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Epilogue I - The Aftermath

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After the party on D'Qar, Luke and the Jedi come together to train Padawans. But when Luke establishes the Jedi Council, a spark of rivalry starts between Amy and Riley.

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Epilogue I - The Aftermath
The following morning, the Resistance are still having a great time celebrating the defeat of the First Order AND The New Empire. Jake Starkiller was hanging out with the Resistance.
"This is good," Jake said to Amy, "The party was great and I'm still having fun with everyone else.".
"That's great," she started, "But I've been meaning to ask you something...".
Jake asked, "Which is?".
"I was wondering if you could ask Master Skywalker if I could join the New Jedi Order." she sighed, "But he'll say no.".
Jake, cheering up Amy, said, "Do you know what? I'll convince him to allow you to join the Order and I'll take you under my wing as my second Padawan. The Order needs to grow.".
"Thank you, Jake."
Later on, Jake was walking through the Jedi Temple on D'Qar. He was searching for his father, Luke, to request if Amy could join the Jedi Order. He eventually found him and Rey training younglings.
"Ah hem," Jake coughed.
"Hello, Master Starkiller," the younglings said in unison.
"Hello. Luke, can I have a word?" Jake asked.
"Sure. Rey take over the training for me," Luke demanded.
Rey picked up a training saber and trained the younglings with deflecting blaster bolts, while Jake and Luke talked.
"What do you need?" Luke asked.
"I was wondering if this Resistance General could join the Jedi Order. She's the same age as me," Jake said.
Luke, raising his eyebrow, said, "Fine. But you'll have to train her. In the Old Order, she'd be too old to be even considered to be trained as a Jedi."
"I already offered to train her," Jake confirmed.
"OK, good. Now, come," Luke commanded.
They walked to a door, entering a room with tons of seats.
"Welcome to the high council. Also known as the Jedi Council, this was the highest priority for many Jedi Masters in the days of the Old Republic, and I'd like YOU to be in it. After all, you are the second most respected Jedi in the Order," Luke chatted.
"I'd love too! But will it eat into my free time, Master?" Jake asked.
"No," Luke confirmed, "I only assemble the Council if needed.".
"OK. Then I am so into this!" Jake excitedly said, "I better go start training Amy.".
"You should probably start tomorrow, with simple force powers and simple lightsaber swings and deflects, but that's my opinion but start with small training then big. That is how Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda trained me and look at me now," Luke lectured.

The next day, after telling Amy of the good news and giving her a lightsaber, Jake was shocked at a sight: Riley and Amy were arguing of whose best. Of course, Riley thought she was stronger because she had more training then Amy.
"I don't care! We have the same Master!" Amy screamed.
"Oh yeah? Well I'm more powerful!" Riley yelled. She sent a Force wave at Amy, who blocked it. They Forced waved each other and started fighting. As soon as they charged at each other, Jake got in the middle, activated his two sabers and blocked their charges.
"Girls! Stop it!" Jake demanded.
"She started all of it! Why did you take her under your wing?!" Riley screamed.
"Because she had the potential to become a Jedi Knight, maybe to join the Council! And I thought you could be more powerful then I am, and join the Council but if you two fight, you are ruining your destiny!" he yelled.
The two young Padawans tried to get out of Jake's lock, but he Force Pushed them both away.
"You two need to stop, or you will BOTH be expelled from the Jedi Order," Jake warned the two leaners.
"We have a.. cloudy history. I won't try and kill her, but I will fight if she fights," Amy peacefully said.
Riley ran towards Amy but her master charged at her and pulled away her lightsabers with the Force.
"Riley, Luke will expel you if you do this again. So stop," he commanded, "Now both of you, come for training. We're learning about the complicated Force technics a Jedi might need in combat.".
Jake walked, thinking his Padawans would follow, but only Amy did.
"Master?" she asked.
"Yes Amy?" he replied.
"I just want to say, thanks for getting Master Luke to let me join," she cheerfully said.
"Well you will be expelled if you continue with that behavior," Jake warned the Padawan, "If you are the only Padawan here, why don't we do training for the whole day?".
"Sure. I'd like that," Amy answered.
Over time of her training, Jake and Amy grew closer as Master and Apprentice and also close as friends. He continued training both Amy and Riley, who still continued their rivalry. After she became a full fledged Jedi Padawan, she grew even closer to Jake, before the time that they started a 'serious' relationship. The duo became one of the best in the Order, and the second was Rey and her apprentice Dem, who were both pretty powerful. Luke didn't have a Padawan he trained full time, except some younglings he trained daily in the ways of the light side of the Force.

Once again, Riley and Amy confronted each other, to see which one is worthy of the Jedi Master Jake Starkiller's training of the light.
"Guys?" Jake asked.
Infuriated at his Padawan's rivalry, he activated his sabers and said,
"Stop this, or else.".
"We have a rivalry and I'm gonna end it, by seeing the one who is ACTUALLY worthy of your training!" Riley yelled.
"Well, right now I think neither of you are! Riley, don't you know? You're turning to the Dark Side! Stop now or I'll have to stop you myself, which won't be hard," Jake threatened.
"You see, Master? I fought her to say she is turning!" Amy screamed.
As Amy and Riley charged at each other, Jake said to himself,
"Well, the Senate won't approve of the damage of the meeting area. Neither will the New Jedi Order. And everybody's gonna blame me..."

To be continued in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Rise of the Jedi - Epilogue II of III - The Fight... which will be the second to final chapter of the episode :( and in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Rise of the Jedi - Epilogue III of III - ...and the Light.
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