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Chapter 10

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The final chapter. let me know what you think.

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Chapter 10

It's been exactly a year since I walked out of my wedding to William and got together with Benji officially. The last year had been amazing mine and Benji's relationship just kept getting better and better. Jen was still with Paul and Joel and Bianca where still getting along really well. Joel, Tony, Billy and Paul became close friends of mine too. Me and Nick where still getting along really well, we still had our moments when we fought like cat and dog but what siblings don't, and everyone else around us found our little battles amusing. We hadn't heard from mom or dad, not that we wanted too. It was rumoured that they had moved to the Caribbean with what money they had left.
The Veldez Empire was doing better than ever making me and Nick a shit load of money. I did a lot of charity work in my free time helping them out and giving money. Last month was my birthday and me and Benji went to Paris for the weekend. We went up the Eiffel Tower but other than that I can't say we seen any other sights because we spent the rest of the time in bed.

So back to the present me and Benji are out to dinner celebrating. We had just finished eating desert.
"I'm really glad you ran out of your wedding for me." He smiled at me.
"I'm really glad I did too." I smiled back. "This year has been crazy. My life's gone from really sucking, having to marrying some guy who I didn't even like and having a pain in the ass controlling family to having everything I ever wanted and more. I have my own life, the empire and the best boyfriend ever."
"I'm glad you said that because..." he smirked at me then got up from his seat and knelt down at the side of me. I knew what was coming; I looked at him in a mixture of shock and happiness.
"Lady Cassandra Veldez I love you, will you marry me?" Benji said looking into my eyes and pulling out a ring from his pocket.
"Of course I will Benjamin Levi Madden." I smiled. He put the ring on my finger, we hugged and kissed. We paid the bill then went back to mine.
As soon as I walked through the door Jen came running up to me and grabbed my left hand.
"You said yes!" she screamed and jumped up and down hugging me.
"You knew about this?" I said trying to get free from her.
"Yeah I helped pick the ring, well Benj picked it I just gave him the go ahead." Jen smiled. "I told you she'd say yes." she smiled at Benji giving him a hug.
Joel, Billy, Paul and Tony came congratulating us too.

We spent the next six months planning and getting everything ready for the wedding. It was really helpful because I still had all the numbers of the people that did my wedding to William but this time I got to choose what I wanted. I had Jen and Bianca as my bridesmaids; they helped me with the whole of the planning and arranging because the guys where busy doing band stuff but Benji was always there to give an opinion or what ever I needed if I needed it.

It was a week before the wedding and me, Jen and Bianca had just got back from the weekend in Paris because we had ordered dresses especially from one of the top bridal shops over there.
"Hey Benj we're back." I called walking in to the mansion. The guys had been staying over with Nick while we where away so god knows what state the house would be in.
"Hey Babe you get your dresses?" Benji said coming greeting us giving me a kiss.
"Yeah we did." I said patting the boxes we had brought back.
"Can I see?" He asked.
"Yeah, next week at the wedding." I smiled.
"Can't blame me for trying." Benji laughed. I went and put all our stuff in the spare room that had accumulated all the wedding stuff over the past six months. Then I walked into the living room joining Benji, Joel, Paul, Jen and Bianca.
"Wow I can't believe the house is still standing." I laughed sitting down next to Benji.
"Why did you not trust us?" Joel laughed. Me, Jen and Bianca looked at each other then said 'no' together.
"Where's Nick?" I asked noticing that he wasn't here.
"He went out with Billy and Tony checking out some video game thing." Paul said I nodded.
"Ok. Was he good, I hope you didn't take any of his shit?" I said.
"No he was fine." Benji laughed.
"So have you got everything ready for next week?" Joel asked.
"Yep everything's done and sorted." I smiled feeling relived that everything was finally done.
"What about your hen party?" Paul smiled.
"I don't know I left that up to these two." I said pointing at Jen and Bianca.
"Yeah don't worry Cas I managed to get that stripper for you this time." Jen laughed purposefully trying to embarrass me. All of the guys looked at me curiously.
"Well you'd better cancel him because I don't want one this time." I smiled.
"After all the shit you gave me for not getting one last time. Tough shit girl you're having one." Jen said.
"Well that was last time when I was going to be stuck with William for the rest of my life, I needed some spice before I committed my self to...well fuck all, but this time I most certainly don't need one." I said grinning at Benji.
"Ok you've said enough we don't need to hear anymore." Jen said. I laughed.
"Ok but seriously what have you got planned I'm getting nervous now?" I smiled. Jen and Bianca looked at each other then laughed evilly.
"Ok you see that's the type of behaviour that scares me." I said.
"Ok well it does involve a costume." Bianca let slip.
"No way I'm not going anywhere wearing a costume that you two have picked out for me." I laughed.

