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Chapter 5

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The morning after the night before... you know there's going to be drama

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Chapter 5

The next morning when I got up my family where all sat round the big dining table in the dining room once again discussing the wedding. Nick and Jen where sat in the back living room so I went a joined them. I sat on the sofa next to Jen and opposite Nick.
"So I take it you and Benji took advantage of having the house to yourselves." Nick grinned.
"Nick shut up I can't discuss that with you." I said disgusted.
"Wait you and Benji? What?" Jen said not seeming too happy.
"You see when a man and a woman have deep feelings for each other they..." Nick started grinning.
"Shut up Nick, you and Benji had sex?" Jen said turning to me looking angry. I nodded unsure of what she was going to do; I've never seen her like this. "So the weddings off?"
"Well stop fucking around with Benji." She said meaning stop messing him around. Nick took it the other way and burst out laughing making me laugh too but I fought the urge too seeing how serious Jen was.
"I think she's already done that." Nick muttered laughing. Jen glared at him, then turned back to me expecting and answer.
"I'm not fu... I'm not messing Benji around." I corrected my self to prevent Nick from his little out burst again.
"Cassie I can't believe you, Benji doesn't deserve to be treated like this." Jen snapped then ran out. I and Nick just looked at each other then we heard a knock at the door. We both looked over it was William he cleared his throat.
"Erm Cassandra I think we need to have a talk." He said seriously, he had obviously heard what we had just been talking about. I looked at Nick panic-stricken he had the same expression on his face. I mouthed 'what do I do?' to him as I stood up, he shrugged his shoulders then mouthed 'lie' back to me. I rolled my eyes typical Nick he thinks lying gets you everywhere. I followed William out of the room onto the outside stone stair case.
"You heard what we where just talking about?" I said quietly not being able to look him in the eye.
"How much?"
"All of it."
"William I'm sorry I..." I started rambling my explanation.
"I'm not mad." He said plainly. My head shot up to look at him.
"I said I'm not mad, I feel the same way." he smiled.
"W...What you mean you don't want to get married?" I asked confused.
"No but I do want my Knighthood."
"I understand that and I want my father to have his place on the board it will make him so happy."
"Cassandra you're a wonderful young Lady and I really do like you, you may be a handful at times, most times." He said I smiled.
"William you're a lovely guy any girl would be lucky to have you but I don't love you, I don't know why everyone else seems to but."
"Cassandra we are getting married so that I can get my Knighthood and your father can get on the board, I know it's going to be hard for you more then me because you've already found love but I hope you understand that what we're doing is for the best." He said sympathetically. I nodded and he held me. "And I won't stop you from seeing Benji." He said quietly.

Benji's POV

I had been lazing around the house all day thinking about all what had happened yesterday with Cassie. I was falling for her, no I had fallen for her and it really sucked because she is still dead set on getting married. I knew I should forget about her and move on to stop me from getting hurt any more than I already am but I just can't stay away from her, I don't want to stay away from her. Joel is still pissed off at me he's been avoiding me all day. I was lay on the sofa channel surfing when I heard a knock at the door. I didn't really want to answer it but the person who it was seemed to not want to go away. I sighed and opened the door.
"Jen erm Paul isn't in him and Billy went..."
"I didn't come to see Paul I came to see you." She said. I was a little confused but stepped to the side to let her in because it seemed important.
"Ok you'd better come in." she walked into the living room. She'd been spending a lot of time here over the last few days mainly with Paul.
"Ok I really need to talk to you."
"Is everything ok?" I said still confused.
"Not really. Look Cassie is my best friend and I love her but she seriously is fucked up right now." I looked at her still in confusion she noticed this and continued.
"I heard about what you two did yesterday." She said. I nodded.
"I wasn't the only one William over heard too." she said. I didn't know what to say about this.
"I don't know what happened with him and Cassie, I didn't stay round long enough to find out but what I do know is that if you have any sense you will stay as far away from Cassie as possible. She really does truly love you but her loyalties lie to close to her family; I don't know why with the way they treat her but they do."
"Jen I appreciate you telling me all of this but it's just not that simple I've fallen for Cassie I just don't know what to do." I said.
"I've been trying to tell him all of that since the first time he met her." Joel said walking into the room.
"You just hate me being happy." I muttered.
"Benj we both care for you and don't want you getting hurt but unfortunately Cassie will hurt you no matter how much she likes you and cares for you. She doesn't mean it but she will." Jen said.
What they where saying was true but I refused to believe it. I couldn't give up on the one girl that I love. Just then Billy and Paul walked in and the conversation seemed to come to and end. If I didn't know better you would think the conversation never happened, apart from the Joel ignoring me part. Jen, Paul and Billy went hanging out in the living room and Joel disappeared off somewhere leaving me in the kitchen thinking about Cassie once again.

