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Fall of Justice

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The Justice league has dealt with powerful villains, but nothing like these new villains.

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"What about the Super freak?" the white armored assassin growled, with a tilt of her head. She was leaning back in her metal chair, her boots propped up on the table, the ends tapping each other. Her eyes were narrowed, the blue pupils piercing and glaring at the sharp suited man on the other end.

"Superman is of no issue of yours," he said, matching her look. "I assure you, Whiteviper."

"What about the rest?" another assassin hissed from her end. Her fists slammed down on the mahogany table, denting the thick wood. Her sniper rifle hung on her back, her swords bouncing up with her hips. Her face was hidden behind her smooth curved mask, but it was evident that she was demanding answers by her body position. Her head was snapped around to look at the suited man, her fingers digging into the cracked wood. "Give me answers, Lex."

Lex Luthor looked coolly, adjusting his tie. "You will all deal with the Justice when ever they decide to reveal themselves. I understand that you want revenge, Six. But you must be patient."

Six growled, her fingers flicking down to the hilt of her sword. "Patience is not something I'm skilled with." Her body was nearly over the table, she was ready to attack the man.

"Six," a male voice warned. Six's head snapped around to glare at the alien standing at the table. His helmet translated his alien tongue to English, but he rarely spoke. His helmet reflected her body, the visor tilted downwards.

She growled once more, sitting back down on her chair.

Lex looked around. "Any more protests or comments?" The room was silent, the only sound was Whiteviper's feet tapping each other. "Good. Now, tell me. What are your skills?"

Whiteviper's hand was a blur as she flicked something at Lex's hand. a sharp knife landed merely a few inches from his hand and he smiled slightly. "I'm an assassin, Luthor. Use that brain of yours and put the pieces together." She sounded annoyed.

Lex's eyes settled on her slender form. "I see. Forgive me, I thought there was more to you than some assassin." Whiteviper growled, her fingers flicking down to her pistol.

"Lex," another deep male voice butted in. The bounty hunter was in a dark corner, the light barely illuminating his armor. His visor was tilted down to look at Luthor, his arms folded across his chest. His visor glowed a light blue, his fingers tapping his arm in thought. "You were the one who brought all of us together." He motioned with a sweep of his hand to gathered villains. "You must know all of our abilities."

Lex smiled humorously. "Intelligent as ever, Deathstrike. But, I gave you a choice to come. And yet, here you are."

Deathstrike's fingers stopped their tapping. "I could have killed you when we first met, but here you are, still cocky and alive."

Whiteviper chuckled quietly, letting her hand fall loosely over the chair's edge. "So. When are we going to attack the Justice freaks? My trigger fingers hurt."

Lex looked at her with cold gripping eyes. "When they decide to show up. I see that you're anxious to get up and kill something. You're all dismissed."
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