One day till the wedding I was getting ready for my hen party. Benji, Joel, Tony, Billy, Paul, Jen and Bianca where sat downstairs waiting for me. I reluctantly put the costume on that they had got for me. We where going to go out dressed as playboy bunnies. We where all wearing knee high boots, black hot pants with a bunny tail, I had a white top that was like a bra with lace extending down, cuffs and bunny ears. I felt ridiculous. I took one last look at my self in the mirror then decided to go and get this over and done with. I walked down the stairs and everyone looked at me smiling.
"I can't believe I'm doing this." I laughed.
"You look good." Bianca smiled.
"I look ridiculous." I said.
"You look hot." Benji whispered to me brushing past me. I glared at him and he smirked.
"Ok well if you've all had a good look and laugh can we go and get this thing over with." I said looking at Jen and Bianca.
"Oh cheer up Cas it's your hen party and it's going to be fucking awesome. I made sure of that." Jen laughed.
"Yeah that's the thing that's scaring me YOU organised it." I laughed.

The hen party did turn out to be a laugh. I admit I had a good time. We went to a small bar and met up with ten other of my friends. All of us where dressed up. We just had a good time being complete spacs. We went on the mechanical bull, had a go at pole dancing and loads of other crazy things. Like I said I'll try anything twice. And yes there was a stripper but I managed to avoid that Jen gladly took him of my hands. While Jen and the other girls were having her fun with the stripper me and Bianca sat talking at the bar.
"Admit it you're having a good time." She smiled at me.
"Yeah I am." I admitted.
"You excited about Saturday?"
"Yeah this time everything's perfect, it's really weird last year I felt like shit I was on the verge of depression and practically gave up on my life but now everything's great, I really am truly happy." I smiled.
"We can tell you're happy and we're happy seeing you happy you deserve it after all the shit you've had to go through."
"So what's up with you and Joel?"
"We're just having a good time together. It's nothing to serious, well not yet anyway. I like him, he likes me it's all good." Bianca said. I loved Bianca nothing bothered her she was so laid back and just took what ever life dealt her.
"I love your out look on life B; do you ever worry about anything?" I laughed.

The rest of the night went great we got back to mine at three am. Benji and all the other guys including Nick stayed at the guy's house leaving me, Jen and Bianca with the mansion to our selves. We decided to pull an all nighter. The three of us got changed then got some pillows and blankets and made our selves comfy one the sofas in the living room. We put some movies in but didn't really watch them because we where talking. We chatted about girly stuff and the wedding for the rest of the night. I think we must have finally fallen asleep at six am.

It felt like I had only just fallen asleep when I woke up to the sound of the guy's coming in rather loudly. I looked at Jen and Bianca and they where still asleep. The guys went and sat in the kitchen helping them selves to some food and drinks they practically lived here, not that I minded I was glad of the company. I think if it was left to just me and Nick we'd have killed each other by now. Benji came over to me and sat on the sofa cuddled up to me. I put my blanket round him. We kissed and smiled at each other.
"You have a good time last night?" he whispered trying not to wake Jen and Bianca up.
"Yeah it was fun. We got in at like three then talked for ages we must have only gone to sleep at six." I smiled. "You have a good time?"
"Yeah we just hung out and stuff."
"Come on, I'm starving." I said he got off me then pulled me up too. I wrapped my blanket round myself and we walked into the kitchen.
"Hey you guys have a goodtime last night?" Tony smiled.
"Yeah we did thanks. We'd only just gone to sleep when you guys came and woke me up." I laughed.
"Is Jen still asleep?" Paul asked.
"Yeah they both are, their in there." I said pointing to the living room. Joel and Paul went in to them.
"So did Jen get a stripper?" Nick asked.
"Yeah she did but me and B took a rain check, Jen enjoyed it enough for all of us." I laughed.
"What else did you do?" Billy asked.
"I can't tell you that." I laughed.
"Ooo something to be guilty about?" Tony laughed.
"No we just acted like complete spacs all night."
"Doing what?" Benji smiled.
"Spacy stuff." I smiled back. "No guys involved if that's what you're getting at."
Benji smiled giving me a kiss. Joel and Paul came back in followed by Jen and Bianca looking rather groggy.
"MORNING!" Tony shouted laughing.
"Do you have to make so much noise." Jen said holding her head.
"How come you don't look as bad as us?" Bianca asked me.
"Oh yeah I forgot she doesn't get hang overs, lucky bitch." Jen said.
"Well you don't usually get hang overs if you don't drink the whole bar." I laughed aiming that at Jen who could out drink a trucker.
We spent the rest of the day just hanging out relaxing before the wedding tomorrow. We'd arranged that me, Jen and Bianca would stay the night and get ready here at the mansion and the guys would stay at Tony's and get ready there.

