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Call me Six

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A 2015 Robots in Disguise fanfiction. A bounty hunter has landed on Earth.

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"Please tell me you're joking," the femme sighed, her helm tilted to the side. her right servo was placed on her hip plate, the cape she had attached beneath her weapons belt folded back. Her two pistols hung from her belt, crafted by her brilliant mind, her sniper placed on her back. She had her visor over her face plates, unwilling to show her hirers her true identity.

"We do not joke, Commander Six," the Cybertronian mech barked at her. He held a staff in his hand, the strange crystal glowing. His red optics smoldered in the darkness, his large raw form untouched by earthen atmosphere. Six knew he had not visited the organic life filled planet only because he was speaking fluent Cybertronian, a language in which she knew very well. Many fleeing Cybertronians forgot their native language when the landed on Earth, adapting to English.

"Sir, with due respect, I feel as though hunting some weak little Autobots is a waste of my many hunting skills," she stated urgently. Her fingers slowly wrapped around the hilt of her pistol, ready to prove herself worthy of better prey.

"These Autobots have the location of the very last Prime," the shrouded figure thundered. "Capture them and find the Prime. We will pay you handsomely."

Six tapped her pistol in thought. "The Prosecutor does need repairs....What Autobot do I need to capture?"

The hirer narrowed his optics. "A former scout named Bumblebee."

Six turned away with a wave of her hand. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go to earth, capture the Autobot, get the Prime, get paid."
Russel's Junkyard, Earth

Bumblebee strode across the junkyard, his steps long and meaningful. He had been alerted of yet another Decepticon signal and his team was no where to be found. Sternness and anger flooded into his blue optics, he was going to give them a verbal thrashing.

A metal can hit him on the top of his helm, startling him. He caught a glimpse of green and black and his first thought was: Grimlock. He opened his mouth to holler at the Dinobot, but a femme jumped down from the top of the pile. She looked at him with an arched optic ridge, holding several large pieces of scrap metal.

"What? What's got you looking like you could tear apart a Predacon?" she asked, sarcasm rich in her tone.

"Where's Strongarm and Grimlock, Craterblast?" Bumblebee demanded.

The pilot shrugged. "I don't know. It's not my job to keep track of those two. Anyways, I need to get the Harpoon up and functional. I'll pass on the Con hunting." She slid past Bee, giving him a quick pat on the shoulder as she walked to her ship. She flicked her googles over her optics and sparked up the welder. "Last time I saw them, they were in the forest working on teamwork tactics."

Bumblebee sighed, proceeding to the forest. They had found the Autobot pilot in her crashed and mangled ship. She had been strapped to her pilot's chair, severely wounded. When Fix-It repaired her, she claimed that she had been the air support in the last battle for Cybertron. She and her crew were shot down near earth, but her crew had been killed in the crash. She had been working on her ship ever since she was repaired, and the team never got to know her well.

Crashing trees gave Bumblebee the location of Grimlock and he heaved yet another sigh as he trudged over to them.



Six exited her ship, her scanners on high alert. Her right pistol was in her right servo, ready to capture the Autobot. Instead of the basic laser that most Cybertronians posses, she had a tranquilizer darts that could put out a processor in under a minute. She had designed them herself, with her experience with hunting many creatures. She was ready to take down the Autobot and any of his team.

Pressing a finger to the side of her helm, she activated her commlink. "Excalibur, I will need you with me. The Autobot has a Dinobot with him."

"Yes, Commander Six," the deep robotic voice replied.

Six snapped her helm around, raising the barrel of her pistol up. Her audio processors had received a snap in the distance, altering her of someone nearby. As the footsteps grew closer, the plates on the back of Six's shoulderblades opened, and a spear shot into the air. Snatching it quickly, she thrust it downwards, extending the blades on either end of the staff. A shadowy outline appeared behind the trees, two yellow optics illuminating in the darkness.

"State your purpose," she demanded. "Or I will put this dart between your optics and watch you drool on the ground." She curled her finger around the trigger.

The bot stepped out, holding his servos up. Six narrowed her optics behind her visor, trying to get a better look at him. He looked like a Predacon, his wolf like features evident on his robot form. He had a friendly smile on his face plates, his intentions unclear. Her optics noticed a glimpse of the scratched up Decepticon insignia on his shoulder plate.

"Easy," he said, his tone friendly. "I'm not here to fight you, sister. I'm here to talk to you."

Six took a step forward, her spear pointed at his throat plates. "You don't know who you're talking to, Decepticon. I'm from neither side and I want nothing to do with the pathetic war that destroyed Cybertron."

The bot stared at her staff, chuckling slightly. "I see. Then, what are you?"

"A bounty hunter," she said, bluntly. "I'm looking for an Autobot named Bumblebee. Tell me where he is."

The bot frowned at her. "I assume you aren't going to tell me your name. Mine's Steeljaw. I don't know where the little piece of scrap is."

