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Chapter 7: Devil With A Blue Dress

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Unexpected... A/N: I don't know her so I can't judge her. I just made this up. Please read to find what I mean.

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Brendon POV

I got back to my room and smiled before I opened the door. I wonder what questions they're going to ask. I opened the door and slide myself in.

"So how was it, Bren?" Spencer asked all giddy. "Did you kiss her?"
"Damn Spencer." Ryan said trying to calm him down. "Well did you?"

I wiped my mouth again. "Maybe."

"You did! You did! Look at the pink lipstick smeared on his lip!" Spencer yelled.

I smiled.

"Yeah. She's a really great girl."
"Did you tell her about Audrey?"
"Yeah. She didn't seem to mind that Audrey isn't with me any more."
"You going to do anything else with her?"
"I might give her a few nice gestures."
"Like what?"
"Maybe some flowers or something. Something nice."
"Sounds like a plan."
"Yeah it does, now let's get some sleep. We've got a lot of bands to preview tomorrow and I'm sure Brendon needs the most sleep after what he went though today."
"Okay, shut up, Jon." I punched his arm.

We all got situated and settled in to sleep after Ryan set the alarm. I lay there motionless on my side. Kerri was really an awesome girl. I smiled and closed my eyes.

"Night guys."
"Night Brendon."
"Night." Ryan said as he shut the blinds and locked the door; turning the light off in the process.

Kerri POV

I awakened around 12 in the afternoon. All my friends were still asleep so I decided to take my lazy self down to the kitchen to find me something to eat. I yawned as I slipped out of the bed trying my damnedest not to wake Rachel, Sarah, Jennifer, or Kaci up. Andrea had a room of her own because everyone couldn't stand her snoring. I ran my fingers through my un-groomed hair, straightened my Motley Crue shirt out, and made my way toward the bathroom; stepping over Jennifer who was laying on the floor. I gritted my teeth at the thought of having to sleep on the floor tonight because it was my turn. I tiptoed to the bathroom dragging along my M&Ms pajama bottoms. I grabbed my brush and brushed through my hair; tying it into a high ponytail.

I once again stepped over Jennifer, slipped my doggie house shoes on, and carefully opened and walked out the door; shutting it slowly behind me.

I stepped off the elevator and managed to drag myself to the front lobby.

"Good afternoon Ms. Cranes." Henrietta said as I began to walk past her.
"Hey Henrietta." I managed to speak.
"You have a delivery Miss."

I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Really? A delivery?"
"Yes, Miss."

She pulled a clear vase with an assortment of various colored flowers in it from behind the desk.

"These are for you, Miss."

I took the note that was sitting in the flower arrangement and read it.

Have a great day!


"That was really sweet of him."
"This was also for you, Miss."

She slid a white envelope with my name on it to me. I opened it.

Dear Kerri,

I figured since I got a note from you, that you should get one in return. I hope you like the flowers. I know that it's going to sound so cliché of me to say but I wanted to tell you that I'm crazy about you. I thought of you all night. I dreamt about you. I was also wondering if you would consider going out with me again tonight. I look forward to seeing you around noon. I'm guessing that you'll be up. I'll see you soon.


"Holy Mary Mother of God!" I slapped my forehead. "He's probably in the parking lot right now and I look like I just came from a slumber party!"

Just then I felt warm hands cover my eyes.

