/N: Hehe cliff hanger the next chapter probaly wont have them in it . The next Chapter is Odie. And I thought of something good for him. As always rate and reveiw.
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