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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The next morning when I woke up I was in bed alone and I heard the shower running. I got up and put on one of the hotel bath robs. I went into the bathroom and sat on the counter waiting for Benji. Five minutes later he got out of the shower, he smiled when he seen me watching him.
"How long have you been there?" he said walking over to me.
"Not long, about five minutes." I smiled.
"You should have joined me." He said standing between my legs and resting his hands on my hips.
"Oh really." I smiled back at him. He nodded then we started kissing we where interrupted by the phone ringing. Benji went and answered it and I stayed sat on the counter. A few minutes later Benji came back into the room.
"It was the front desk they say check out is in an hour and they have a message from your brother to meet him at the lawyer's office at eleven." Benji said. I nodded.
"So we still have an hour all to our selves." Benji said standing between my legs again and kissing my neck.
"That's great but I need to have a shower and get ready so I'll have to pass." I smiled pulling away from him. He pouted.
"Sorry." I smirked taking my bath rob off then stepping into the shower.
"How about I come in there and help you." He called "you know so you can be quicker."
"Some how you coming in here 'helping me' I don't think I'll be any quicker." I laughed.
"Well you can't say I didn't offer." He said then I heard him sit on the counter where I had just been sat.
When I had finished in the shower I got out and put a towel round myself. I dried my hair then went over to the mirror to put my make-up on. Benji sat there in silence watching every move I made. When I had finished putting my make-up on I looked at him through the mirror.
"What?" I smiled.
"Nothing, just watching you." he smiled back.
I went into the room getting my clothes out and getting dressed. He followed me and sat on the bed. I raised my eyebrows at him.
"Don't mind me." he smiled. I laughed and continued getting dressed.

We checked out at ten-thirty and then made our way to the lawyer's office for eleven. When we got there Nick and Jen where in the waiting room waiting for us.
"Is Miss Veldez here?" the secretary asked coming out of the lawyer's office.
"Yes that's me." I smiled standing up.
"Ok come with me, he will see you now." She smiled at me leading me through the lawyer.
"Miss Veldez how nice to see you." He smiled at me. I smiled back. "Now I have the papers you need right here, feel free to read over them before you sign anything." He said handing me the papers. I read over them, I already knew about contracts and business stuff from when I used to work in our offices for my dad in the summer.
"So you're sure this is all right?" I asked when I had read over them.
"Yes everything's right, you sign here and everything's yours. I have a list here of all what will become yours." He said handing me another piece of paper. I glanced over it. I couldn't believe it everything the house, the cars and the whole business was mine. I signed where he said then he gave me my copy.
"As of now you are the new and rightful owner of the Veldez Empire." He smiled at me.
"Thank you." I smiled.
"Would you like me to send the bailiffs in to remove Henry and Sophia Veldez or do you want to take care of it?" he asked.
"I think it would be best if you send the bailiffs in because I don't know what I might do to them if I see them." I smiled.
"Ok well if you meet me back here in an hour we will have everything sorted for you and you can have the keys to everything."
"Thank you so much and I'll see you in an hour." I smiled then went to find Jen, Nick and Benji in the waiting room.
"Everything sorted?" Jen asked smiling as I walked in. I nodded.
"Yeah everything's mine." I smiled. "I need to come back in an hour to get the keys to everything. The bailiffs are going escorting mom and dad out of the house."
"Really?" Nick smiled he looked like a child on Christmas morning.
"Yeah he asked me if I wanted the bailiffs to do it or did I want to."
"Aw you should have said we would, I'd love to see the look on their faces." Nick said disappointed.
"Nick do you want me going to jail because if I see then there's no telling what I might do." I said.
We went out for some lunch together. Then an hour later I and Nick went back to the lawyer's office to get the keys while Benji and Jen went back the guy's house.

