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Mexican Stand-Off

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Shoot and the innocent die

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As Julius entered the room, ready for a goo scrap, he was faced with a heart-stopping scene: Delilah, still unconscious on a bed, with the man known as Ace standing over her, a gun pointed at her head. Officer Hardy aimed his firearm at Ace.

"Drop the gun, mac," he ordered.

Ace smiled and rolled his eyes. "You think it will be that easy? I've been running from you feds for weeks, and you think I'll just give up? Fat chance, Officer. Why don't you put that gun away before I'm forced to do something I don't want to?"

Hardy decided to try and bluff him. "What makes you think that I care about the life of a terrorist?"

"Oh, give it up!" Ace shouted, grinning madly. "I know that you know she's innocent. And I also know you won't sacrifice the life of an innocent that has been running from you cops for a crime she didn't commit. Why don't you have a seat?"

Hardy made no move to sit. "Drop that firearm before I shoot you." he snarled.

Ace's reply chilled Julius' heart. "Shoot and the innocent die."


A half hour later, nothing had changed. Hardy was still aiming his gun at Ace, and Ace standing over the unconscious Delilah, ready to shoot. All this time Julius had been forming a plan in his head, and he was ready to act.

"Hardy," he muttered out of the corner of his mouth, "when I make my move, shoot the punk,"

Before the officer could object, Julius charged at Ace. As the bullet shot out of the gun barrel, Julius intercepted it. It caught him in the leg, instead of hitting Delilah's head. He gave a groan of agony before collapsing on the floor. Hardy fired twice at Ace, hitting him in the arm and the leg. All the noise awakened Delilah.

She sat up, still dazed, then screamed. Julius and Ace lay on the floor of the apartment, bleeding. Both were unconscious, with bullet wounds. A police officer patted her head as he relieved Ace of his gun.

"They'll be OK, kid," he said. "They'll be OK."


[Vancouver hospital]

Delilah's heart leaped as Julius groaned slightly. He had been out cold for two hours, and even though the doctors had promised that he was fine, it was still nerve-wracking.

His eyes opened slowly and he blinked twice. A few seconds later, he sat up, still groggy.

"What ... what happened?" he mumbled. "Oh, my leg! What happened?"

Delilah smiled. "I hear you took a bullet for me, partner. That's twice, now."

Julius became fully awake at the sound of Delilah's voice. "Thank goodness you're safe! I thought ... I didn't know if ..."

"We did it, Jules," she interrupted. "The police looked at the disk and the Academy agents have been cleared. Al and Scarlett booked us a flight home tomorrow."

Julius settled back into his pillows. "Home ..."


[One month later]

Delilah and Julius sat in Al's office, telling him their story for the seven-hundredth time. He still wasn't quite sure he understood it.

"Lemme get this straight ... Ursula and Emmet got caught so you guys could go?" Al scratched his chin. "Nope, no matter how many times I hear it, it never sounds right."

As Delilah and Julius walked down the hall to their rooms, the passed Ursula and Emmet. Ursula purposely bumped shoulders with Delilah.

"Watch it, loser!" she snapped.

Delilah noticed she and Emmet both still had their green pipe cleaners twisted around their fingers.


Hello, it's me. You won't be hearing from me for a while, seeing as on Friday I'm off to Hornby Island for 11 days. Look forward to lots of good stories when I'm back.

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