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Epilogue III - ...and the Light

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The epic final. Amy is charged of treason, Riley is on the loose, Harry's a Jedi again and a former Dark Sider also returns...

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Epilogue III of III - ...and the Light
Note: This is 100% the final chapter, like, EVER in this story. I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you've enjoyed reading this
Amy is escorted alongside 3 Republic officers.
"Why do I have to face treason charge?" Amy asked, "I was excused by General Leia Organa!"
A officer said, "If you argue against the New Republic law again, we will have no choice but to arrest you and give you a life sentence."
"She'll never take a life sentence," a voice said.
"Who's there?" the officers demanded, getting their blasters.
A cloaked figure jumped down and Force Pushed the officers away, throwing them down a cliff.
"Who are you?!?" Amy demanded, grabbing her lightsaber, scared about who the figure could be.
The figure removed his cloak, revealing... a friend of the Resistance, yet a friend of the Second Galactic Empire. The figure was Finn.
"Ahh! Darth Baneus! Stay back!" she screamed. As troopers come from angles trying to subdue Amy, Finn assisted her in defeating them.
"I'm not a Dark Side user anymore," he said, "I defected from the First Order, and I defected from the Empire. I'm losing my Force connection."
More officers arrived at angles. As Finn attempted to Force Push them away, he realized his Force didn't work.
"Like I said," he started, "I've lost my Force connection. Great!"
As they were outmatched, they surrendered.
Luke and the Jedi arrived. As Jake reached for his lightsaber, Rey held his hand.
"Don't, brother," she demanded, "We must let her do her trial. Or we too could be stood on trial. I promise, she'll get out of her trial safely."
"She will," Luke confirmed.
"Fine," Jake said, distraught.
They all followed the officers.
"Just for the record, if this doesn't work, you'll in big trouble, sister," Jake warned.
Rey chucked and Jake sighed.
She never takes me seriously he thought.
"Wait!" she quietly said. She looked behind a bush to see Finn with Amy. Finn stuck his hand out and did a thumbs up. Immediately, Rey knew what has happened and smiled.
"What is it?" Harry asked.
"Nothing. Just, a friend..." she said nervously. Did she like Finn? Did she fancy him? Eww. I hate romance. Let's get on with the story...

Anyway, the Jedi saw Amy and Finn being took into the capital.
"I forgot," Luke started, "The New Republic relocated to D'Qar to keep an eye on the Resistance after their reckless attempt to defeat the Order and Empire."
"Just follow her in!" Jake demanded. They all ran inside, and grabbed seats in the Senate room.
"Amy Rogers," Chancellor Hath started, "You have been accused of treason and destruction of Resistance property. If found guilty, you will be expelled from the Jedi Order, the Resistance and the New Republic and will serve a life sentence in prison. If found innocent, Riley will take your doings to her own life."
"She didn't do it!" Jake yelled.
Amy Force Pushed him away.
"This is my battle, Jake, my love, I can't let you take the fall," she said.
Jake eventually gave up and returned to his seat.
"Love?" Rey asked.
"It's a long story," Jake simply replied, "And trust me, you don't want to know."
"OK, I guess..." she sighed.
"We must find Riley," Luke said.
"Rey and I will go," Finn said.
"Finn?" Jake asked.
"That's the friend I was talking about," Rey answered.
"OK," Jake said.
The two departed from the building, both ready to fight.

