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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

It was the night of my hen party, my best friend Jen and I where in my room getting ready. Jen is the only sane person around me, even though her family didn't have a title and was no one important my family still allowed her to hang out with me because they did have money. That's all that matters to them and it pisses me off. We met at the all girls boarding school that our parents sent us too. They sent us to an all girl's boarding school to hopefully keep us away from the 'bad influence' called 'boys'. What they didn't bank on was the all boys boarding school across the road. We had some good times sneaking out at night meting up with those 'bad influences'. Jen was just as much of a bad girl, trouble maker as me. That's what drew us together in the first place. In fact I think we met in detention, good times. I smiled remembering them.
"I'm telling you Jen if you haven't organised a stripper for me tonight then there's going to be some serious trouble." I warned as I put the finishing touches to my make-up and Jen finished getting dressed.
"I'm sorry Cas but your parents have been watching me like a hawk every time I set foot in this house I get interrogated by them." Jen said.
"Yeah I know, I'm sorry about that I thought it was bad enough when they do it to me. I'm so jealous of Nick he can do anything and get away with it just because he's the boy."
"I know it sucks. So how are you feeling about the wedding?"
"I don't give a fuck it's just another part of my life controlled by my parents. I always dreamed of finding the right guy and falling in love then getting married but instead my parents found the prefect guy they fell in love with him and are making me marry him." I got my bag and my jacket. "We ready to go?"
"Yeah sure, who else is coming?"
"Just some relative's mainly snotty cuisines that I don't know and don't care about and they feel the same about me probably. Don't worry once we get to the club we'll ditch them and have our own fun." I laughed we linked arms and walked down the stairs to the limo.
"CASSANDRA you can not possibly be going out dressed like that." My mother shirked looking me up and down. I had a low cut halter top, a mini black skirt with a slit all the way up the sides filled in with black lace and knee high boots.
"Why yes mother I am going out like this. Remember the deal I get to plan and choose everything for the hen party." I smirked
"But you..."
"Bye mother, don't wait up." I called linking arms with Jen again then walking out to the limo before my mother could say anything else. Seconds later the rest of the girls who where joining us in our limo came. Three of them where my bridesmaids, once again hand picked by my mother. Jen was going to be my maid of honour the one and only thing I managed to have a say in. when the girls got in they looked us up and down. Jen was also dressed in a skimpy top and mini skirt. They where dressed more how my mother would put it respectfully than me and Jen. Jen looked at me.
"Don't worry it's my hen party and no one especially my family are going to stop me having fun." I whispered to Jen and she smiled. I knew the only reason my family had made me invite them was so that they could spy on me. Little did they know that I was on to their plan a long time a ago so even though the club was closed down to the public for us I had secretly booked the VIP room where me and Jen along with my real friends, that I had invited with out my family knowing, where going to have our own private wilder party.

When we stopped outside the club me and Jen got out first and walked into the loud club filled with the rest of the guests. Everyone mingled leaving me and Jen to begin our wild night. Just as we got to the VIP room the club manager came over to us.
"Excuse me Lady Veldez." He said. I flinched at him using my tital. I hated being called it.
"Yes." I smiled.
"I'm afraid there's been a mix up the VIP room has been double booked by a manager of a band. So unfortunately you will have to share. I am deeply sorry for the trouble and we are prepared to refund you half of your bill."
"Oh its ok you don't need to do anything. It's no problem."
"Are you sure Miss Veldez?"
"Yes, thank you." I smiled and he seemed relived. I and Jen made our way into the VIP room.
"I wonder what band? I hope there hot." Jen said to me.
"They better had be seen as you didn't get me a stripper." I laughed.
"You a dirty Lady." Jen laughed.
"No, I'm no Lady, Jen." I said laughing. "And if this is going to be my last night out of freedom I'm going to make the best of it." I said seriously.