The guys had left an hour ago and Jen and Bianca had gone to bed. I was just about to get into bed when my phone started ringing.
"Benj what do you want?" I laughed.
"I want to see you."
"You can see me tomorrow."
"I want to see you now, I want to hold you and kiss you and ..."
"Benj you're going to have to wait till tomorrow."
"I can't wait."
"Well you'll have to. I promise after the wedding you can have me all to yourself to do what ever you want to."
"Really?" He sounded rather excited.
"Yes really but for that to happen your going to have go let me get some sleep now."
"Ok I can't wait, see you tomorrow. I can't wait to see you in your dress."
"Ok that's nice Benj but..."
"But I can't wait to see you out of your dress more."
"Ok Benj you need to go now." I laughed.
"Ok see you tomorrow babe." He said.
"Night Benj." I said then put the phone down.

Benji's POV

It's the day of my wedding. I was so excited and nervous. I wanted today to last forever because it was going to be the happiest day of my life but at the same time I couldn't wait to get it over with so that I could have Cassie as my wife. I got up and went to the kitchen, Joel was already up.
"Hey how you feeling?" He smiled at me.
"Happy, excited, nervous." I smiled.
"Don't worry everything's going to be fine."
"I can't wait to see Cas."
"Yeah B said her dress is fucking amazing."
"She's so fucking sexy." I laughed.
"She is, you're a lucky guy."
"I know I seriously never thought that she'd pick me last year when we first met."
"Well she did and she really does love you and you're marrying her." he smiled at me. "Speaking of which we need to get a move on or we'll be late."
"I'll go get Tony up he's still sleeping the lazy ass." I said making my way to Tony's room.
"Alright I'm getting up." Tony groaned.
"Hurry up." I said then going getting a shower. Joel had already had one and was getting all our stuff ready. I'm glad I've got him to organise everything because I don't think I would be able to with all the stuff going on today. Tony eventually got up and had a shower after me then we got out suits on.
"Hey guys what do you think, should I take my piercing out for the ceremony or not?" I said looking in the mirror. Joel and Tony came and stood either side of me looking at me through the mirror.
"It would be different." Tony said.
"I think it would be good for church but it's your call bro." Joel said. I ended up taking them out but just for the ceremony there going back in after. Soon after we where all ready the cars pulled up. We got in and made our way to the church. The nerves started kicking in. Joel nudged me.
"Don't worry everything's going to be fine, you're marrying Cassie." This made me smile and relax more. When we got to the church we got out and had a few pictures taken. Then we went into the church and took our positions in the church. Standing there at the alter in front of all my friends and family waiting for Cassie was the most nerve racking thing ever.

Cassie's POV

Me, Jen and Bianca all woke up early the next morning. We had showers and breakfast. Then the hairdresser came. We had our hair and make-up done. Then we got our dresses on. Jen and Bianca helped me getting all of my stuff on. When we'd finished getting ready the horse and carriage was waiting for us. We went and got into it, everything was like something from a fairy tale. When we got to the church they wanted loads of pictures, it seemed to take forever I just wanted to get in the church and marry the man I love. Wow I never though I'd be saying that a year ago. Finally they had finished taking the picture and me, Bianca and Jen went into on of the rooms to meet Nick before the ceremony started. We still had a few minutes before it was time. I was stood looking in the mirror.
"Wow..." I said having a sudden flash of déjà vu.
"What?" Jen asked a little worried.
"Déjà vu." I said. Nick came over to me smiling.
"You've got nothing to worry about its Benji not William." He smiled at me. I nodded smiling. Just them we got told everything was ready. We got into place. The music started playing, and then we started walking down the isle. I got a rush of nerves and excitement.
"I'm so proud of you." Nick whispered to me.
"I couldn't have done it with out you." I smiled back to him. We took our places at the alter. Me and Benji both looked each other up and down smiling. He looked fucking hot. I noticed he'd took his piercings out.

