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Feel like a teenager in love

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When your love is away, anything is a reminder of how much you miss and love them. You even manage to fall back into love thanks to certain people.

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Looking up from her desk, Trish couldn't help but smile as she listened into the conversation. It was amusing. These three girls sat close to her discussing the latest music video they were in love with. "A little less sixteen candles, a little more Touch me" it was by their favorite band. None of her students had found out about her relationship with the infamous Pete Wentz, not, even many teachers were aware of her boyfriend but it made things more pleasant.

The girls giggled as they started to go on about their favorite member of the group. For some reason, all the girls had a different favorite member but the overall they believed Peter Wentz was the hottest member. Trish was not going to argue either, she definitely agreed. Pete Wentz was the hottest member, she would never tell them or even Abigail that. But, these three twelve year old students, why not?

Making her way to the group she smirked as she leaned over the table, the giggles subsiding and eyes getting brighter fearing they were now in trouble.

"You know..." Trish smiled as she looked at them "Pete is my favorite member of Fall Out Boy too"

The students looked at her like she was crazy. "You like fall out boy?" was the instant observation. "I knew Ms. T was the coolest teacher ever!"

"Yes I do, I also think is words are amazing. You know he writes everything Patrick sings?"

The girls nodded "Patrick is my favorite. His voice is just so beautiful and his giggle" the girl blushed. "I love Patrick Stump"

"So does Pete" Trish laughed "That's his favorite too"

"I heard Pete really wants Patrick, but Patrick doesn't like boys"

Trish laughed as she now wished she would have taped the conversation to send to him. She had never been on this side of a conversation. Yes, she had heard the teenagers go crazy for them but to hear her own students talking about her boyfriend was amusing. It also made her feel better about missing him. It let her get that giddy, girly crush on her boyfriend.

She knew she could always talk to Abby about Pete, but at the end of the day they both really knew the guys. It lost that joking, wonder that you always get when you have a crush. Also, it would turn into a mutual conversation where they would go on about things in both of their relationships, and even though Abby most likely missed Joe just as much as she did Pete, that isn't always the best conversation to have when you are sad.

"Sometimes I wonder too" Trish nodded, winking. "You know they have a concert in L. A. in 17 days right?"

"I'm going!" two of the girls announced raising their hands as they knew they had to lower their voices. "my dad got us seats though, he said we might get hurt in the pit. I tried telling him that the shows aren't' crazy but, he didn't really care to listen"

"that's okay, I don't think I am going to have the best seats either" she shook her head.

"You're going?" her students probably saw her as the most amazing person alive. She loved Pete Wentz and was going to the Fall Out Boy concert. Part of her wanted to tell them she was dating him, but she knew that would be a bad thing to disclose. It is hard when you can never really talk about your boyfriend much, or you have to think about everything you say or do. People tend to think a million different things, or try to use you for something when they find out. It is easier to keep her relationship a personal, private one especially when Trish lived such a "normal" life as a teacher.

"My friend said they would get me tickets to go, but I don't know where. I do know, that I may be going backstage .So, maybeee I'll see if I can get some autographs or something. You guys just have to promise to study for your finals and do your projects. They are due soon"

The girls started to get excited, and talk all at once as the bell rang. Smiling, she told her class to make sure their name was on the worksheet and put it on her desk. The girls she had been talking to putting their books away and shaking their head in disbelief "If you meet Pete Wentz, I think I would go crazy for you. He is the most amazing, intelligent, sexiest man ever! You should try to hook up with him, now that would be amazing. Then you have to tell us how he kisses!" the girls were in dream land.

"Bye girls, see you Monday" Trish watched them leave as she sat at her desk for a moment. She felt like she was seventeen and was getting a crush. The kind where you giggle and dream about the person, wonder where they are and what you are doing. It had been a while where she had felt so..disconnected to him as his girlfriend but not in the way where you feel sad, more like she's was developing a greater love, a crush even on her own boyfriend.

Seeing the next teacher come in, Trish quickly gathered all of her belongings together and got out of his way. She made her way to the teachers lounge, putting her stuff away in her locker as she grabbed her bag and started out to the bathroom. She had her hole, and well, she needed a moment. There was a stupid smile on her face and she couldn't help but start day dreaming about her life with Pete. What it would be like to have him home all the time, and maybe even start a family with him.

She knew how he felt against her body, the way his day after scruff felt against her skin or even his hair when it hasn't been straightened. Trish knew what cereal he liked to eat in the morning, and his favorite flavor of drink or even the position he slept in at night, when he did sleep of course and the kinds of things Pete does when he is not with FOB. The silly little things, fans all kind of wondered about, she knew it all. But, she was starting to wonder about the future. What it would be like in 20 years, how her love and admiration for him would grow. Wonder how their children would look, or even how many children they would even have. If FOB would be the next Rolling Stones, or if Pete would be doing something else.

Hearing her cell phone ring, she looked down at his name and giggled. Her fantasies manifested instantly as the butterflies started to flutter in her stomach at the thought of him. You know, when your crush looks or talks to you for the first time? This is how it felt. How it felt to be with Pete Wentz. You were able to fall in love with him all over again each time he left for tour. Sitting back in the teachers lounge, she answered her phone. She got to hear his voice now, but there was still 17 days left till he was home again.

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