With in seconds of entering the VIP sweet I had lost Jen she was no doubt flirting with some guys. I walked around talking with some of my friends that I've not seen in a while. I was walking towards the bar deep in thought about how my life was going to be after the wedding when I walked straight into someone. I nearly fell but who ever it was grabbed my arm before I fell and steadied me.
"I'm sorry I wasn't..." I started then paused looking in to the most beautiful pair of dark brown eye's I had ever seen.
"No it was completely my fault. Let me buy you a drink to apologise." he smiled charmingly. I was speechless I didn't know what had come over me. It wasn't like me to get all school girl over a guy, 'naughty school girl'... maybe but not shy and tongue tied. I simply nodded noticing that he still hadn't let go of my arm, not that I was complaining. He smiled the lead me towards the bar.
"What can I got you?" The waitress smiled at us.
"I'll have a diet coke and for the Lady..." He turned and smiled at me. I was still in a daze but managed to snap out of it.
"The same please." I smiled at her and she went to get our drinks.
"No alcohol?" He questioned. From his reaction I could tell he had obviously heard or read about my wild drinking and partying.
"No usually when I drink I don't usually remember what happened the next morning but this I think I'll want to remember" I smiled cheekily my confidence returning. We got the drinks.
"Mind if I stay and hang out with you for a while?" He asked.
"No not at all, come on." I said walking towards one of the booths where it was quieter.
"So you're the famous Lady Cassandra Veldez." He smiled at me as we sat down.
"Please, call me Cassie." I smiled flirtatiously
"I can not possibly call a Lady like you by short I must use your title." He teased knowing from my reaction how much I hated been called by my full name. "And I'm..."
"Oh I know who you are..." I smirked. "Benjamin Madden." Two can play at that game.
"Benji." He corrected.
"Call me Cassie." I grinned. He held his hands up in defeat.
"Deal." He smiled and held his hand out to shake.
"Nice to meet you Benji." I smiled shaking his hand.
"Like wise L...Cassie." He smiled back.
"So what brings you here to night?" I asked.
"Our bands just finished touring so our manager decided to throw us a party. You?"
"My hen party." I said simply looking around the room at everyone one enjoying them selves.
"Hen party?" he repeated a little shocked.
"Yeah hen party." I sighed.
"You don't seen too happy considering your about to get married, the happiest day of your life."
"That's the problem I'm getting married and its not going to be the happiest day of my life."
"Whys that?"
"Do you always ask so many questions?"
"I'm sorry I..."
"I'm joking" I laughed looking into his eyes again. "Basically it's my life but my parents decide everything that goes on in it. I don't get a say in the matter. They plan the prefect life, education, friends and now husband for me."
"Wait your parents chose your husband for you?" Benji asked surprised.
"Yeah probably hand picked him out of the prefect eligible bachelor catalogue." I said making him laugh.
"Oh so now you find my tortures life amusing?" I said smiling at him.
"No I'm sorry, that really sucks. Anything I can do for you?" I smirked at his offer, there were a lot of things I would like him to 'do' for me. I managed to push my dirty thoughts out of my head.
"No not unless you can get a title, a posh background and convince my family that you're the perfect respectable gentleman before next week, then no I'm doomed." I laughed.
"Sorry I may be good but I'm not that good."
We chatted all night it was amazing the more I got to know him and spend time with him the more I really liked him.
Eventually the night came to an end and my limo came to pick us up.
"So is there any chance I can see you again or maybe get your number?" He smiled hopefully at me.
"I really want to say yes. You don't know how much I want to say yes but... but I can't...I..." Then for the first time it finally hit me full force that I was getting married. I felt sick. "I'm getting married." I said in shock like it was the first time I had found out. He looked at me worried and Jen came to see what was going on. I couldn't handle it there I was with the most amazing guy I have ever met but none of that mattered because I had to get married. I ran out of the club and got into the limo leaving Benji and Jen stood in the club shocked. Jen ran out to me after a few seconds.

"What was that all about?" Jen asked me getting into the limo next to me.
"I'm getting married Jen." I said shaking. "I can't do it; I'm throwing my life away. I want to find true love not forced." I said tears falling from my eyes.
"Aw Cas I'm so sorry, come here." Jen said sympathetically. She had been waiting for the day when all of this finally hit me since the first time I had told her I was getting married.
Up till now it didn't bother me but meeting Benji and realising that true love is out there if I was looking for it. Not necessarily in the form of Benji but who knows I've only just met him.
"Take us home." I said to the driver.
"But what about the others?" he asked.
"Just drive." I snapped and he obeyed.
"Jen I don't want to marry William and give up on the chance to find true love"
"Wow Benji really made that much of an impression on you?" Jen smiled shocked.
"No, well yeah I really liked him but I can't say anything more until I get to know him better but I can't."
"Why not?"
"Because, Jen where have you been for the past two months, I'm getting married!"
"You don't have to." Jen said simply. Jen never understood why I always did what ever my family told me too but she didn't now what it was like for me, she didn't realise what would happen to me if I didn't do what they said.
"Yeah I do, you don't realise what would happen if I didn't marry him. It's not even worth thinking about, besides I didn't even get his number."
"No but he got yours." Jen smirked.
"How I didn't give... Jen you didn't?" I smiled shocked, realising what she had done.
"I did, I gave it to him before I came after you." She smiled proud of herself.
"Jennifer, you're going to get me in so much shit." I laughed.

When we got back to mine I went straight to bed managing to avoid all of my family. Jen came to bed soon after me she was staying over to help with 'wedding stuff'.

Benji's POV

I stood there in shock watching the most beautiful and amazing woman, correction Lady I had ever met run out of the club door. I thought I would never see her again until her best friend slipped me her number and told me to give her a call before running out after her friend.
"Hey, what was all that about?" Joel asked walking up to me.
"I'm in love." I said still staring at the door where Cassie had just left.
"Yeah sure dude." Joel laughed and patted me on the shoulder. "Who with Lady Cassandra Veldez?" Joel said sarcastically.
"Yeah she's so beautiful and amazing and..."
"And you need to go back to fucking groupies. She's so out of you league, besides she's a stuck up snotty b..."
"What she is." Joel shrugged.
"No she's not once you get to know her."
"Oh yeah you know all about her in the, what four hours that you where with her." Joel laughed. This made me think, it was true I didn't know much about her but what I did know was that I wanted to get to know everything about her.
"Besides didn't I read that she was getting married?"
"You shouldn't believe everything that you read in the papers you of all people should know that." I said seriously. "But yes she is supposed to be getting married but not by choice."
"Benj seriously man you need to go fuck some groupie and get over Lady what-ever-her-name-is. She's more trouble than she's worth."
"You're wrong Joel."
"Whatever don't say I didn't warn you." Joel sighed then walked off.
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