Benji's POV

I was stood at the alter; the music started playing everyone turned o the back of the church to watch my Cassie walk done the isle. She looked so beautiful, Joel was right the dress was amazing but she was amazing she looked like a goddess. I couldn't help but smiling at her. When she got to the alter we looked each other up and down smiling at each other. Silently communicating between the two of us. Seconds later the ceremony was underway. This is it I'm so excited. We got to the 'I do's' bit I had chosen to give Joel the rings and not Tony because I thought Joel was the more responsible of the two. Tony had been winding me up all week that he was going to hide the rings from Joel. The Vicar asked for the rings from Joel to my relief he still had them.
"Do you Benjamin Levi Madden take Lady Cassandra Veldez to be your wife?" The Vicar smiled at me.
"I do." I smiled.
"Do you Lady Cassandra Veldez take Benjamin Madden to be you husband?" The vicar said to Cassie. She smiled at me.
"I do."
"It's my pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride." We grinned at each other then kissed. We walked out the church hand in hand everyone else following after us. We stopped for some more pictures, it got boring but at least this time I was having my picture taken with my beautiful wife.

Cassie's POV

Wow it's all over I'm now officially married to Benji, Lady Cassandra Veldez-Madden. I have to keep my maiden name too because of my title. We're now at the reception we've just finished a meal with all the guests and I am now officially shitting my self because Nick, Joel and Tony are going to do their speeches. I'm not so worried about Joel's but god knows what type of stuff Nick and Tony have planned. Joel stood up and tapped his glass everything went quiet. He cleared his throat then started speaking.
"Ok as co-best man and brother of the groom I would like to say a few words. Ok here goes, Benji and Cassie are a really good couple I've never seen anyone make Benji as happy as she makes him. Even though at the start of their relationship had a rocky start they battled though it and here we are today celebrating their wedding with them. With that I'm going to had you over to Cassie's brother Nick." Joel smiled then sat back down. Nick stood up.
"It was my honour to have gave my sister away today; I've finally got rid of her. [Everyone laughs] no I'm just kidding. Many of you know about the problems we've had in our family but though all of the good times and the bad times I and Cassie have stuck together through it all. There was a time when Cassie thought that there was no hope for her to find love but then along come Benji and well I guess you all know what happened next. Now I think I've rambled enough and I'll pass you to the other co-best man, Tony." Nick sat down and Tony stood up grinning.
"I apologise now for what ever he's about to say." Benji whispered to me making me laugh.
"Ok well what can I say about Benji Madden. When it came to writing this speech I wasn't short of material. Although most of it I've had to edit, throw away or burn. So this is what's left over. Please raise your glasses to the happy couple Benji and Cassie." Tony smiled everyone laughed and clapped.
"Ok will it could have been worse." Benji smiled.

After the meal and the speeches where out of the way everyone moved upstairs to the disco area and free bar. Me and Benji walked round talking to the guests and thanking them for coming. Later everyone was partying and enjoying them selves. Me and Benji where sat at one of the tables. I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder.
"What you thinking about?"
"I'm tired and your hand on my leg." I smiled.
"Really?" he grinned.
"Yeah I can't wait to get to the hotel. Today's been so great but so tiring and this dress is doing my nut in."
"The dress is amazing you look so sexy but I can't wait to get you back to the hotel and take it off you." he smirked.
"It may look amazing but it's fucking hard work walking round in it and you look really hot too, what happened to the piercings?"
"I took them out for church but there going back in later. What do you think?"
"Not bad but defiantly sexier with them in." I smiled and kissed his metal less mouth.
"Good it feels weird with out them." he smiled.
"Look at Joel and B." I laughed pointing over to Joel and Bianca hidden in a corner making out. Benji laughed.
"How about we bail and go to the hotel to finish what their starting?" Benji grinned.
"Sounds good to me." I smiled and we got up and left managing to avoid being stopped by anyone.
We got back to the bridal sweet of the hotel for a hot passion filled night with many more to come in or marriage.
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