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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

The rehearsal dinner went well. I felt like shit, I spent the whole dinner in a world of my own just thing about how much my life is going to change. I hated it. I didn't even have Jen to help me through all of this. She had decided that she wanted nothing to do with it all and she wasn't going to be my maid of honour any more. If it wasn't for Nick I would have broken down. He stayed by my side all day trying to keep me strong. When any relatives came over talking to me about how wonderful everything was it made me want to be sick. I put on a fake smiled and Nick managed to get rid of them for me before I had to talk too much. He kept making silly comments and telling jokes to me to try and make me smile or even laugh but mainly to take my mind of things. I owe Nick so much. When we had got back home I checked my phone seen as in all what was going on I had forgot it before we left. I had a message from Benji saying that he needs to see me as soon as I got the message. I got changed and went round to Benji's. When I got there Benji answered the door. I smiled at him and said hi but her didn't say anything and remained emotionless. He just walked into the living room joining Jen, Joel, Paul and Billy. I took the hint and followed him. I hadn't got a clue what was going on but I had a bad feeling about it. When we got into the living room Benji turned to me. Everyone was looking at me.
"We need to talk." Benji said plainly.
"Ok what about?" I said confused.
"You." Benji said bluntly.
"Me?" I said a little taken back. Benji seemed to be having trouble convincing himself that what they where about to do was the right thing. He sat down next to Joel no longer being able to look me in the eye. So Jen took over.
"We understand you like Benji a lot and you have your loyalties to your family and William but you can't have both." Jen said. I couldn't believe it after all what me, Benji and Joel talked about last night.
"W...what you're going to make me choose?" I said tears in my eyes. I looked at them all one by one. Billy to Paul to Jen to Joel and eventually Benji.
"You all feel that way, even you Benj?" I said. They all nodded. I felt what was left of my heart finally break but I refused to cry not this time.
"It's Cassie Veldez or Lady Cassandra Veldez-Halloway, you have to choose." Benji said finally looking at me tears falling. I took a deep breath.
"I have to marry William." I said clearly. They where all clearly shocked at my decision. Benji broke down and ran out Joel went after him. Jen looked gutted and pissed off. Billy and Paul didn't know what too do. I left and went straight home in a daze. In a way I felt better now Benji can move on with his life and have the family he wants with out me causing him anymore pain. But at the same time I felt worse I didn't want Benji to move on and have a family with someone else I wanted him but that was out of the question.

When I got home I explained everything to Nick. Surprisingly I didn't cry or breakdown I just felt numb. Nick stayed in my room with me keeping me company. I felt like he was the only I had left. We where sat on my bed watching a movie leaning against each other. It was really late by the time the movie had finished and I was tired. Nick yawned and leant his head on my shoulder. I sighed and leant my head on his.
"Well Nicky looks like William is the one for me after all." I said.
"You don't mean that."
"No I don't but it's going to have to be."
"It's still not too late."
"Yeah it is they all hate me."
"They don't hate you."
"Well they should do after all what I've put them through."
"They don't they love you especially Benji. You don't have to get married Cas."
"Don't do this to me Nick." I said starting to cry again.
"Hey no more tears from now on, you need to be strong you can get through this. If it helps I'll stay with you all day tomorrow, I'll even walk down the isle in one of the bridesmaids dresses if I have to." He smiled making me laugh, he probably would too.
"Thanks Nick." I smiled and we fell asleep.

"Come on Cas wakie wakie." I woke up to Nick nudging me. "Come on Cas it's your wedding day." He smiled. I groaned.
"Then why the hell did you wake me up." I grumbled and pulled the covers over my head.
"Because Mom's on her way and she's on the war path your an hour late." He said. I didn't care I wanted to stay in this bed forever. The next thing we heard was my mothers shirking voice.
"CASSANDRA!" the next minute she appeared in my room and pulled the covers from over my head. "Cassandra what do you think your doing get up now your late." She said. I didn't move.
"CASSANDRA NOW!" she said then walked out of the room ordering someone else around. I groaned then slowly got up.
"Come on the hair dressers waiting for you to do your hair." Nick said. I looked at him my eyes filling up with tears. "Oh no you don't no tears remember. I'm here for you." he said taking my hand. "Now we need to go get your hair and make up done." He said pulling me to one of the spare bedrooms where the hairdresser was doing everyone's hair. Nick sat and watched as the hair dresser and the make-up person did my hair and Make-up at the same time to try and make up time.
"I bet you're so excited aren't you, William's so great isn't he. You're so lucky to be marrying him." The hair dresser rambled on about how great William was. Why didn't she fucking marry him then. I just smiled occasionally not listening to her very much.
"Yeah that's me perfect life, perfect husband and perfect wedding." I sighed and rolled my eyes at Nick.
"I think I might have some make-up done too, what do you think?" Nick said in his attempt to change the subject. The hair dresser and make-up artist looked at him funny. I laughed.
"No Nick." I said.
"Why not it works for Benji?" he smiled.
"Not the same thing Nick." I said shaking my head slightly to the hairdresser annoyance. Just as they'd finished my hair and make-up my mother walked in.
"Come on Cassandra you need to get your dress on and get to the church. No time for messing around. We needed to leave ten minutes ago." She said leading me off to where my dress was. My mom sent two of my cousins who where my bridesmaids to help me. While everyone else left for the church.
"Thanks but I can dress my self." I said bluntly. They looked at me offended then left. I got my dress and everything on then went outside to the horse and carriage ready to take us to the church. I had to admit this was a dream wedding everything was amazing the only problem was I was marrying the wrong man. When we got to the church me and my bridesmaids went to the back room waiting to be told when we had to go. Nick walked in and they gave him a dirty look like he shouldn't be here. He shouldn't be back here but I wanted him to be so everyone else can piss off.
"Can I have some time with my brother alone please?" I said to then. They glared at me then left reluctantly. Nick sat on one of the benches. I was stood in front of the full length mirror looking at myself.
"You look stunning you know." Nick smiled. I sighed.
"I may look it but I don't feel it." I said he got up and stood next to me looking at me through the mirror. "What am I doing Nick this isn't right. For one Jen should be here but then again if everything was right it wouldn't be William waiting for me out there it would be Benji."
Just then one of my bridesmaids opened the door and announced that it was time for me to go, I nodded and she left.
"It's still not too late you know, what ever you choose I'll stand by you. I know you'll make the right decision." Nick said he gave me a quick hug then left for his seat. I walked outside the door to my bridesmaids.
"You ready to do this?" one of them smiled at me.
"Oh I'm ready alright." I smiled. The music started and I walked down the isle everyone watching me smiling. I managed to relax and smile and even enjoy the ceremony seen as I knew what I was about to do was the right thing...
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