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Love Bites *will be continued in summer*

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Eros decides to help the titans with their love problems, but when his plan goes awry, two of them are left heartbroken, and Cronus uses this to his advantage. J/T, A/A... J/A? My first CotT fanfi...

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Chapter 1: Eros
From above in the skies he gazed at the seven teenagers that he had heard so much about. Apparently, these and only these teens can save the world from Cronus, the God of Time, and something about that intrigued all of the gods. But there were four of them who intrigued Eros especially. Two of them were obviously in love, anyone could tell whenever his brown eyes met her green orbs. But he was too involved in his work to spend any time with her. Eros was worried that if he didn't loosen up and show more affection soon, he would lose her. That's the reason why he came to the brownstone, but not the only reason. Another young hero is having love problems too. He's in love with his best friend, but she is completely oblivious to his feelings. He's tried to tell her, but is always too overcome with shyness. But if everything goes as planned, (a/n: don't you notice that whenever something like that is said in a story, something always goes wrong?) he won't have to, because she will fall madly in love with him with one prick of his arrow.

He's been watching them for a long time now, to ensure that his plan was flawless. At first he was simply going to shoot them with his arrows when they were alone together, but they always dodged them thinking it was an attack by Cronus. So he had to get them while they were asleep. It was night now as the seven titans were fast asleep. He crept quietly into the brownstone with his bow and his two most potent arrows in hand. Every morning the leader, Jay, was always the first awake, sometimes before the sun had even came up. Shortly after, Theresa wakes up and heads straight to the kitchen where she knows she will find Jay, absorbed in his work as usual. Then the others wake up, Archie always waking Atlanta personally. What Eros planned to do was shoot Jay and Atlanta in their sleep, then the next person they see they will become madly in love with. Jay will finally pay more attention to Theresa, and Atlanta will know how Archie feels about her, and she will feel the same.

(a/n: I don\'t know exactly where the rooms are, so forgive me if I'm wrong)
Quietly, he crept up the stairs where both of his targets' rooms were located and crept into Jay's room. His room was very tidy, there were sailing posters on the walls, scattered plans for defeating Cronus on the desk, and a picture of him with Theresa on his back ('many happy returns') on his bedside table next to a lamp. The descendant of Jason was tossing and turning in his sleep. Eros aimed and fired his arrow, hitting him in the shoulder. He grunted in his sleep and his eyes opened very slightly, and at first the god was afraid he would wake up. But he just rolled over and fell back asleep. Eros sneaked out of the room undetected and headed for the huntress' room, two doors down. Her room was anything but tidy. There were various posters and pictures scattered around the wall, some held up by tape or sticky tack, others held by pens, screwdrivers, paperclips, anything sharp enough to be driven into the wall. (a/n: one of my friend's dad actually does this) Clothing was scattered everywhere, except in her closet which was completely empty. A shelf had a few athletic awards on it, while the rest were in a box underneath. The descendant of Artemis or Atalanta was sleeping soundly, unaware of him standing behind her, aiming his bow and arrow, and hitting her in the back with it. His work done, he silently left the brownstone, pleased with himself that now the two couples will live happily ever after thanks to him.
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