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Chapter 1

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Instead of people, there are bipedal dragons who defend and steal for their lives.

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Thunder rumbled in the distance, rain beginning to patter the stone roads of the large silent city. Storm clouds drifted over the moon as it began its rise into the sky. Lightning flickered out, like a cat's paw flicking out for a mouse. Puddles began to form in the streets as the downpour began.

Horse hooves clattered against the stone road, the creaking of wooden wheels accompanying the harsh sounds. Splashes it the horses' chest and underbelly as they walked along the streets, some pulling a prisoner behind them in a wooden carriage. The prisoner's eyes were hardly open, hot painful tears streaming down her tan face. Cuts and dried blood caked her elegant body, her sides trembling. Shackles were clamped around her ankles and neck, the chains rattling harshly.

"Please..." she whimpered quietly. "Someone help me."

"Quiet!" a guard snapped outside of her carriage. "No talking or else I'll tighten that shackle around your neck to make sure you won't be able to utter a small sound." The prisoner fell quiet, tucking her snout under her talons and trembling.

"O'kar, what do we got down there?" the large thief asked, his body poised like a snake ready to strike. The smaller thief lifted his talons up to his temple and flicked down his goggles.

"One female prisoner, major cuts to the shoulders, very frightened, beginning to go into shock. Twenty three guards surrounding the carriage, seventeen guards on horses. All armed." He glanced over to the leader of the thieves. "Some with crossbows."

The thief narrowed his eyes slightly, his tail swishing ever so slightly. "Who's in the carriage, Ta'hoole?"

The slender dark purple dragoness leaned forward on the ledge she was crouched on, her talons cracking the cement. Her forest green eyes illuminated in the moonlight, the pupils growing in size. She craned her neck to peer at the carriage, one set of talons reaching up to brush back her crest.

"It looks to be Nara," she said, her voice smooth, but quiet. She turned her head to look at him. "Ortalos, what is she doing in there?"

Ortalos narrowed his acid green eyes with confusion. "We're about to find out." His head snapped over to the muscular blood red dragon beside him, hissing to get his attention. The brute turned to look at him, an insane grin plastered on his scarred face. He had seemed to know what he was about to ask and let out a hoarse and malicious laugh.

"Breaking some necks ought to do the trick," he said, his grin growing. "Besides, I need a little blood on my tongue after this long day." He slid down the slanted rooftop, his claws leaving enormous gouges in the stone. He unleashed a deafening roar that vibrated the rooftop, as he landed on the ground.

"It's Ballistic!" one of the guards cried, unsheathing his sword. The other walking guards' heads turned to look that the brute coming their way, their lips forming into snarls.

"Kill him!" The captain roared, his muscles rippling through his deep gray scales. He unsheathed his own sword, his red eyes darting around for others.

Ortalos looked at O'kar, gesturing down to the archers mounted on their horses. The smaller thief grinned with pleasure, pulling out his own crossbow. He loaded a small bolt that seemed harmless to him, but as a thief, Ortalos often knew looks can be deceiving. With his deadly range weapon loaded, O'kar set his sights on the archers, his trigger finger merely a blur as he dropped them one by one with a quick, clean shot to the neck.

Ortalos turned his head back to look at the Captain who had seemed to spot them. But the only thing that made blood boil in his veins was the guard's gaze locked on Ta'hoole. He knew that gaze and it made his lips curl with disgust. He heard a barely audible growl escape Ta'hoole, and she ever so slightly curled her upper lip.

She had seen the look too. Ortalos had never thought of the female thief the way the guards usually do. He thought of her as a friend, a valuable asset to his team. To those retched guards, she was just a war prize, fit for the taking. With a shake of his head, he cleared his mind from the fit he was having and unsheathed his daggers. With a smooth graceful leap, he was off of the roof and on top of a guard, burying his blade into his soft neck flesh.

Ta'hoole had tackled a guard to the stone road, the sickening crack of his neck like thunder. She whipped around, her dark purple scales seeming to blend into the shadows. The moon's slivery light provided them enough light to attack and kill some guards. Ta'hoole's eyes burned like fueled flames, her spines rattling. The guard that had been circling her grinned with amusement, the blade of his sword gleaming under the light. Ta'hoole circled around him to, her pupils merely slivers in her yellow irises. Her claws lengthened, her tail swished behind her. The guard lunged forward, his blade drawn back to cut her across the chest. She ducked quickly, backing away a few steps.

Ortalos was holding his own against the guards attacking him. He had lost his daggers against the captain was relying on a sword he had looted from a dead body near him. He blocked the guard's thrust, feeling himself being pushed backwards. Sooner or later, he would loose his footing and it'll be the death of him. He managed to steal a glance over towards Ta'hoole to see how she was holding up. He realized that the checkup was unnecessary, she was just fine. She had two guard swords, deflecting the surrounding guard's strikes with ease. But, he noticed her steps were getting heavier and she was getting tired.

"She quite a fearsome prize," the Captain snarled to Ortalos, pushing him to the stone road. "Once I take care of you, I'll claim her as my own." Ortalos flashed his fangs, using his hind talons to shove the guard off of him.

"I'll rip your tongue out of your mouth for that," he snarled darkly. He leapt to his feet, driving the Captain towards his group of guards surrounding Ta'hoole. The Captain's eyes darted around for a few seconds before he ducked away. Ortalos whipped around to thrust his sword down on the Captain, but four guards barreled into him, yanking him off of his feet. The Captain wiped away the formation of blood at his lips and chuckled darkly.

"I'll go claim my prize, thief," he growled lowly to him. "Then, I'll watch you bleed out on this stone road."

"You bastard!" Ortalos screamed at the top of his lungs. His burst of rage was short lived as a fist was brought down on him, knocking the consciousness out of him.
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