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A Transformers Prime fic. Soundwave and Shockwave have been captured by Autobots. It's up to their sons, Deadeye and Techstorm to save them

Category: Transformers - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Sci-fi - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2016-03-16 - 251 words

It was dark and secluded, the only thing illuminating the young communications officer were the screens that surrounded his body. His fingers tapped effortlessly at the keys of the Decepticon computer, the encryptions displayed across his visor. He tilted his helm downwards, inserting the decoded coordinates into the mainframe. It was tedious work, work his father taught him to do a few eons ago. He had gotten used to taking over communications work while his father did as Megatron ordered. He didn't mind it, in fact, he could control the entire warship if he wanted to.

"Deadeye," Starscream's voice snapped the young mech out of his thoughts. He cleared everything off of his visor and turned from his computer to look down at the treacherous second in command. "I need you to open a ground bridge to the energon mine."

Deadeye's fist clenched slightly, but he nodded otherwise. Using his visor, he locked onto the coordinates provided to him and opened the portal. His gaze followed him until he disappeared, and he shut the bridge. If he could sigh, he would. Unfortunately, the young mech had his vocal processors ripped from his throat and he was no longer able to speak. He could only communicate with recordings of his fellow crewmates, even Megatron's orders.

Deadeye tilted his helm down, staring at the Decepticon insignia branded on his shoulder plate. He snapped his helm back up when he heard the sliding doors of the bridge. It was the Decepticon war lord, Megatron.
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