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Desperate Measures.

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A darker chapter.

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The deed was done. Pete pushed the limp Gerard away from him as he wiped excess blood from his mouth. He wanted to hurl. "Gerard? You okay?" he whispered, trying to hide a gag.

Gerard sat up and faced Pete. His face was twisted in a sneer and his new fangs seemed to fit in well with his already pale completion and dark, stringy hair. "You have to be the sissiest vampire on Earth," Gerard growled, standing up. "But no matter. You did what I asked and you will be awarded."

"Gerard, I just want to get out," Pete explained.

"And you will!" Gerard said. He motioned for Pete to come closer to him as he neatly spread out the sheet of paper that contained "the plain."

Two Hours Later

The guards were alerted to yells of help coming from the cell that contained "the vampire." They came to find him struggling with his cellmate. One of the guards took out a tasser, opened the door and reached out to stun Pete, but was surprised when Gerard turned around and bared his new fangs at him. The two vampires went to work, kicking guard ass, and then ran for their fucking lives.

They ran into a dark alley and collapsed in a fit of girlish giggles.

"Holy crap. I can't believe that worked!" Pete gasped.

"We couldn't have done it with out you, though," Gerard admitted.

Pete's face twisted into a grin as he brushed himself off. "Well, Gerard, it's been fun, but I have to go get reunited with my group. Stay out of trouble, and I hope we don't meet again."

"Bye, Pete," Gerard replied.

Pete nodded and went his separate way to find Patrick.

Gerard turned to find his brother and own set of friends, when he came fang to fang with a classy looking British vamp.

" 'Ello, Luv," he said with an evil grin.

Gerard's mouth dropped. "You're... you're the Vampire Lord?" he asked, awestruck.

The Vampire Lord's grin didn't waver as he put a friendly arm around Gerard's shoulders. "I 'aven't seen you around 'ere much, mate. Are you new?"

"Yeah. Pete just..." Gerard started.

"So our little Peter Wentz finally got up the courage to bite someone, ay?"

"Actually, I asked him to do it," Gerard admitted.

The Vampire Lord let go of Gerard and started to mosey away from him. "Tell me, Newbie," he turned and faced him again, "what exactly did you want from your transformation?"

Gerard opened his mouth to answer. But the Vampire Lord interrupted him.

"Was it power? Girls?" he smirked and brought his face mire inches from Gerard's, "Or was it the ultimate gift? Internal life?"

Gerard nodded.

"What if I told you that you could 'ave all those things, and more, in mire minutes instead of the mire centuries it took me? You, my friend, just 'ave to do me one simple favor."


"Where did Pete Wentz say 'e was going?"

"He said something about meeting up with his group," Gerard answered with an eye roll.

"Ah yes, 'is pathetic excuse for vampire slayer friends. You wouldn't 'appen to know which way 'e went, ay?"

Gerard pointed. "He went that way."

The Vampire Lord tipped his hat and bowed his head slightly. "Thank you."

Gerard frowned. "Hey, what about your part of the deal?"

The Vampire Lord rolled his eyes, grabbed an innocent passerby and threw her at Gerard. " 'Ave fun, mate." He carefully readjusted himself and went off to follow Pete.
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