"Jake?" Luke asked.
"Yes, Luke?" Jake replied.
"Like your sister Rey said, love?" he asked.
"Long story, short, we're pretty much..." Jake answered.
"Oh," Luke realized, "Tell me no more!"
"I wasn't anyway," Jake said.
"Good," Luke sighed in relief.
"Amy, you may now present your defense," Chancellor Hath said.
"Thank you, Chancellor. On the night of the grief, I was with Jake Starkiller, Luke Skywalker and the rest of the Jedi and the Resistance, celebrating our victory against the First Order. The following day, I was relaxing on the porch where we celebrated. Riley then arrived and suddenly fought me. She then stabbed Jake in the leg. We fought to the death, which grieved the porch. Then you found me and arrested me, because Riley escaped, so it looked like I grieved the porch. That is why my friends are looking for Riley," Amy presented.
"But you were the one who still grieved the porch," Commander Dan said.
"Admiral Daniel, present your offence please," Chancellor Hath said.
"Even though she might have defeated a turning Jedi, she eventually destroyed the porch where the Resistance peer over to see if attackers are coming. She will be found guilty and will be arrested, so why does she try? You will be arrested and you know you are guilty so stop trying," he demanded.

"So," Rey started.
"So... how are you?" Finn asked.
"Why did you even turn?" Rey yelled.
"Because-" he was interrupted.
"We were worried about you! I didn't know you turned until we destroyed the Finalizer! I am sick of people just thinking it's alright to turn!" she screamed.
"Rey, it's because I thought being trained in the Force would impress you! I like you!" he yelled over her.
"Ah, you see. It's about me, not power. Well," Rey started, "I like you too. As soon as I saw you with Amy I knew you were fine."
"Come on. We need to find Riley," Finn said, throwing his crimson saber away.
They ran to the Resistance base which was rebuilding from the damage, holding hands and saw the ships.
"There!" Rey yelled. She used the Force to make the size of her Starfighter bigger so the two of them could both fit in.

"The reason I'm trying is because I'm innocent and you know it!" she yelled, "Ever since the Battle of D'Qar, my trust in the Republic has been shaken. You never helped us take down the Finalizer! It was the biggest ship in the First Order's position, but you never helped a smaller group destroy it! You know you're in the wrong, and compared to damaging a porch trying to save everyone's butts is much more easier to retain then destroying a flipping Star Destroyer!"
"Ah, thank you Admiral Dan and Amy Rogers. We will have the judge soon by the Senate and I, and you will be BOTH called back, with Riley when those two get back with her. You may leave," Supreme Chancellor Hath said.

As the Jedi left with Amy, they headed for Takodana, the planet of Maz Kanata.
When they arrived, they were seemingly greeted by many former Rebels of the Alliance to Restore the Republic which was created years prior to the Battle of D'Qar.
"Ah, Jake Starkiller. It is good to see you again," Maz said.
"Again?" Harry asked.
"Again, long story," Jake answered, "It is good to see you again too Maz. Ok, we're gonna need you're help."
"With what? I am more then happy to assist a light side Force user," she said.
"Amy needs another lightsaber," Jake started, "When she was arrested, the officers stole her blue saber, and are probably off to Tatooine to give it to Jabba the Hutt's son, Rotta the Hut. We're gonna need your help trying to get it back by passing her another saber."
Maz reached for her chest, pulled out a saber and said, "There you go. I'll come with you to get her saber back and sit with you for the result of the case."
They left in ships, heading for Tatooine, looking for the officers that stole Amy's lightsaber.
After looking for a very long time, they saw a palace when they landed: it was Rotta's palace.
"Rotta's palace! Look!" Maz demanded.
They looked at the palace door, where Maz was pointing and saw the 4 officers that confiscated Amy's saber. They saw an officer with it clipped to his belt and ran quickly to the door.
"Hey!" Luke yelled.
The Jedi grabbed their lightsabers ready to fight, with Maz ready to fight with the Force. As the officer with her lightsaber charged at Jake, he easily managed to dodge the charge and cut off his hand, dropping Amy's saber.
"We've got what we came for, so we should go," Luke said.
They ran to their ships, ready to depart back to D'Qar.
When they arrived, they were greeted by Rey, Finn and a captured Riley.
"Good work, team," Maz said.
"Halt! The Chancellor wants you!" an officer said.
They followed them back to the Senate room, waiting for the results.
"Now," Hath bellowed, "The Senate has come to a decision. The Republic is in favor of... Admiral Daniel."
"Halt!" Jake yelled, "I have someone that will change your decision!"
Hath raised his eyebrow and Jake said,
"I present," he said, walking to the side, "Riley Corge, member of the New Jedi Order."
"I admit, I was the one who caused the most destruction to the porch. But the Jedi are evil! We are blinded by them, with their reckless attempts to stop the war!" Riley yelled.
"That's not true!" Amy yelled.
"Silence!" Hath demanded, "The Senate has changed it's mind and now the Republic is in favor of Amy Rogers and the Jedi Order! Throw Riley into jail!"
Later on, back in the Jedi Council room, Luke said,
"Congratulations. We managed to complete your trial and we're all good! You are now promoted to a Jedi..." Luke was interrupted.
"Umm.. how do I put this?" she asked, "If you're staying by the side of the Republic, I... I just can't stay."
"What do you mean?" Finn asked.
"I'm leaving the Order. I'm sorry," she said, passing her sabers to Jake and walking out.
The whole team had a shocked face on, with Jake, her love interest and master, running behind her. Rey and Finn held each other, with Luke and Harry turning around and walking off.
"Wait!" he yelled, "You can't just leave!"
She said, "I can, because it's not your choice. It's mine."
"It wasn't the Order's fault you were accused!" Jake said.
"I know, but I can't stand by the Republic for much longer. I just feel like abandoning my Force-Sensitivity," she said.
"I understand you wanting to walk away from the Jedi, but it's your job," he said.
"No," she said, ripping off her Padawan strip and passing it to Jake, "It was my job."
She walked off, sad about having her trust in the Republic shaken.

