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A Short Pete Story

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Life just seems incomplete without the one you love there to share it with. Sweet short story i wrote for my friend

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Taking a deep breath and smiling Trish snuggled deeper into her pillow. Her hand moving down as her body, relaxing. It was amazing how his scent was the one thing that could instantly calm her. That scent was the one thing that reminded her of home no matter where she was. Trisha stayed there she knew she was awake but it felt so comfortable and chuckled slightly wen she felt her hair move across her shoulder.
"You need to stop.. I have to go to work and you..." Trish mumbled as she turned over to see him. Her heart broke again as her smile faded away. Tears burned her eyes as she quickly blinked them away. How could she forget? He wasn't there. Pete hadn't' been there for 3 weeks and unfortunately this wasn't getting any easier. She dreamed of him every night. Feeling him around. Life was boring and meaningless when his smile and laugh wasn't present. Trish swore she felt him kiss her cheek but then again, it was probably just her imagination wanting her to feel it. Turning back over, Trish sat up in bed and stretched grabbing her cell phone which was always next to her. A small smile spreading across her face as she saw his text message with a picture attached.

mornin' beautiful! I hope my kiss on your shoulder didn't wake you. Have a good day at work. ilu A&F ttyl-p =) ur lovaa

Reading the text message, she looked at the picture and laughed. It was of him lying in his bunk, a picture of her lying on the other pillow and he was kissing her shoulder. He truly was amazing. She hated when he promised that he would talk to her later though. Trish understood his busy schedule and at times his inability to call her, but when she missed him his promises meant the world to her even when she knew many times they wouldn't be fulfilled. Trish texted him back as she stood up and got her clothes ready for the day before going to take a shower "just another day down" she reminded herself. That was all Trish could do, remain optimistic.

During her lunch period, Trish sat in the teachers lounge alone. Unfortunately due to her schedule, she was stuck in there with the older less , umm friendly teachers? But still, it was good to just relax, eat lunch in peace and sometimes even catch up on her work, like grading and putting homework in. Wiping her mouth she realized she hadn't packed a drink and would just buy one from the conveniently placed vending machine. Getting her wallet out Trish opened it and quickly pulled a dollar before she stopped toadmire the picture. It was one they had taken at the release party for Panic! At the Disco. Pete had been so happy that the single flew so well through the media and remained optimistic that the CD would do as well. That night he was beaming, smiling the whole time. He knew he had a success in the band and people he believed in the most, just like she believed in him the most. Quickly putting the wallet away, Trish rummaged through her bag and took out her sidekick and called Pete. She had to hear his voice. After a few rings, she had to settle for his voice mail.

"hey baby" Trish's face fell, as she picked up the fork to play with her salad. What? Her mom wasn't around to tell her not to. "I guess you're busy right now. Maybe at a meet and greet or interview or something, I just wanted to hear your voice. I miss you" she almost broke down, as she paused for a moment. She knew the more emotion she showed him, the harder it would be for Pete. Which in return would just kill her more. "okay, well I have about 25 minutes left of my break call me back if you can. If not, whenever possible. I love you peter. MUAH" she giggled as she blew a huge kiss for him. "bye love of my life" Trish hung up the phone. She had to shrug off what she was feeling. Maybe it was better that she hadn't spoken to him. That would just be so much harder for her, then how could she go back to her kids? Tear stained and upset. Okay, that settles it. Grabbing her dollar, Trish walked to the vending machine. Her day had to continue.

That night, Trish finished making dinner as she brought her plate over to the small kitchen table in the corner. They had the dining room but it was really only used for company. The kitchen was where they would always eat together. The two of them facing each other, maybe her files or books on the opposite side of the table that he would most likely have put there because she left them on his seat. He would always mention it annoyed, like 'don't you know tables aren't for books? That is why you have an office.' Of course he wasn't angry or upset. Just a thing he would always do. It was a scene that happened daily in the house, well when he was home. Sitting down, she reached over and grabbed the salt placing a little on her rice. It was hard eating alone, but at least she had been able to speak to him for about an hour after she got home. It was between them doing sound check, and the show just about to start. She felt better hearing him say that he too missed her, and loved her. Those words kept her going. It made each day pass by quicker.

At around 10:45, Trish had decided to head to bed. She had to wake up early the next day to get to work. Children needed to learn, they needed her! Grabbing his "biggest" shirt, she smelled it bringing it with her into the bathroom and changing. Taking the scrunchie inside the top draw Trish put her hair up and put the water on quickly brushing her teeth and then adding warm water. Leaning forward she went to wash her face and once done she reached over for her towel and dried it appropriately as her gaze once returned to herself in the mirror. Trisha smiled as she leaned her head to the left picturing all the times Peter had made his way into the bathroom during this nightly ritual. His arms would wrap around her waist, pulling her to him and he would kiss her neck. She would giggle and warn him to stop because it wasn't professional and she had work the next day. He would obey and then they would just look at each other lovingly in the mirror. Sometimes Pete would rest his head on her shoulder, kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear that he loved her. Trish in return would bring up her hand and caress his face, turning to meet his lips, as she too whispered that she loved him. Coming back to reality, Trish wiped the tear that had slid down her face,"twenty two days gone..." she reminded herself "thirty more to go." Turning the bathroom light off Trish walked to their bed.

Lying back down she took her cell phone texting him goodnight and telling him that she loved him, as she too took a picture of herself blowing him a kiss. Sending it, Trish turned the bedroom light off and sighed. Everything was going by, but it all seemed meaningless without him there. This was their house, with their routine, with laughs and memories. The house wasn't a home if he wasn't there with her, and she wasn't happy. Trish was incomplete without Pete. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath of his intoxicating scent as again she drifted back to sleep. Just thirty days till once again, she could feel him, kiss him, hold him. Thirty more days left until this house became their home.

I hope you all enjoyed it, and i would greatly appreciate a review. Anything really, even if it sucks. Thankiess =) (just remember thumper's mother said 'if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything at all'lol)
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