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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

My name is Lady Cassandra Veldez but I prefer Cassie. I am from one of the richest and powerful families in the country. My father is Lord Henry Veldez, he runs the huge Veldez Empire, and my mother is Sophia Veldez. I also have a younger brother aged 17 called Nicholas 'Nick' Veldez, occupation: permanent pain in the ass, favourite pass time: pissing me off and getting me into more trouble than I usually have already got myself into. See I'm not as posh and snotty as the rest of my family or as most people think. I am the black-sheep of the family, I love to have fun. I will do what ever I want when ever I want, much to my family's disappointment. They try to model me off as the perfect role model good girl for young girls to follow but I am completely the opposite. I'll do anything for fun from wild all night parties to bungee jumping off a hundred foot bridge, you name it I've done it. My motto is that I'll try and do anything twice.

So now you know a little more about me I'll continue with my story. You see since I turned 21 last month my parents decided that it was time I got married to make an honest woman of me. True to my families ways they managed to hand pick the perfect rich respectable husband for me. I had no say in the matter what so ever. The fact that he was going to be my husband and I was the one supposedly spending the rest of my life with him had nothing to do with it; it was all about keeping the image. Don't get me wrong Sir William Halloway is a lovely man. The perfect charming gentle man, any girl would be lucky to have him. The problem was I didn't want him. I loved him for all that he had done for the family and other things in his life but I was certainly not in love with him. I like the more bad boy type but unfortunately that type of guy was forbidden in our family. None the less I was marrying William Halloway, reluctantly but I was marrying him. You see by marrying William it meant that he would get his knighthood and my father would finally make it onto the governing board. It made my family so proud. I hated it.

The wedding was a week away. Everything had been arranged. True to my family they arranged it all and I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Apparently I was old enough and mature enough to get married but not old enough to choose a dress or what flowers we needed, not that I cared. The only thing I was allowed to plan myself was my hen party so believe be I made up for it. If this was going to be the last official night of freedom I have it will be the best ever. This party would be a night to remember. It turned out to be even more of a night to remember than I had planned seen as I would meet the guy that would change my life forever.
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