Later on, the Resistance, happy with their success in getting Riley jailed and Amy being freed, continued their party.
Jake, sad over the loss of his friend, looked over the porch. Harry walked over to him and asked,
"You ok, bro?"
"Yeah, just, sad, I guess. Congratulations on being promoted to Jedi Knight. Well done. I knew I could trust you," he said.
"Thanks. Come on, the drink's are on me," Harry said.
Jake smiled and walked off with him.

While they walked off, Rey and Finn were on the other side of the porch, looking at the stars together.
"I'm sorry," Finn said.
"About what?" she asked.
"My turn to the Dark. I'm sorry," he apologized.
"It's alright," she said softly.
"Earlier on, when we were leaving to find Riley and I said 'I like you'--" he was interrupted by Rey, grabbing him and kissing him.
"I like you, too," she said.

Luke, on the other hand, was having a good time too, being reunited with his friend, R2-D2.
"Beep, beep!" R2 happily beeped.
"Hello, Master Luke," 3PO said happily.
Luke, who was drunk, threw his glass at 3PO and said,
"Goldie pants!"
"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" other drunk troopers said. 3PO grabbed glasses and threw them at Luke with R2, who was on both teams.
"Sorry," Rey started, "My father's drunk. I've got to go. See you tomorrow!"
"I guess I will," Finn said, "I guess I will."

The next day, everybody was still partying, happy with what's going on in life right now. The Jedi and Finn were looking over the porch.
"One day," Jake said, "One day, we'll defeat the Order and the Empire and the Galaxy will be liberated for evil forever."
"Indeed," Luke confirmed, "Indeed."
They all smiled.

The End
Producer: TheDoctor65
Writer: TheDoctor65
Pretty much everything else: TheDoctor65
Luke Skywalker: Mark Hamill
Jake Starkiller: Whoever you want
Rey Skywalker: Daisy Ridly
Harry/Denaric Ren: Whoever you want
Kylo Ren: Adam Driver
Finn/Darth Baneus: John Boyega
R2-D2: Jimmy Vee
C-3PO: Anthony Daniels
Amy Rogers: Whoever you want
Riley: Whoever you want
Commander Hath/Supreme Chancellor Hath: Whoever you want
Ghost of Obi-Wan: Ewan McGregor
Ghost of Anakin Skywalker: Hayden Christensen
Voice of Ghost of Yoda: Frank Oz
Admiral Daniel: Whoever you want
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