"Guess who."
"Cookie Monster?"
"No." Brendon laughed. "Guess again."
"Peter Brady."
"You wish."
"Or could it be Brendon Boyd Urie?"
"Bingo." He removed his hands and I turned around. He hugged me and smiled.
"But how did you know my middle name?"
"I'm just good like that." I grinned. "Actually, it's posted all over the net. You should know that." I laughed and poked him in the ribs playfully.
"I should have known. So why are you still in your pajamas? You look like you just came from a slumber party."
"That's exactly what I was thinking!"
"So we're on the same page then." He put his hands on my shoulders.
"Yeah. So what did you have planned for tonight?"
"Well I was thinking of going somewhere where we could have some fun."
"There's a bowling alley near here. That sound fun to you?"
"Totally. I haven't been bowling in ages so I'll probably be horrible." He removed his hands from my shoulders and placed his hands in his pockets
"Don't worry. I won't try to beat your ass too bad." I grinned.
"Yeah. Sounds like fun..." he rolled his eyes.
"Hey, it's all in good fun right?"
"Yeah I guess so but hey I gotta leave we were on lunch break and I just came by to see if you got the flowers."
"How could I have not noticed them?" I laughed.
"Well, I didn't know what you liked exactly along with the white roses from yesterday."
"I love all flowers."
"Good. So I better get going now. I'll pick you up around 10:30 or 11 and this time, we're taking my car."
"Why so late?"
"We got a show tonight." He sighed.
"That would explain it."
"So is that fine?"
"Yeah. Have a great show tonight."
"Thanks babe. I'll see you tonight."
"Bye sweetie."

He pulled me in and gave me a quick peck on the lips and smiled. I watched him walk back to the parking lot. He got to the door and waved. I waved back. Then he was gone. I turned around and walked toward the kitchen for a bite to eat.

I stayed in my clothes from earlier until around 10 pm. What's the point of changing clothes if you aren't going anywhere? I changed into what I thought would be appropriate to wear to a bowling alley. I had no need to wear a dress or a skirt now. I really hated wearing them anyway. I had on my favorite pair of torn jeans that were torn in all the right places. Not in a sluttish, booty hanging out kinda way. It was worn and torn right at the knees; where all the cool kids had the holes in them except that mine were worn out from sitting in the floor playing video games on my knees while my ass rested on the backs of my feet. I had my "Jesus saves the Hell outta you" shirt on that my parents aren't too fond of, my black and white striped; knee high socks on, and my black Chuck's with flames. I look rather endearing if I may say so myself. The only thing I had left to do was fix my hair up and put my make-up on. I think a dark pink-ish purple will do the trick for my eyes and a sweet pink lip gloss. Since my hair is longer in the front than the back, I can put my hair into high pigtails and tuck them under in a reverse bun with the short ends hanging down at the bottom near the back of my head with just a little of the front part of my hair acting as long bangs.

I got everything done as I heard the knock on the door.

"Go ahead and let him in." I yelled from the bathroom as I sprayed on my cotton candy scented perfume.

I came out of the bathroom and adjusted my black framed glasses as I tilted my head up. He looked like a rock and roll angel to me with his hair in front of his eyes, his dark denim drain pipe jeans, and his red hoodie zipped ¾ of the way up. His shirt was a maroon to a dark burgundy color but I couldn't make out what kind of print was on it.

"You ready, Brendy? Is it okay if I call you that?" I asked sticking my phone in my pocket as I looked him over.
"You look really incredible, Kerri!"
"Gee... thanks but I wanted you to answer my question."
"What was it again?" he looked like he just came from a trance.

All my friends laughed.

"I asked if I could call you Brendy."
"Yeah. Anything you want."
"God... take it easy with me why don't ya."
"I'm sorry. You just look amazing is all."
"Well thanks. We better get going though."

"Bye guys." I grabbed my purse.
"Bye Kerri." They all shout in unison.

We walked out the door and headed out to Brendon's car.

We got into the parking lot.

"This is it." He said pulling his keys out of his pocket and went around to the driver side door; unlocking all the doors in the process.
"Oh my God, Brendon!"
"It's beautiful and the shade is perfect." I ran my hand over its sleek, dark silver, metal frame.
"I know. It's a 2006 Audi A4 Cabriolet."
"How much do you pay for this?" I almost shouted at him.
"Almost $378,000."
"I really don't want to get in it now." I backed away.
"Well why not?" he put his arm over the hood.
"I might break it."
"You aren't going to break it. Now get in." he walked around to my door and opened it for me.
"Thank you." I said as politely as I could.

He walked around to the driver side again and gracefully slid himself into the seat. He snapped his seat belt on and motioned for me to do the same. He started the engine and we were on our way.

We listened to various artists off of a cd that I just "happened" to have with me in my bag. Panic! was also on this compilation. He didn't seem to mind listening to himself on our almost 45 minute drive. I pointed out how I loved the way his voice went falsetto on Time To Dance. He laughed at me. Saying:

"You really think so."

