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Chapter 6: Kiss and Control

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Brendon and Kerri don't realize that the feelings they have for each other are mutual until a goodnight kiss leads them into a new romance that Kerri never thought she'd ever see again.

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Kerri P.O.V

"You know, I wasn't joking when I said I had a great time."
"Yeah. It was fun." He smiled gingerly at me.

I let go of his arm and fumbled with my keys.

"You have too many key chains. I'm surprised that your ignition hasn't fallen out."
"Shut up smart mouth." I joked playfully with a grin. "I happen to like expressing my individualism."

There was a pause as we got into the car and buckled ourselves in.

"Well, you can mess your car up if you want so don't blame me when it falls off."
"You keep messing with me like that and something of yours is gonna fall off..." I turned the ignition on.
"Ooo. Feisty. Rawr."
"You're crazy Brendon." I said putting my gear in reverse and backing up; carefully making sure no one was behind me.
"Thank you." He grinned.
"That really wasn't a compliment but I guess I can mean it as one now."
"Well, let's get back. I'm sure your friends want to know every detail."
"You know, it's really scary that you actually know that and you don't know any of us." I said changing into drive and heading out the parking lot and into the road leading back home.
"Well, I know you."
"Yeah, just because of tonight."
"It was fun getting to know you tonight, Kerri."
"Nice getting to know you tonight too, Brendon."

A couple of minutes went by in silence.

"I have the new AFI album if you want to listen to it."
"Sure, that would be great."

I reached for my arm rest.

"I'll get it."
"No, you're driving, let me."

Our hands touched and we both pulled away, afraid of apologizing and not knowing what to say.

The rest of the drive was a silent as an abandoned gas station until the last couple of minutes.
"You want me to take you back to your hotel parking lot and just get your car tomorrow or just let me drop you off at the parking lot and you drive back to your hotel?"
"Just drop me off in the parking lot. But first, I want to take you back to your room and tell you goodnight like the gentleman that I am."
"That's very sweet of you, Brendon."
"It's the least I can do for such an eventful evening."

We got out and began walking up toward the bottom floor where the elevators begin.

What is wrong with me? I like Brendon. He's uber cute but that's not the important part. He actually has a good head on his shoulders and he's a real sweetheart. Why haven't I made a move on him? Rejection is an option but if I don't try then what was the point of us holding hands that one time or the fact that was had our arms around each other? Am I not attractive or something? Not witty enough? Too scarcastic? I think I'm really just afraid because he's still with Audrey. I'll just let it go then. I don't want her to find me and literally kill me because I am with her boyfriend. I figured that this wouldn't go anywhere anyway because she's way prettier than me and I'm sure Brendon only likes the pretty girls. Not the average ones like me.

We made our way to my floor as I stood there wondering.

Brendon P.O.V

I think this is the first time in my life that I have ever been this nervous. What was I to say? What was I to do? This girl is amazing. Audrey never joked with me and teased me in a slightly harsh but jokey kind of way. This girl is so cute and funny. Talented and smart. She has amazing eyes. It's like this sea foam kind of green. The faded blue streaks in her hair somehow make her eyes look even more special. Why haven't I made a move? Well, besides the holding hands we did and our arms around each other. But why did we both pull away when we reached for her cd? Does she still like me? I have to know; otherwise it's going to kill me inside from not knowing.

We walked to her door and she sighed.

"I guess this is goodbye now. Thanks for the dinner, Brendon."
"It isn't a problem."
"Goodnight, Brendon." She reached for the doorknob.
"Kerri, wait."

She looked at me and I went with my gut reaction. I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss that I have never felt more passioned to do in my entire life.

For a brief second it lasted then she pushed me away.
"I'm sorry, Brendon. This isn't right. You're dating Audrey."

I hesitantly laughed. "You think I'm still dating Audrey? She dumped me."

"She did?" she looked stunned.
"Yeah. She said that she couldn't bear not being able to see me everyday. Was that why you didn't make a move on me? Because you thought that I was still with her?"
"Yes, but why didn't you make a move?"
"I was afraid you didn't like me after what I did this morning."
"Brendon, come on, why did you think I held your hand and put my arms around you? I'm crazy about you. I assumed that since you were with Audrey that you wouldn't want to have anything to do with me and I wasn't going to be the reason why you broke up with her. Plus, I'm not that pretty anyway." She tilted her head down.

I lifted her chin and brushed the hair from her face. I held her face in my hands.

"I think you are gorgeous and don't ever let anyone tell you other wise."

Kerri's face was red with embarrassment but she smiled.

I kissed her lips softer this time but still with a little pressure, then I moved back and brushed my hand on her cheek.

"I'll see you tomorrow, sweetie."

She smiled and I watched her turn the doorknob to her room before I turned around and began to walk back down to the parking lot. I smiled and wiped my mouth, smudging her lipstick on my lips.

Kerri's POV

I opened the door and the girls were all watching t.v. until Kaci turned it off.

"So what happened tonight?" Kaci asked.
"It was perfect but I'll tell you tomorrow. I need to go to sleep now."
"You're no fun now, Kerri." Andrea said throwing a pillow at me.
"I'll tell you all first thing tomorrow. I swear." I said throwing it back at her.
"You better." Rachel smirked.
"Don't worry. I won't skip on any details."
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