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Day Seven

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The final day on the mountain.

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Day Seven

Kim had awakened early, hoping that Ron was still asleep, the pain in her right leg had intensified during the night, and had awakened her rather abruptly this morning, she was hoping she could sneak some more of the pain killers that Ron had took from the first aid station, but Ron was already awake, and gone. From the looks of it, he had left camp only a few minutes ago, the tracks in the snow were still fresh, so Kim thought of the only thing to do, she called for him,

"Ron. Ron. /RON! WHERE ARE YOU!?/" she called out, she then noticed something on the ledge where Ron had set up a lookout the night before, it seemed to be a mirror, directed at the sun, it was being reflected back at her, she was it once, then a second time,

'A signal of some kind.' Kim thought, but she had opened her mouth too late, as she turned around, she saw four men come into the clearing, all carrying rifles, just like the one Ron had, she knew she was no match for all of them, even if she could get off a shot, they would kill her before she could get up, and get out of camp,

"Lookie what we have here, boys." one of the poachers said to his friends,

"We come looking for Elk, and we find beaver instead." another said, Kim knew where this conversation was headed, and she was going to make sure that they didn't even get the chance to try what was on their mind, she still had the .45 in her pocket, she would attempt to go down with her dignity in tact, and not end up a rape victim,

'Where the hell is Ron when you need him?' Kim asked herself, then she thought further,

'He's got to be up on that ledge, and from the looks of it, he took the rifle, he's probably setting a trap right now.' she couldn't be further from the truth.

At that moment, on the ledge overlooking the camp, Ron was drawing a bead on the poacher closest to Kim, and was preparing to take the shot, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out the mirror again, in hopes that Kim would be able to decipher morse code,

'I got to tell her to get out of the way, it's gonna be chaos in that camp the minute I start opening up on these hicks.' he thought, and he began to tell her, in his own way, to get down, and lay low.

Kim was looking up at the ledge where Ron was hidden, when she saw the mirror flash again, only this time, Ron was trying to tell her something, it was in morse code, she quickly, and to herself, began to decipher it,

'K-I-M, end word, new word, D-U-C-K, end word, end communication, oh shit!' she thought, she knew what Ron was planning, he was going to open fire on the camp, and he wanted Kim out of the way, with the speed, and agility of a cat, she quickly ducked, and rolled out of the way, allowing Ron a clear field of fire.


Four times, the loud report of a rifle shot echoed throughout the clearing, and the four poachers fell, only one of them had been struck a fatal blow, the one that had been closest to Kim had been hit in the back of the head, killing him instantly, the other three had taken shots to the knees, thereby ending any plans they might have had of harming Kim. Before the three remaining poachers could even reach their guns, Ron was back in camp, his rifle trained on the one closest to him,

"First one that moves, buys himself a one way ticket straight to hell." he said, cocking the rifle, and taking a bead on the poacher at his feet,

"We meant no harm." one of the poachers said to Ron, who clearly had the upper hand, he grabbed the four rifles on the ground, and swung them hard at the nearest tree, breaking the stocks, and rendering them useless,

"Not anymore, you don't. Now, get up, and start walking!" Ron said savagely, he was aware that they were not going to be able to walk very far, but he wasn't about to show them the same kind of treatment he was giving Kim, as far as Ron was concerned, they weren't worth his time to even bring down the mountain. Oh, how he longed for one of them to make a move for him, just so it would mean one less poacher to turn over to the park rangers when he arrived at station one. When one of the poachers twitched, and made a mad lunge for Ron, he sidestepped him, and brought the rifle butt to the man's jaw,

"Do you think I'm fucking around?" he said through clenched teeth, "Get your ass up, and if you try to pull another suckhead play like that again, the only thing that'll beat you to the morgue are the headlights of the coroner's wagon."

Kim was still in shock when Ron tied the three men together to the back of the drag sled, the men were in worse shape that she was, they still had bullets in their knees, and Ron was forcing them to walk,

'Well, it does serve them right, though, they tried to kill us, and rape me, they deserve it.' a part of her thought, but another part of her thought just the opposite,

'Why should they be treated any differently, they're injured as well, maybe I should try to talk some sense into him, maybe take the slugs out of their legs, so they can at least walk.'