Benji POV

On the ride back to ours I was thinking about how mad these past twenty-four hours have been. I lost Cassie and thought my life was over then I got back, all of her. Then we found out that she was the heir to her family's empire and owns the mansion, the business everything. It's crazy she must be like the youngest billionaire ever. She's so happy and it makes me happy just seeing her happy. I can't stop smiling she makes me so happy and everything's great.
"Are you ok?" I heard Jen say to me.
"Yeah why?"
"You haven't stopped smiling since I first seen you this morning." She smiled.
"I can't help it I'm so happy."
"I'm glad you're happy. Cassie got me going the other night though I really thought she was going to go through with the wedding."
"I guess she surprised us all."
"That's Cas for you she's full of surprises." Jen laughed.
When we walked into our house Billy and Paul where playing video games and Joel and Tony where sat talking and watching them.
"Hey guys." I said walking in. Jen went over to Paul.
"Hey, you have a good night last night?" Joel smiled at me.
"Better than you'll ever know." I smiled.
"Why what happened last night?" Tony asked. Me and Joel looked at each other and laughed.
"Long story mate, long story." I said patting him on the shoulder.
"So, tell me I have plenty of time." He smiled.
"Ok long story short Benji, Cassie, Hotel room, alone, all night. You figure things out." Joel smirked. Tony thought for a second then his eyes went wide and his moth dropped open.
"Benji you never."
"I did." I smiled.
"You lucky fucking... wait a minute I thought she was getting married." He said happiness turning to confusion.
"She left her guy and her family for Benj." Joel laughed.
"Shit really?"
"Yeah and now she's the owner of the Veldez Empire. Turns out her parents where setting her up by making her marry that William dude it meant that they would get all of Cassie's inheritance and she'd get nothing; but we went to the lawyers office this morning and got everything thing sorted. She now owns everything."
"And you're fucking her." Tony smirked.
"Yes Tony I'm fucking Cassie Veldez." I rolled my eyes seriously that's all he ever thinks about.
"She's fucking hot dude."
"Hey mitts off dude she's mine." I smiled. Then we went and joined Billy, Paul and Jen in the living room.

Cassie's POV

Me and Nick left Jen and Benji after dinner and went to pick up the keys from the lawyer. We went back to my mansion, that feels really weird saying that. We walked through the front door and looked round the mansion like it was the first time we seen it. I put my arm round Nick's shoulders and sighed happily.
"Nick I've been thinking, because you've done so much for me, and quiet frankly none of this would be mine if it wasn't for you; I'm going to let you have the whole of the third floor to do what ever you want with." I said. He smiled at me.
"Yeah. With in reason obviously but yeah it's all yours bro."
"Wicked." He laughed. "Can I have the big screen TV too?"
"Don't push it." I smiled.
"Ok well how about the Jag?" he asked knowing full well what the answer would be.
"Most defiantly not. That's mine." I laughed.
"Hey Nick what do you think about a house warming party tomorrow?" I smiled.
"Absolutely, this is going to be so fucking cool."
"Hey no swearing. You little shit." I slapped him across the head laughing.
"Ladies don't swear Cassandra." He teased imitating our mother.
"Ok new rule swearing is totally allowed actually everything that was banned before is now totally allowed." I laughed.
"Damn right."
"Ok so let's go shopping."
"No way I don't do shopping."
"Well your going to have to if you want this party, I'm not doing all the shopping myself."
"Well take Jen with you; you two can go do some girly shopping too."
"Fine." I sighed getting the keys to my Jag.
"Hey this party, can I invite my friends too?"
"Yes but as long as they don't act all weird around me."
"Ok, Can I drink?"
"Maybe a little. You're not getting pissed though."
"Why not you will."
"Exactly I need you to look after me when I can't walk." I laughed.
"I'm sure Benji knows how to 'look after you' all right." Nick smirked.
"Hey, watch it I can still ground you." I laughed.

