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Pictures are worth a thousand emotions

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Life just seems incomplete without the one you love there to share it with. Sweet short story i wrote for my friend

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Shifting the papers onto the, Trish started to alphabetize them. This was one of the parts about being a teacher that had the most downside. She had given her class that day and unfortunately no matter how much time she gave them to study, or how many in class reviews she would do there were always those kids who just could not pass, or rather don't try to. She hated the feeling of the 12 % that fail. No matter what she told herself, Trish always felt like there was more she could have done. More that would not have let those kids down. As she grabbed her laptop, Trish paused from opening the spreadsheet and putting in their grades. Taking a deep breath she pulled her legs underneath her and against better judgement, signed online.

It wasn't that she avoided the Internet but, everything written about Pete hurt her more than anything. She knew the real man and for people to be so cruel just, it killed her. He deserved better than that. Unfortunately though, when you miss someone so much it was just helped a little bit to see the most recent picture, or interview. It also let her see how he was doing.

Trish smiled as she deleted all of the spam email, leaving those from her friends.She loved how Pete always tried to put her first in his life. He could be having the worst day imaginable but, he would desperately try to hide it so she would not be affected by it. Of course Trish could see through the facade. She knew him better than he probably knew himself. Minimizing her mailbox she logged onto her favorite fan site. She could be a fan. She was his biggest fan.

Going to the gallery she started on the most recent pictures. It was snapshots of the band from Much Music in Canada. Clicking the first photo of Pete, she could feel her heart almost jump out of her chest. That was the man she loved. As she looked closer though Trish's smile instantly faded. He was not looking that great. His smile was the fake plastered smile he puts on hoping that no one could see through it. Most couldn't. Most don't really bother to decipher between the two. Trish could tell though. When he smiled it lit up a room. His top lip would disappear and it could make you melt. That was his real smile.

Scrolling up Trish felt her heart break even more. His eyes were unhappy. When Pete was happy his eyes were the brightest honey colored in the world. No. They were better than that. Their were mixes of grays and light browns and almost a hint of yellowish color. They could bring light to the darkest of souls. His eyes told you a story, they really were the way into his soul. In this picture though, that was taken just yesterday his eyes were dull and lifeless. There was nothing vibrant that made her see the amazing man she knew.

Fed up and heartbroken, Trish returned to the homepage and headed for interview scans. She collected almost all the magazines the band was in just so in the future their kids or family could have it. Dale, Pete's mother would usually send her a magazine or article if she hadn't found it yet. As she started reading the article her stomach immediately began to turn. She didn't understand what was wrong with the world? What did they have against Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III? Was he just the easiest target in the huge bowl of celebrities?

Feeling the anger rise in her, Trish exited the website. She knew what Pete went through when he read those things because she went through the same thing. No one wants to read about the one person they love more than anything being treated disrespectfully or made to look like a cocky celebrity only in it for the fame and fortune. That was not him. He truly did care about every fan, he cared about every song, he wanted people to be conscious of great music. It did not make him a money-hungry mogul.

Signing offline, Trish opened the spreadsheet and continued her work. She didn't want to see those pictures, or read those malicious lies anymore. She knew the man. The real Pete Wentz.

After finishing her work, Trish got herself a drink and managed to create enough courage to sign back online. Going back to her mail she opened the email from Abigail. As much as she would sometimes want to kill the girl, she had the biggest heart in the world and only wanted to help.

Hello beautiful (it means as much from me as it does from what's his face)
Here are some pictures from the Las Vegas excursion I dragged you on last week. Don't you just love me? I hope you really did enjoy it though. I know how much you both missed each other and thought it would really help both of you smile a little more. Plus, Pete was being really prissy with the guys and getting on Joe's nerves. You know when that happens there's a problem. LoL. Anyway, enjoy the pictures. Love you AbbsieBabsie

Rolling her eyes, Trish downloaded the pictures. Leave it up to Abby to send twenty five pictures in zip file. after the few minutes to download she started to scan the pictures. These were the pictures she loved.

The first few was of the girl alone and then there came when Pete wrapped his arms around her. She thought she was in a dream. Next was when they kissed, the tears that were down her cheek.

Trish was almost reliving those feelings again. The burning of his lips against hers, the saltiness of the kiss because of her tears. The pressure his hands as they pulled her to him and held her as close as possible. She hated this empty feeling of him not being there, or her being unable to be with him. She wanted to kiss him like that everyday.

The next picture was her favorite. They were just holding each other and they were smiling. He had that huge smile. The perfect one and his eyes were hazel. They were happy in each other arms. Perfect. That's what she needed. That picture. To look into his eyes like that and know that he loved her. He loved her soo much you could see it though a picture. Wiping the tear that fell , Trish kissed two fingers and gently laid it against his lips. That picture made everything feel okay again. They would help her through the next 23 days when he would finally be home. Be home enough so his eyes and smile would shine like the brightest star in the sky.

I really do hope you enjoyed this story. Again, i know this was a long overdue update. It has been a very hard few months. Reviews are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. It is amazing to be able to write and post stories again. Thank you
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