When Ron made camp for the afternoon, Kim made her move, and attempted to talk a little sense into Ron,

"They're not cattle, Ron, they're humans, no matter how low they are, we at least have to do something for them." she pleaded,

"Alright, I'll remove the slugs, but no more than that, if they try to run, I'm gonna put a bullet in their skulls." Ron said, Kim agreed to this, and watched, as Ron grabbed a large hunting knife from his backpack, and walked over to the three men, who began shaking, they must've thought that Ron was there to kill them,

"Stop whining, you babies, I'm going to take the slugs out of your legs, and sew you up, so stop your sniveling." Ron said, placing the knife into the fire, and grabbing a pair of tweezers from the first aid kit, along with a needle, and thread, she watched, almost in shock, as Ron began to patch them up, it looked worse that if he had left them alone. First, he had pulled the knife from the fire, (the blade was glowing red hot) and cut into the backs of their legs, he then inserted the tweezers into the freshly cut wounds, and pulled out the mangled slugs, he then sewed up the wounds, and bandaged them up, the entire time, they stood still, only shouting, and yelling out only when the knife had entered the skin,

"That wasn't so bad, now, was it?" Ron said, looking at the three men, who were on the verge of passing out from pain,

"A little mideval, Ron, but, I guess it did the trick." Kim said, when Ron had sat down beside her,

"Well, we don't have the right tools for bullet extraction, so I had to make due." Ron said,

"By the way, Ron, where did you learn to shoot a gun like that?" Kim asked,

"You're forgetting, K.P., I come from a long line of policemen, my grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grandfather, and three of my uncles were all cops." Ron said,

"I forgot about that, who taught you?" Kim asked,

"My Grandfather, Pappy was the best shot out of them all." Ron said, smiling widely,

"Yeah, but it was your great-great grandfather that made it the highest in the police department." Kim said,

"Yeah, Jonathon Stoppable, he was chief of police after Barkin's ancestor died of a massive stroke." Ron said,

"When did he hold that title?" Kim asked, she had forgotten about the dates, only knowing that Jonathon Stoppable, and her great-aunt, Mim Possible were best friends, and it was Jon, that had cleared Mim's name,

"1907 to 1918." Ron replied,

"Okay." Kim said, the memory coming back to her, it was thanks to Wade, they had gone back in time, and solved the case of Mim Possible, it was Ron, not Jonathon, who had cleared Mim's name,

"I forgot about that. It was us, actually." Kim clarified,

"Yeah, I forgot about that, too." Ron said, making Kim not feel alone, apparently, the machine that Wade had used, had wiped the memories from them, or had locked them away somehow, and it took what they were experiencing to bring those memories to the surface,

"Uh, excuse me," one of the poachers asked, "who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Ron Stoppable, and this, is Kim Possible." Ron said, pointing first, to himself, then to Kim,

"I knew it, I knew it, I tried to tell Jim Bob, but would he listen, hell no." the man said,

"And just who the hell is Jim Bob?" Kim asked,

"My cousin, the one you killed." the man said,

"Oh, sorry about that." Kim said, her face growing rather pink,

"I told him that before we went into your camp, I told him, I says, 'Jim Bob, don't you go a-messin' with those two, they're Kim Possible, and her friend, they'se a-gonna kill us,' didn't I say that, boys?" the man said, the other two nodded quickly,

"Will you shut up, you country hick!" Ron said, staring at the man, who fell silent immediately,

"Ron, aren't you being a little harsh." Kim said,

"Maybe, but you gotta remember what they almost did, K.P." Ron said, trying to talk sense into Kim,

"How can I forget, I almost forcibly lost my virginity to three backwoods country stumblebums." Kim said, her face looking away from Ron,

"Hey, what is it, K.P., what's wrong?" Ron asked,

"I didn't think you were serious, Ron, you know, about getting us off the mountain, no matter what." Kim said,

"I was very serious, Kim, so much so, that I was forced to take a life, rather than see my friend get hurt any further." Ron said, his face was set into a serious expression, which, for Ron, was rare, but had come in large supply over the last four days,

"Well, do you think we've rested enough for today?" Kim asked, now looking up at Ron,

"Yeah, Station One is just down the road over there, and at the foot of the mountain." Ron said, pointing to an old gravel road, that looked as though it hasn't been used in years,

"What kind of road is that?" Kim asked,

"It's a fire road," Ron said, then noticing that Kim didn't fully understand, he elaborated, "the Fire Department, and emergency services use it for fighting fires, and getting injured campers, and hikers off the mountain, the Station is about eight hundred yards at the beginning of the road, they keep it blocked off, that's why two rangers work the station."