I went to the guy's house knowing Jen would probably be there.
"Yo Jen, come on we need to do some serious shopping." I called walking into the guy's house. I heard them all in the living room.
"What shopping why?" Jen asked looking up as I walked in Billy and Paul where playing video games while Benji, Joel and some other guy that I expected was Tony sat watching.
"Badass party tomorrow at the mansion, Nick bailed on me so we need to go get a shit load of stuff."
"Ok when are we going?"
"Now and while where on the subject. Party, mansion, tomorrow be there." I said looking at Benji, Joel, Billy, Paul and Tony.
"Ok I'm coming." She said getting up walking towards me. "Oh yeah Cas," I looked at her. "Ladies don't swear." She smirked.
"I'm no fucking lady Jen." I grinned then walked out Jen following me. All the guys sat there in amazement.
"Now way you took the jag?" Jen said laughing.
"Your damn right I took the Jag." I laughed getting in.

Benji's POV

"Damn she's fucking hot." Tony said watching Cassie leave; I hit him in the side.
"Stop perving on my girl."
"Sorry I can't help it she's so..."
"Not what you'd expect a lady to be like." Joel finished smiling.
"Well... yeah she like swears and everything." Tony said stunned. We laughed at Tony. "You said she owns the whole of the Veldez Empire?"
"Yeah every bit of it as of this morning."
"No way that's like crazy she's a fucking billionaire and she's only twenty-one!"
"How come you know so much about her?" Billy laughed.
"He's a fan." Paul laughed.
"Aw Benj I think Tony's got a crush on your girl." Joel laughed.
"What sane man wouldn't. Have you seen her?" Tony said.
"I have and she is very hot and Benj is one lucky guy." Joel said.
"So what's this about a party?" Billy asked.
"Don't know I guess she's having a house warming party or something." I said.
"Dude she has fucking wild parties. I can't wait." Tony smiled.

Cassie's POV

We got everything we need plus loads more for the party then we decided to treat our selves getting a new outfit for the party.
"I can't believe your having a party, well actually it's you I can believe that." Jen laughed trying on her new dress.
"Things are going to be very different with me in charge." I smiled.
"I can't wait." Jen smiled. "So you and Benji last night?" she turned to me. I smiled. "How was it?"
"I'm a lady Jen I can't tell you that." I smirked.
"Yeah right remember 'I'm no fucking lady'" she imitated me.
"You know what you right. It was fucking amazing." I laughed.
"You two are really good together." she smiled.
"So you think I made the right choice?"
"With out a doubt." She smiled.
We finished shopping then took everything back to the mansion. Lets just say Nick made himself comfortable while we where gone. He was lay in his underwear on the sofa watching TV with chocolate bar rappers and crisp packets scattered everywhere.
"Hey Nick, I'm not going to run round cleaning up after you, get of your ass and get this shit cleaned up."
"No we have a maid for it."
"I don't care your not going to be a slob go get this place cleaned up and put some clothes on no one wants to see you half naked." I lectured.
"You're worse than mom." Nick muttered. Getting up and doing as he was told. I and Jen took all the party stuff into the kitchen.
"So did you get everything?" Nick asked.
"Yeah plus some." I smiled.
"Do you want me to do anything before I go?"
"No I think I've got everything under control, thanks Jen."
"No probs and I'll let the guys know what's going on too."
"Ta Jen see you tomorrow."

Later that night I was cuddled up in bed watching a movie when my phone rang. "Hello."
"Hey sexy."
"Hey Benj, what's up?"
"Nothing just thought I'd give you a call."
"So did you get all the stuff you wanted for the party?"
"Yep everything plus loads of other shit that I probably don't need but was fun to buy anyway." We laughed. "You better be coming you can't leave me with Nick and his 'freaky friends' all night."
"Don't worry I'm coming."
"Good bring Joel, Billy and well I think Jen's already bringing Paul but you can bring him too."
"Is it ok if I bring Tony too?"
"Course it is."
"Good he's been wanting to meet you."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah he thinks you're hot."
"Aw did you tell him I'm not interested."
"As good as." He laughed. We where silent for a second then I yawned.
"You tired?" he asked.
"Yeah shattered." I said.
"Well I'll go let you get your sleep and I'll see you tomorrow."
"Ok bye, love you."
"Love you too." he said and put the phone done. I fell asleep seconds later.
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