In response I replied:

"It's hella sexy."

He laughed again. I told him my favorite song from Panic! is: "Lying Is The Most Fun." He said it was funny at the moment that he was the one driving and that I was the one in the passenger seat.

"I bet those lyrics really just apply to you even though Ryan wrote them." I smirked.

He gave me a wicked smile and replied.

"If you want to think that."

"Do you think I think about you in bed."
"It would be a nice thought."
"I think you are the better kiss, the hotter touch, and the better fuck though I haven't tried the touch and fuck with you yet."

We listened to other music all the way up to the bowling alley. We commented on every song. Things we liked about them, things we didn't, and even the songs he didn't like but I did and I made him listen to it anyway. The occasional Panic! song came on and he let me sing them anyway. He told me that if anything ever happened to him that I could replace the songs and replace him. I told him that nothing would ever happen to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He smiled and kissed me back.

We arrived in the parking lot and parked. I undid my seat belt and he did the same. I started to open my door but he pulled me to him and kissed my lips just as hot as he did the night before.

"I know it's gonna seem awkward but I feel that this is the right time."
"And what would that be?"
"I love you, Kerri."

I was confused at why he would feel awkward about telling me and he could tell by the look on my face.

"I didn't feel comfortable telling Audrey that until about a few months into the relationship. I feel a mad connection with you. You are witty and smart...." He paused briefly. "You are so sweet and playful and yet I don't feel like you are too mushy with me. You are perfect for me. I swear. Your goofy sense of humor mixed with your smart ass attitude make me so curious about you."

I was a bit taken back by this but I managed to give one of my laughs with a huge grin.

"And that laugh, Kerri." He looked so honest and sincere. "It drives me crazy."
"Well... I...."

He kissed me again.

"Try." I pulled back with a laugh. "Are you that addicted to me now?"
"To every kiss."
"What about hugs?" I joked with a giggle.
"Then give me one."

He leaned over and held me tight.

"In all honesty, I don't want to let go."
"I don't either."
"You know..." I whispered in his ear. "You never actually asked me if I would be your girlfriend."

He pulled back and looked at me then smiled.
"Will you be my girlfriend, Kerri?"
"Only if you'll be my boyfriend." I gave a sassy smile.

He grinned and we held each other again.

We sat there embracing each other for approximately 5 minutes.

"I think we better go into the bowling alley already. It's already 11:15 p.m."
"I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow so I'll be alright."
"Yeah but I wanna kick your ass at bowling." I whined.
He rolled his eyes. "Fine." He smiled.
"Good. I'm ready for some excitement. Let's get these teen hearts beating faster."
"Faster." He replied back as we stepped out of the car.

He locked it and we walked hand in hand to the door.

Brendon POV

I can see why Kerri liked coming here. It smelled great. I was so tempted by the smell of popcorn and pizza. I'm glad that I had warned my security guards to get there an hour early so I wouldn't have girls screaming at me or asking me for autographs. I just wanted some time alone with Kerri.

"You hungry?" I blurted out.
"Yeah, kinda. I had something to eat but not a lot."
"You want something?"
"Um... yeah. Some chili cheese fries sound great."
"They sell those here?"
"Yeah doesn't every one?"
"Not that I know of."
"Can you get me something to drink too? Pweety pweeze with sugar and sprinkles on top?" she batted her eyelashes at me.
"Yeah. You know I can't resist you. What do you want?"
"Pepsi. Small."
"I'll get you a large then."
"I don't want you to think that I just want things from you. Well not money wise anyway."
"Kerri..." I hugged her tight. "I want to spend money on you. I want to make you happy."
"That's really sweet of you. You just get the food and drinks I'll just set up our games for tonight."
"I already did it. We are set for however long you want to be here. All we need to do is get our balls. We just tell them when we're done and then we can leave."
"I want to laugh at balls but I won't but aww... you are so cute." She squeezed my cheeks like I was a little kid.
"I try. Our lane is number 6."
"That's my favorite number."

She kissed my cheek and walked over to find a ball. I walked up to order our food.