"Okay, what are we waiting for, let's get down there." Kim said, knowing that civilization was only eight hundred yards away, but from the look of it, the road down wasn't going to be easy.

On this leg of the journey, Ron had the three prisoners walking in front of him, his rifle trained on them, as they reached the bottom of the hill, they saw a minivan, it looked familiar,

"Is that . . . no, it can't be!" Kim said, peering around at the minivan, as they got closer, they noticed, with a thrill of longing, it belonged to Kim's parents.

Mr. Possible was inside of the Ranger Station, when he heard his wife's voice coming from outside,

"Honey. I can see them." Mrs. Possible said, Mr. Possible went tearing out of the cabin, and to where his wife was standing, he saw Ron, holding a rifle, and leading three tied men into the station, behind him, laying on a drag sled, was Kim,

"We were so worried about you, Kimmie, when Wade told us, we feared the worst." Mrs. Possible said,

"I'm sorry I caused you so much grief, mom." Kim said, the tears she had held during the entire trip down the mountain began to fall, as she reached out to her mother, and the two women hugged, before being separated by paramedics.


It had been only three hours since they had come off the mountain, but their return was headline news, Ron had brought Kim off the mountain, and now, the assement of the damage to Kim's leg was being done at this moment,

"Well, it was touch-and-go for a little while, but we were able to save the leg." the doctor said, coming out of the surgery room where they had taken Kim the minute they had arrived,

"And the scar on her leg, were you able to do something about that?" Mrs. Possible asked,

"Oh, yeah, we pulled a small skin graft from her hip, the graft spot will never be seen by anyone, and the scarring will be covered up, her leg will look as it did before the accident." the doctor said, smiling,

"What about Ronald?" Mr. Possible asked,

"Exhaustion, he'll need to stay for a couple of days, at least until he get's back his strength, the condition he was in when he arrived, he needed about 95 stitches to close up his legs, and we had to pump him full of antibiotics, but he'll be fine." the doctor said,

"Can we go in, and see them?" Jim asked, he, and his twin brother, Tim, had been just as worried about Kim, and Ron, as their parents were,

"Of course, you can. They're in room four, down the hall, and to your left." the doctor said,

"Any long term effects?" Mrs. Possible asked, being a medical doctor herself, she knew what the phrase, 'touch-and-go,' meant,

"No, she'll have full use of her right leg in about a couple of months, until that time, she'll need to get around on crutches, or a wheelchair, the latter of which, I would recommend, we had to put rods down the side of her cast, her leg had been broken so severely, we didn't want to take any chances of the setting coming out." the doctor said, Mrs. Possible nodded, and followed her family into the room shared by Kim and Ron,

"Kimmie-cub, how are you feeling?" Mr. Possible asked her daughter,

"Fine, my leg hurts a little, but I'll live." Kim said, hugging her dad,

"And Ronald?" Mr. Possible asked, looking over at Ron, and lowering his voice,

"He'll be fine, he wore himself out getting us off the mountain." Kim replied,

"I'm glad Ron was up there with you," Mrs. Possible said, "if you had been alone."

"I know," Kim said, practically reading her mother's mind, "I never would've made it."

"We owe that young man a lot," Mr. Possible said, looking over at the sleeping Ron, "he brought our Kimmie-cub back to us, thanks Ron."

"He can't hear you, dad." Kim said,

"Why not?" Mr. Possible asked,

"The doctors had to sedate him, he refused to be worked on until I was treated, that was the only way the doctors could work on him." Kim replied, looking over at Ron, and smiling, she thought to herself,

'Thanks, Ron, I owe you big for this.' before she turned to look at her family,

"I'm tired, it's been nice to see you, but I need to get some sleep." she said, looking at her parents,

"Okay, we'll see you tomorrow, Kimmie." Mrs. Possible said, walking out of the room, just as Kim faded into sleep.


A/N: Well, they made it off the mountain, sorry this story is short, but I needed to make it somewhat realistic, if I had let it drag on any longer, even with penicillin, there wouldn't have been a chance that the doctors could've saved Kim's leg, Gangrene would've set in, and from there, it would've only been a matter of hours before Kim's leg would've fallen off by itself, stay tuned for the Epilogue, that's coming up next, and it won't be that long, hope you've enjoyed this story, and watch for more, thanks to all of those who reviewed, and thanks to my number 1 fan, captainkodak 1, talk you y'all later,

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