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Chapter 9

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The party...

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Chapter 9

The next morning I woke up once again to Nick shouting me.
"Nick what the hell?" I groaned.
"Geez Cas you could sleep through a bomb." He said.
"What time is it?"
"One in the afternoon." He said a little annoyed.
"Shit really?"
"Yeah the maids have finished cleaning for today but they want to know if you want them to help you with the party stuff before they go." Nick said.
"Oh yeah we need help." I said getting up, getting dressed and going downstairs to them quickly.
Me, Nick and our two maids spent most of the day getting the mansion ready for the party. It was going to be huge. A load of my friends who I go to all my wild parties with where coming, some of the family that we got along with which came to a grand total of three where coming and bunch of Nick's 'freaky friends' where coming. We'd got the caterers and one of the best DJ's around coming. What can I say it helps to be a Veldez.
Everything was set up by five o'clock I paid the maids and caterers and gave then a rather large tip. Then me and Nick went to get ready for the party our selves. I had a shower, put some make-up on, and then got into my new outfit. It was a black top that went down to my waist and had a V in the front that went down to my bellybutton and the back cut out. I had Black flaired out pants with huge slits all the way up the sides filled with lace and ankle boots with a pointed toe and a silver stiletto heal. I had my hair down with loose curls in it. Nick was ready a long time before me and started welcoming guests while I was still getting ready. When I went down the party was already in full swing. I managed to find Nick.
"Hey have you seen Benji or Jen?" I called to him above the music.
"Yeah they've just walked in." Nick said pointing over to the door. I gave him a smile then walked over to the door to greet Benji, Jen, Joel, Billy, Paul and Tony.
"Hey." I smiled giving Benji a hug and kiss. Then hugged Jen and said 'hello's' to Joel, Billy and Paul. Jen dragged Paul off somewhere straight away.
"Cas this is Tony. Tony, Cassie." Benji intruded us.
"Hey nice to meet you." I smiled at him.
"It's a pleasure." He smiled back at me.
"Cas! Come here!" I heard Bianca one of my friends calling me so I excused myself and went over to her leaving Benji, Tony, Joel and Billy to it.
My plan was to see what Bianca wanted then go back to Benji but when I had finished talking with Bianca and was making my way back to Benji other people kept stopping me to talk to me. It ended up taking me two hours to get back to Benji. When I finally escaped all the people wanting to talk to me I found Benji, Joel and Billy sat in the kitchen.
"Hey, you guys ok?" I asked them walking over to them.
"Yeah." Benji smiled.
"I like your friends." Tony said to me coming over to us and sitting down. "Their..." He struggled to find the words.
"Not what you expected a lady's friends to be like?" I smiled.
"Well yeah their all..." he started thinking of the word again.
"...fucking nuts, I know that." I laughed.
"Hey Cas Nick's 'freaky friends' are checking you out." Jen shouted coming over to us dragging Paul behind her.
"What's new." I said rolling me eyes. "Come here a sec." I said pulling Benji up and walking him over to the kitchen counter in perfect view for Nick's 'freaky friends'.
"Lift me on the counter and start making out with me." I whispered in his ear. He looked at me confused. "They want to watch me let's give them something to watch." I smirked. Benji grinned at me then lifted me onto the counter standing between my legs then started making out with me. I wrapped my legs around him and he put his hands on my hips pulling me closer to him. I glanced in the direction on Nick's friends to see that my plan had worked them no longer want to staring at me. Then I glanced towards Joel, Tony, Jen, Billy and Paul they on the other hand where staring at us their moths dropped in amazement. The rest of the party went really well and everyone had a good time. It finally ended at five in the morning. Nick had two of his friends stay over and I had the guys staying over. Nick and his friends where on the third floor out of the way. Benji stayed in my room, Jen and Paul shared a guest room and Billy and Joel shared a room with Tony in the joining room.

The next morning I was actually up quiet early for once. I went down to the kitchen where Jen, Joel and Billy where sat.
"What's up with you it's only ten-thirty?" Jen laughed looking at her watch.
"I know it's a first." I laughed. "So what you guys up to today?"
"I don't know?" Jen sighed. "Want any help cleaning up?" She offered looking round the house looked like a bomb had gone off in it. I laughed.
"If you have nothing better to do then yeah help would be great." I smiled. They nodded. Just then I noticed Nick and his friends sneaking out the door.
"NICK!" I shouted getting up following him. I knew what he was trying to do; he was trying to sneak out so that he didn't have to tidy up.
"Where do you think your going?"
"Out." He said quietly.
"No way not until you've helped clean up."
"But we have maids to do that." I groaned.
"Nick have some respect." I said smacking him on the side of the head, getting pissed off at his attitude. "You will help clean up, and then you can go out." I said dragging him back into the house. I went finishing my breakfast sat with Jen, Joel, Billy, Tony and Benji had just joined them.
"Well how about you get of your ass, Cassie and help." He shouted walking into the living room with his friends to start tidying.
"He so did not just say that." I said now totally pissed off at him. I ran after him.
"Nick you little shit get here and have some fucking respect!"
"You're not my mother!" He shouted back, shoving me.
"No, but you're MY responsibility and I will make sure you have some respect and manners!" I said sternly shoving him back.
"Whatever." He muttered getting a bin bag out and starting cleaning.
We spent most of the day cleaning up. Nick wasn't talking to me and giving me evils any time possible. After we'd finished cleaning we where all exhausted, Nick's friends had gone home. We ordered pizza and sat watching a movie on the big screen TV in the living room. Nick was still in a mood and sat in the kitchen on his own. I decided to go talk to him.
"Hey... I'm sorry I was a little harsh with you before but forgive me if I care about you enough to make sure you turn out half decent." I said sincerely. He nodded.
"No, it's my fault I shouldn't be giving you a hard time I know your just trying to look out for me." we hugged.
"You coming watching the movie with us?" I smiled and he agreed. We went back to the living room.
"Hey Cas guess what?" Jen smiled.
"Joel has an admirer?"
"Really who?" I asked looking at him.
"Bianca!" Jen burst out. Nick got up and left. "What's up with him?"
"Oh it's nothing; he has a crush on B." I said sitting back down between Joel and Benji.
"Are you sure he's ok I don't want to..." Joel started looking worried.
"Oh no don't worry about him B's only his flavour of the week he'll be onto Jen next week or is it Colleen's turn." I laughed. "You'll like B she's cool." I smiled at Joel he seemed a little more relaxed then.
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