I went over to where she was sitting and placed the food and drinks down on the table.

"I'll be back in a second. I gotta go get a ball."
"You already have two, why do you want another one." She grinned.
"Why do you want mine?" I replied teasingly.
"Oh I see how it is Mr. Urie." She laughed.

She came over to me and peck kissed my lips.

"Just hurry back 'cause if you don't, I'll miss you too much."
"Don't worry. I won't take long."
"You better not." She then gave me a quick slap on my ass and stuck her tongue out.
"You sneaky girl. I'll get you back."
"Try it." She sat back down and smiled.

I waved her away as I walked over to where all the balls were.

I came back and she had our names written in the score screen except she called herself Kitty and me Brendy. She gave me the unfortunate privilege of going first though.

The games went fast because there were only two of us and we just ended our 5th game.

"It's kinda hot in here babe. I'm gonna step outside for a bit."

She nodded her head yes.

I walked outside and sat on the curb. It seemed a lot cooler outside despite it being the middle of summer. It was a hell of a lot cooler than Vegas. Vegas had those lights on all the time burning up the sky. I wasn't outside for that long when I heard the sound of footsteps coming up to me. I thought it was Kerri so I turned around.

She was in a navy blue cocktail dress with white ruffles under the flowing part.

"Um... hi Audrey."
"I didn't expect you to be here."
"I didn't expect you here either. You knew I was here?"
"I tried calling your cell like seven times tonight and every time; it went straight to voicemail. So I found out from your agent that you were in town and since I was here for a cover shoot, I decided to look you up. I came to say I'm sorry and I want you back so I went to your hotel and Spencer said you were here with someone."
"Yeah I am."
She looked shocked.
"I figured Spencer was just joking but who are you here with?"
"My girlfriend, Kerri.'
"You already have a new girlfriend?!"
"It's been 4; almost 5 months."
"Well dump her. Can't you see that I want to be with you?"

I stood up and faced her with my back to the door.

"No, I won't do that, Audrey. You dumped me. I don't want anything to do with you now."
"Please Brendon, just one last kiss?"

She put her arms around me and tried to kiss me. I tried to push her off of me. Her lipstick smeared on my lips.

"You heard me, Audrey."

I heard a door open and a couple of footsteps.


I turned and she looked at me.

"How could you?!" tears weld up in her eyes and her lips lightly quivered.

"Kerri, wait!"

She turned around and she ran though the door. I looked back at Audrey.

"Looks like you just got me now." She had a devilish smile.
"I don't fucking want you; you frigid bitch!"

She frowned and I ran though the back door to run after Kerri.

I was too late. I got to the front door and saw her climb into a taxi.

How dare Audrey do that to me!

I took my bowling shoes off, put my regular shoes back on, and put the bowling shoes next to where Kerri had put hers on the desk of where to get them.

How was I ever going to tell Kerri that what she saw really wasn't what she saw?

I sighed and dragged myself out the door to my car.

Kerri POV

Brendon had her lipstick on his mouth. I actually thought he cared about me but I guess it was all just going to be a publicity stunt. I feel so stupid for letting Brendon get so close to me. I should have gone with my gut feeling about him. What an asshole. I thought he was different. I guess guys are all the same. My mascara ran down my cheeks solemnly. I wiped them away and closed my eyes for the rest of the ride. I paid my fare and walked though the parking lot; wondering what exact words my friends would say. Why my makeup had run and why my face was splotchy from crying. And who or what made me cry in the first place. I didn't really feel like explaining what happened. I just wanted to go to sleep. Then I realized that my dreams would most likely be of him. I rode the elevator up to the 3rd floor and opened my door. Andrea looked at me.

"What happened?!" Andrea almost screamed causing the other girls to come in there.

"I don't want to talk about it."

Kaci went to hug me.

"Don't touch me right now."
"Why not?"
"I don't, just let me have the other room tonight, okay Andrea?"
"Okay. We'll deal with Andrea for one night." Rachel joked.

I didn't laugh.

"Night, Kerri." Andrea said.

The all walked into the main room. I didn't even feel like changing or even taking my shoes off. I just wanted to sleep.
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