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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Cassie's POV

The next morning I was less than happy. I didn't sleep much last night so I got up and went for a walk around the gardens to clear my head. Last night should never have happened I'm going to married William and that's the end of it. It's for the best. I doubt that Benji will call anyway. I made my way back inside. When I got there Jen was in the kitchen eating breakfast so I joined her.
"What happened to you?" she asked.
"I couldn't sleep so I went for a walk to clear my head."
"And?" She asked wanting to know what my decision was.
"And it's best if I forget about Benji I have to marry William."
"Cassie if that's what your choice is, if that's what you truly want then I'll stand by you." Jen said. I could tell it wasn't the answer she was hoping for. Just then Nick burst in.
"Five days to go till Cassie gets all grown up." Nick teased. Even though we acted like we hated each other we actually got along quite well. We could talk to each other about anything, especially bitching about our family. You see Nick wasn't like the rest of the family he was more down to earth like me it's just no one really noticed him or anything that he does because they where all too busy directing my life. That really pisses Nick off and I don't blame him. I'd gladly let him have all the 'attention' that I get.
"Shut up Nick."
"Or what?"
"Nick I'm not in the mood for your pissing around." I said trying to stay calm.
"Aw Cassandra Ladies don't swear. I'm telling mom." He said then ran out being his usual childish annoying self.
"Good you do that." I said glad to have got him out of the way.
"You're sure this is what you want?" Jen asked me seriously.
"Yes." I lied but it's for the best...right?

Later that day me and Jen went to the spa I had a massage to try to relax but it didn't work I was too stressed out. We went for dinner then returned to the mansion. When we got their all my relatives where out, there was only Nick and a few of his friends home. I couldn't stand his friends they where just as annoying as him but worse because they always oggeled at me and made inappropriate jokes. Nick seemed to enjoy seeing me squirm.
"Nick where is everyone?" I asked walking into the room his friends instantly checking me out.
"They went out celebrating."
"Celebrating what?"
"You're wedding."
"How nice of them to invite me but never mind you know it's only MY FUCKING WEDDING and my FUCKING LIFE." I said a little pissed. It wasn't the fact that I wanted to spend time with my family it was the building up thing of them controlling my life. I went up to my room not wanting to be around Nick's 'freaky friends' any longer than I had to be. Me and Jen watched a movie, half way thought the movie the phone rang and Nick answered it.
"Cas there's someone on the phone for you. He says his names B..." Nick called to me I cut him off before he said Benji's name.
"I got it." I called picking up the upstairs phone.
"Hey beautiful."
"Yeah what ever." I rolled my eyes smiling. Jen was doing her best to listen in but judging by the look of frustration on her face I didn't think it was working.
"I'm serious you're beautiful and sexy and amazing and..."
"Did you call for a reason." I cut him off smiling.
"Yeah I did actually. I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?"
"With me?"
"Yeah but it will have to be sometime before Saturday I kind of have a wedding to be at."
"How about tomorrow?"
"Sounds great."
"Ok I'll pick you up at seven."
"No I'll pick you up at seven." I said then put the phone down.

"What's happening?" Jen asked excitedly.
"We're going out tomorrow night."
"And you're picking him up?" Jen said a little confused.
"Yeah well I can't let him come here can I." I said obviously. Jen nodded.
"I thought you where getting married?" Jen asked.
"I am. That's Saturday, until then I'm still single." I smiled.

Benji's POV

When I put the phone down I couldn't help the huge smile I had on my face. I couldn't believe how much one girl could make me feel but she wasn't just any girl she was special.
"I take it she said yes?" Paul smiled as I walked back into the living room to join Joel, Billy, Tony and Paul.
"Yeah." I grinned. They all seemed happy for me apart from one person...
"Benj I'm warning you it's not worth it." Joel said looking really pissed.
"Wait let me get this straight you're going out with Lady Cassandra Veldez, daughter of Henry and Sophia Veldez." Tony said in amazement.
"That's right." I beamed.
"Wow I'm proud of you Benj getting some hot posh ass." Tony laughed.
"Shut up Tone." I said sitting down.
"Yeah shut up, don't egg him on." Joel grumbled.
"Ok what's your problem?" I snapped at him.
"I'm not the one with the problem."
"No? That's funny seen as you're the one who's been going round making sly comments to me all day."
"Benj I'm just trying to look out for you, she's no good. She's a posh snotty bitch who only looks out for her self. I mean come on Benj you don't seriously think you two can have a relationship? She's getting married in five days."
"wow wow wow wait a minute she's getting married?" Tony said in a mixture of shock and amusement.
"Yeah she probably just wants a quick fuck before her big day." Joel said then walked out. "I'm going to bed. I can't listen to this shit any more."
I sat there not knowing what to think I really liked Cassie but the more I thought about it Joel was probably right. Was I going to admit that?... no way in hell.
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