"Six," she said. "There are not a lot of Cybertronians I can trust. You better hope I can trust you." She lowered her pistol, putting her staff back, and holstering the gun.

"Why are you after Bumblebee?" Steeljaw inquired.

"I've been hired by some bots who want the Prime. I get the Prime, I get the credits, the Prosecutor gets repair. Simple as that."

Steeljaw tipped his helm to a side. "What will happen if you don't get the Prime?"

"They'll tear my spark from its chamber. Never failed a mission yet."

He circled her curiously. "I see no insignia, are you willing to come join my pack?"

Six chuckled, shaking her head in amusement. "Sorry, I'm not interested. I have a crew of my own." She shove past him, pulling her pistol out again. She purposely made her footsteps light, forcing herself not to make any sound.

Bumblebee was with Fix-it at the control center, where he had reported unidentified movement. The Minicon looked perplexed.

"That's odd," he said. "We've never had this before."

"What?" Bee inquired.

"The signal has no insignia, but it has a Cybertronian encryption," he told Bee. "While you're out looking for the bot, maybe I can decipher the encryption." He turned to his computer, punching in several things.

Bumblebee turned to his team. "Let's rev up and roll out!" He, Strongarm, and Grimlock swiftly transformed and rushed out to the forest.

Bee followed the coordinates that Fix-it provided him, the location confusing him. It was deep in the forest, full of thick brush. He had no idea what they may face.

A white and blue flash slammed a few feet in front of Bee's front bumper, causing him to slam on the brakes. He skidded to a stop, transforming, and landing gracefully. He peered up at a white, blue, gray, black, and red Cybertronian with a spear and an odd pistol pointed at him. A visor covered the unidentified bot's face plates, and Bumblebee pulled out his own spear.

"Bumblebee, I presume?" the Bounty Hunter inquired.

"How do you know my name?" Bumblebee asked, frightened.

"There's a price on your helm, my dear Autobot," she said, evenly. "I need the credits, my ship needs repairing, and I want your head."

"Look 'Con," Strongarm chimed in. "We don't want any-"

"Con?" the Bounty Hunter repeated, laughing. "I can assure you, I am not a Decepticon nor an Autobot." Her spear twirled in her servo, spikes at either end extending. "Excalibur, Demolisher! Report to my coordinates!"

Grimlock frowned at the bounty hunter. "Whoever you are, you're going down!" He let out a roar that shook the ground and he charged at her.

A blur of gold slammed in front of Grimlock, seizing him by the base of his snout. The enormous bot matched Grimlock's size, but his strength was unknown. The bot hooked his left arm under Grimlock's left arm, grabbing him by the base of his neck and threw him across the forest.

The Bounty Hunter nodded her helm at the bot, pleased. "Well done, Excalibur. Keep him occupied."

Bumblebee lunged forward, downward slashing at the huntress' chassis. She took several steps back, easily avoiding his slashes. She twisted and ducked, seeming like she was dancing with his attacks. She thrust her spear into his shoulder plate, piercing the metal.

Bee cried out, the huntress forcing him to the ground. She plated her ped hard on his face plates, grinding them into the dirt. "Where's the Prime?"

He grunted. "I won't tell you!"

The huntress smiled without humor and narrowed her optics. She pulled her pistol out and pressed the barrel of her pistol against his helm. She curled her finger around the trigger. "Say goodbye, Autobot."

Strongarm's fist slammed into the huntress' visor, knocking her off of the lieutenant. Six staggered back a few feet, shaking her head a few times to clear her vision. Strongarm's reflection stared back at the Autobot, the glass cracking slightly.

The huntress brushed the dirt off of her chassis and spikes shot out from either end of her spear. "Alright then, Autobot. We'll do this the hard way. I don't have to bring you back conscious." She reached behind her waist cape and grabbed a small device. "And it seems that's the only way I'll be able to bring you back." She lunged forward, swatting Strongarm into a tree. She stomped on Bumblebee's chassis once more and he let out a painful burst of air. She grabbed the back of his helm with her servo and jerked it back painfully. With the back of his neck exposed, she planted the device in between his neck plates.

A detonation trigger appeared in her servo and Bumblebee widened his optics. "What are you going to do? Blow me up?"

A small, hardly audible chuckle came from behind her helmet. "I need you alive, Autobot. That device I put on you is an EMP, something I use for...difficult prey. It'll paralyze your systems for several hours until I get to my employers. Or you could be cooperative and I would have to drag you onto my ship, unable to move." She held the trigger out tauntingly towards him. "Your choice. Make it fast." Bumblebee staggered to his feet but fell back out, crying out loud as electricity coursed through out his systems. "Sorry, but I've run out of patience." His optics went dark as Six lifted him up and threw him on her shoulder. "Excalibur, let's move." With that, Six walked back into her ship and smiled with pleasure.
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