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Epilogue II - The Fight...

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Amy and Riley engage in a duel, after Jake is severely injured. This is Amy's final trial before she can be called a Jedi Knight.

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Epilogue II of III - The Fight...
"Argh!" Jake screamed, charging at his Padawans incredibly hard.
He dueled them and eventually defeated them and Master Luke arrived to the base.
"That is it! You are BOTH expelled from the Order!" he bellowed.
Jake Force Pushed them both away and pulled their sabers to his hands.
"That is quite enough of that," he said, "You could be reinstated into the Order, if you swear on an oath that you will settle your differences.".
Amy, realizing the wrong she's doing, apologized,
"I'm sorry, Master.".
"I know," he accepted. He dropped her saber next to her feet, saying, "This is your first trial to becoming a Jedi Knight. You are progressing well in the Jedi. Well done.".
Amy smiled faintly and picked up her saber and sat down.
Jake twisted around to Riley and said to her,
She chuckled, "I'll never rejoin you!".
She grabbed her sabers back and engaged Starkiller in a duel.
"You can't win. I have more training. You're only a Padawan and I am a Master," he said.
"Today, I am the Master," she said, before stabbing Jake's leg.
"Jake," Rey faintly said. She was back at the academy and realized her beloved brother had been injured once again.
"Come, Dem! I fear Jake has been hurt!" she yelled.
They ran to find Jake, Luke and the Jedi.

Jake quietly wailed in pain, as Amy engaged Riley in a duel.
"Son, you will be alright. I promise. I lost my father but I am not losing you!" Luke said, "Amy! If you survive the duel, your trials will have been completed and you would have become a fully fledged Jedi Knight! The Force will be with you, always!"
Rey arrived with Dem, seeing Jake unconscious in the hands of Luke. The base Amy and Riley are fighting in slowly crumbles down.
"Senate, Jedi, peace..." Jake continually muttered.
"He's not dead, father!" Rey happily confirmed.
"I know. I can feel it," he answered.

Meanwhile, Amy and Riley were slicing at each other and fought with all their might. Eventually, the base crumbled and they had no choice but to jump then continue fighting.
"You can't win, Riley! The Jedi will ALWAYS prevail!" Amy yelled.
"I am a Jedi! I can beat you! I have all the skills of you, with even more!" Riley yelled.
"You're turning to the Dark Side!" Amy yelled.
"From my point of view, the Jedi are using the Dark Side!" Riley yelled.
"Well, then you are lost!" Amy screamed. She fought valiantly against the turning Jedi.

Meanwhile, in the medical room, Jake was in critical condition. It turns out that she stabbed him in the shin, which he needed for his duels. Unconscious and almost dead on a medical bed, Denaric Ren arrived, only to be confronted by 3 Jedi.
"Where's Jake?!" he demanded.
"We won't tell you!" Rey yelled.
"I've heard from Amy he has been hurt. I am here to check on him," he said.
"Well, you used to be a friend of his," Luke said, "Fine. But you will be guarded by all 3 of us. If you attack him, you will be defeated."
He walked into the medical room, looking for his former master.
"Where is Jake?" he asked a doctor. The doctor stepped back and revealed Jake.
"What happened?" he asked.
"Riley, an apprentice of his, is tapping to the Dark and stabbed him in the leg," Luke answered.
Jake's eyes slowly opened to see Denaric but not in his suit. He saw him as his friend.
"Harry?" he said, "Wait."
He sat up and rubbed his eyes, to see Denaric in his suit.
"Jake, this will confuse you, but Luke told me a doctor found you have a unique Force ability. It is called 'Force Identity' where it shows you the appearance of a force user or non force user of what side they are acting like now. As you can see, you can see me as Harry, not Denaric. This is because, I'm rejoining the Jedi Order. I turned to the Dark Side temporarily to get revived and I assumed it would be easy to turn back. But it wasn't. But with the help of Luke, it's finally paid off, and now I'm a Knight of the Order," Harry said.
Jake smiled but immediately ran to find Amy.

Eventually, he saw Amy, with the defeated Riley. However, he also saw her with New Republic personal. Jake knew what this meant: She was being arrested.
"Hey! Get off of her! She defeated Riley because she was turning!" Jake demanded.
"But she destroyed Resistance property. She will now be placed on trial for the crime of 'destroy personal property'," a New Republic cop said.
"Yes I know she did," Leia said, walking in, "But she defeated the turning Jedi! She will not stand trial! She will be freed!"
The cop said, "I'm sorry General Solo, but even if the owner of the property says they did it by accident, this is the law of the Republic, so she must be put on trial. Apologizes, but this is the word of the Republic Senate itself."
"Let her go, Jake. We will help her get her defense up and she will complete the trial. I am not expelling her," he started, "She is actually now a Jedi Knight. I promise she will be fine."
"I know she will be," Jake said.

Will Amy manage to complete the trial for treason and not be arrested? Or has Riley succeeded in her plans to reduce the Jedi?

Find out this and more in the final chapter of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Rise of the Jedi - Epilogue III of III - ...and the Light

Quick note: Ok, I have been adding chapters because I'm trying to escape the inevitable: having to end the series. But after re-watching the Original Trilogy, I realized all good things must come to an end. Thanks for reading the series and I hope you have enjoyed it.
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