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Chapter 2

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Ta'hoole may not be as strong as she thinks she is.

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Ta'hoole let out a scream that shattered her own ears as one of the rapiers pierced her stomach. Blood spurted out of her wound and she fell to the ground, gasping and curled up. Her vision was beginning to blur from the agony and she felt herself pressed to maintain consciousness. She let out short painful gasps, trying to crawl away from the guards. The biggest one kicked her hard in her ribs, and she yelped. Her instincts were telling her to pass out and call it a day, but she was more determined than that.

She struggled to her feet, blood seeping through her talons. A small stream of blood was beginning to drip off her lower lip as she bore her fangs threateningly. She was trained in medicine many times, she can easily take care of herself. Without any of her medical equipment, she couldn't close the wound, but she could prevent any more blood loss. She tore the fabric she had around the quiver of arrows she had strapped around the leather and bound her wound. She ripped the quiver off of her body; there was no use of it. Her deep red blood was already seeping through the fabric, but she knew it would hold. She narrowed her eyes, crouching down into an attack position. She knew what their looks of surprise meant, they did not expect her to get off of the ground. They had expected her to lay on the stones and not move while they were able to take advantage of her, but she was stronger than they thought she was.

"Move you idiots!" The Captain thundered, shoving two large guards out of his way. His red eyes looked down at her, darkening with lust as he examined her weakened state. His tongue traced over his lips with hunger to dominate the weakened dragoness. Ta'hoole snarled at him, her claws lengthening and she lunged at him.

He laughed tauntingly at her, catching her wrist as she swung at him. The pressure grew as he jerked her off of her feet, by her wrist. She squeaked, stumbling over to him unwillingly, drawing back to slash at him once more. He twisted her around to were her spine covered back was pressed against his armored plates of his chest and stomach. His free arm wrapped around her throat, restraining her with ease.

She roared as loud as she could to get her friends' attention, thrashing against his grip. He chuckled darkly at her, his mouth smashing against hers to silence her screams. She knew what was about to happen, and all she could do was try to fight him, and never hope to get free unless he wanted to let her go. His tongue slipped behind her teeth, exploring every inch of her jaws as he easily worked around her struggles.
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