Cassie's POV

After my conversation with William I went back inside and told Nick what had happened. I spent most of the day thinking about the last twenty-four hours I had managed to upset some of the few people who I cared for and needed most, both Benji and Jen. I decided to go round and see Benji. When I got to his Billy answered the door.
"Hey is Benji in?" I said. He smiled and let me in.
"He's in the kitchen." He said showing me through. As I walked in Jen glared at me but I just kept going.
"What did you let her in for?" I heard Jen whisper to Billy.

When I walked into the kitchen Benji was sat at the table he looked up at me when I walked in then put his head down again. I could tell he was mad at me and I didn't blame him.
"I talked to William today." I said quietly breaking the silence. I sat opposite him but as I sat down he got up walking over to the counter and finding something else to pay attention too.
"The wedding still on?" he said plainly.
"In full swing." I sighed. He was defiantly pissed. I got up and walked over to him.
"I know it doesn't make any of this any better but he knows how I feel about you and he doesn't have a problem with me seeing you." I said. He turned to face me. He was mad but he had tears in his eyes.
"And that's supposed to make everything fine is it? Cassie I want you, all of you. I want you to myself, I want to marry you and have a family with you but because of this wedding I can't. What do you want me to say Cassie." Benji said tears staring to fall, mine where already flowing. I started crying more.
"Benji I want you too, I want to have all those things with you. I hate all of this shit, I hate the fact that I have to marry William, I hate the loyalties that I have to my family, I hate who I have to be and most of all I hate what all this is doing to you. You don't deserve to be treated like this. If I could change this I would in a heartbeat but I can't. It's killing me seeing how much I'm hurting you." I said between my crying and sobbing. Benji just looking at me tears falling.
"I was wrong." Joel said quietly entering the room. I looked at him in confusion.
"I owe you an apologise Cassie." Joel said walking over to me. "I've been telling Benji that you're not worth it and that you're fucking him around but I over heard what you just said and I can tell that you truly do care for him." Joel said sincerely. I smiled a little and nodded. He hugged me and I was still crying. "Don't let her go Benj." He said to Benji. Benji gave Joel an appreciative look then he looked at me smiling a few tears still falling.
"Friends?" He smiled. This made me start crying and sobbing again even more. I didn't want to be friends with him, I wanted so much more. He moved closer to me and held me as I sobbed shaking. When I clamed down a little we moved away a little his arms still around my waist.
"Come here you need to get over this you can't be crying on your wedding day." He smiled wiping away my tears holding back tears of his own. I couldn't help it I started crying again at the thought of the wedding.
"I can't do this; I don't want to get married." I said starting to shake and sob harder again. He held me close to him and Joel rubbed my back.
"Come on Cassie you can do this." Benji said blinking back tears.
"I can't its killing me." I said pulling away from him wiping the last of my tears. I took a deep breath. "This whole fucking thing is so fucked up. I have to go now it's the rehearsal dinner tomorrow but I'll talk to you soon." I said. I gave him a kiss, just a simple touch of the lips tears still silently falling, then left and went home.
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