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What are best friends for..?

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Life just seems incomplete without the one you love there to share it with. Started as a short story, but with so many requests, i continued it.

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"hello?" Trisha answered her cell phone groggily. She had not wanted to be woken up. Unless it was Pete or her mother, it wasn't really important. It also couldn't be either one of those people seeing as her mother was on vacation and Trish had been up most of the night talking to Pete on the phone. It was one of those rare occasions that actually would give her the most strength. Today, for them was a full traveling day which meant they could sleep as long as they wanted and Peter had taken that chance to spend most of the night talking to her about everything and anything. With them, they didn't even have to be talking for it to be a great conversation just hearing the continuous rhythmic breathing helped their heart beats to synchronize even if they were thousands of miles apart.

"mornin' sunshine!" the bright and cheerful voice sounded on the other end.

"Argh.. Abby leave me alone" she groaned. "it is Saturday, I want to sleep"

"Oh no" her friend Abigail disagreed with her. "I have let you stay home every Saturday the past month since Pete has been gone. You my friend are not staying home again, Now get up, take a shower and get dressed. I'll be over in ten minutes. I will use my emergency key if necessary"

"You're going to have to, I wont be up, showered and dressed in ten minutes" Trish opened her eyes, shielding them from the incoming light to as she read the alarm clock. 8:04 the blaring red numbers read, oh she was going to kick her best friends ass. She was not waking up after 4 hours of sleep to get tormented, pricked and prodded by whatever her friend had planned for the day.

"fine, see you soon" Trish was left with a dead line. Putting her phone back onto the night table, she turned over facing the ceiling running her hand over her face. She already had a bad feeling this day was going to be a long one.

"so are you finally awake, and ready to have a good time?" Abigail, questioned. She had basically surprised her friend, by throwing her into her car and taking her to an undisclosed- secret location. It was for her friends' benefit anyway. She had to go out and have a good time, and well that's why we all have a best friend.

"Yeah" Trish laughed. She was in better spirits, I mean she did sleep about 4, of the four and a half, five hour car trip. "You could have told me, we were going to Vegas though" Trish sighed, as she walked to the hotel window. She smiled as she remembered the story Pete had told her. None of the hotels in Vegas had balconies. Apparently, people would bring all of their money to Vegas in hopes of doubling or quadrupling it and since they call it gambling, you don't always win. Then, when you lose it all, and feel lost people believe the only way out is to end it. So, to prevent suicide attempts from the busiest gambling city in the world, no hotel room had windows that opened or a balcony.

"I'm sure that conversation would have went well." Abigail, told her sitting on the bed. "You know you would have come up with any excuse possible to not come." standing up she fixed herself and grabbed her bag. "well, lets go have a little fun. Their are wonderful stores for me to spend money at."

Nodding, Trish let go of the curtain as she too fixed herself and the girls left their room. The last time she had been in Vegas, Pete was having the album release party for The Academy is.. The party was held at ghost bar, which is the nightclub at the top of the Palms hotel. The view kind of reminded her of being on the conservatory deck of the Empire state building. Then again, nothing compares to the view of New York City. Her heart and hometown. She had a wonderful time that night though. The two of them had just kind of sat in the back with each other, talking amongst themselves or with friends. The best times with Pete were the simple ones; the smile that played on his lips from across the room when their eyes met, or the way his hands seemed to perfectly grasp her hips whenever she stood near him. Then there was her favorite, whenever Pete said 'I love you'. It didn't matter if he screamed it across an airport as Patrick and Joe dragged him onto a plane, or he whispered it in her ear when they laid silently in bed. Pete had this way of making those three simple words that usually get abused and over used have so much meaning. You understood and felt his love. He was genuine, and pure. When he gave his heart he gave it completely. Trish couldn't be more happy , that he gave her his heart, because somehow Peter managed to steal hers.

"Why are we getting dressed?" Trish asked, as she applied her lip gloss. "there is no one here we need to impress." It wasn't that she hated dressing up, it was just without Pete around there was no point. Even though he loved her in something as simple as nothing, she still felt a need to look perfect for him whenever she would see him.

"because my dear, we are two beautiful women, who need a night on the town. And we have reservations for dinner and a show" Abby explained putting the heels on. "You need to impress me! If I have to be with you all night at least give me something nice to look at." she teased. Abigail just wanted the time to hurry along so she could finally see the bright smile back on her best friends face. It's hard when you know you have to give an extra 20% of yourself so you can make sure your friend was okay.

Much to her friends surprise, the reservations for a show wasn't that to a normal Vegas-style cabaret or overly flamboyant show, but rather backstage passes to the ever so personal Gym Class Heroes at a small hotel venue. It was good for Trish to see some close friends and have a good time. That is exactly what she would get too. Travis and Trish had met during the process of creating the contract. Trish was probably one of the major influences that led to Pete signing them. It's always good to get on the good side of the girlfriend of your potential boss right? The two had gotten there just as they we're heading onto the stage so they hadn't missed any songs but there wasn't time to hang out with them before the show, just a quick hug and wish good luck as all the boys made their way onto the stage.

"You know exactly what to do, don't you?" Trish laughed, as she gave her friend a quick look as the beginning chords to Cupid's choke hold began. It was great to see a band she loved perform. Although seeing them out there rocking out made her think of all the crazy wonderful, entertainment filled stunts Pete always did on stage. He was an amazing bassist, and an even better performer. She loved how the crowd would thrive on every word he said, even his cynicism or sarcasm they idolized it all. Trish had to think back to the last time she had seen GCH, she was pretty sure it was a year ago at Warped. Fall out Boy couldn't play, but they had been recording for their new album anyway, so on one of Pete's rare days off they took a day trip to Warped. They had stood side stage, and watched the show contently with Pete's arms around her, as he would occasionally sing or hum in her ear. He swore she was the only one in the world to like his voice. Trish would beg to differ, but if he only wanted to sing with her then that was fine, she wouldn't complain. Leaning her head against the wall, she folded her arms over her chest, as she watched Eric jam out. Yeah he was good, but he was no Pete. So, she was biased, sue her! Trish smiled as she could feel his arms wrap around her, his warm breath hitting her ear as he sang ' sounds so old, but cupid's got me in a choke hold..' This time though she stiffened up, and turned her head. Shrieking, her eyes nearly popped out of her head. This couldn't be real. He couldn't be real. Pete was not standing right there. Tears immediately flowed down her eyes, as her hand admired his face. The man she had been dreaming of every night for the past twenty-seven nights was standing right here.

"Pete.." Trish whispered, her lips almost magnetically being drawn to his. Crashing against them, her hands wrapping around his neck. She couldn't think right now. This was amazing, he was there. It wasn't a dream, a memory, but him.

"Miss me..?" he smiled, pulling away and licking his lips. Oh, how his smile made her heart jumps and do back flips! He had this unbelievable ability to make everything stop, and disappear. Their might be about 150 screaming fans out there, and a rock band going on but it didn't matter when she was in his arms looking into his eyes.

"YES, oh yess" she was physically shaking from excitement,as Pete wiped her tears away and kissed her again. "what are you doing here.. I cant believe"

Pete laughed, motioning over to Abigail and Joe who seemed to be content in each other's arms, as they watched the couple "we have two friends who like to set us up..."

Trish shook her head, this huge smile on her face as she brought her lips back to his in a sensuous kiss, and put her head against his heart, her arms around him. "I love you" she breathed him in. Yup, that was the smell, calming her down she realized she was home. Home was always in his arms, even if you were backstage at a rock concert.
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