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Another comic. Author is Vaiwandil.

Category: Delilah and Julius - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-08-22 - Updated: 2006-08-23 - 102 words - Complete

Alrighty so I made another one. Didn't take 14 hours this time. Only about 5 or so. Honestly I like my first one more but only because I spent more time on it and I felt rushed tonight for some reason. Either way I hope you Enjoy!

Story by Vaiwandil "Hybrid Theory"


P.S: All your reviews from my first comic blew me away. You guys are so awesome!

P.P.S: I started another little comic from the.. wait I forget the title checks "Neve Stop" Story but it's harder than expected. We'll see I guess.

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