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Chapter XX - The Battle of the Galaxy V - The Final Showdown

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Finally it's here. The final showdown between the Jedi, Dark Jedi and Sith brings the Galaxy to it's knees.

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Quick Note: OK, I have already mentioned in the previous chapter that this will NOT be the final chapter, because I will have two parts of the epilogue so stay tuned after this absolutely sweet chapter for the aftermath set a few days after Episode VIII. Just to warn you, if you fear absolute swag and awesomeness, please click away from this chapter. Lol :)
Chapter XX - The Battle of the Galaxy Part V of V - The Final Showdown
"Slow down, Luke!" Rey asked loudly.
"I'm 65 and I am 3x faster than you. How?" Luke asked.
"I dunno. However, I lived on Jakku for 15 years! Because of YOU!" she yelled.
"OK, calm down!" Luke demanded.
"We're here, gang!" Riley yelled.
They all activated their lightsabers, which caught the attention of Kylo Ren. Jake - who noticed that Ren was distracted - kicked Ren and Force Pushed away Denaric. He then grabbed his blue, cerulean lightsaber and prepared to join his friends to attack.

Suddenly, a ship arrived with some 'special guests' and guess who they were? The Sith of the New Galactic Empire.
"Finally," Kylo Ren started, "A fight that might be worthy of my time.".
The gang split and fought Sith and Kylo Ren. Then, the Sith split and fought the Ren's and the Jedi.
"OK, guys, stick with your partner like glue!" Jake demanded.
They all fought with blasters and lightsabers and eventually managed to defeat many troopers from the First Order. Luckily, the Jedi managed to take down a Sith.
However, the ruthless Sith Darth Plague managed to slice Riley's lightsaber in half and eventually stabbed his leg.
"Don't worry Riley!" Jake yelled, "I'll protect you!".
Jake slashed at Plague and slashed. Eventually, the two fighters were caught in a Force Lock (where they use the Force on each other at the exact same time) and were interrupted by Denaric. Plague's hand was chopped off; however, Denaric hit Jake's robotic hand, which messed with his double red lightsaber. As the Jedi backed off from the duel, Luke used the Force to block aide the entrance to the Geonosis arena.
"Where are we going?!" Riley asked inquisitively, running fast.
"We're going to our ships where we can ask for more help in our duel!" Jake answered.
"OK," Riley quietly said.
Then, ships of innumerable kinds shot at Jake and the Jedi. The Jedi deflected the bolts of the ships while others ships joined the battle. Starkiller Base managed to be finished and they fired the weapon up. The weapon targeted the D'Qar system and systems near by. General Leia, leader of the Resistance, was only alerted 3 minutes before the weapon hit! Suddenly, a trooper stated that they could see a red light beaming down to them. And it was, the Starkiller Base's gun shot. It hit the planet, putting the residents of near by systems and of D'Qar and the Resistance in panic mode. It destroyed the land outside of the Resistance's base, but not the base ITSELF. The reason it was, was because Luke Skywalker put a barrier of the Force, which is impenetrable, around the base, keeping the ships and the base itself safe. However, half of the planets near by were destroyed. All ships of the Resistance and the New Republic went up and shot at the planet of the First Order: Geonosis. Troopers went on the ground to fight the troops, Milo, a Jedi Padawan who is pretty powerful went on the ground. Strangely, Kylo and Denaric weren't there.
Strange, she thought, Where is Kylo Ren?
She turned around and saw Denaric.
"Why, hello, young Padawan," Denaric said, opening his double bladed lightsaber, while Milo took out her two lightsabers which are yellow and purple. She charged at him and fought him. Luckily, she defeated him and pushed him away with the Force.
"Wait," she started, "No!" She grabbed her comm set as fast as lightning and told the Jedi,
"Guys! Kylo is invading your base! Get ready for a duel!"
However, Denaric stood up and Force Pushed her comm set out of her ear and sliced her purple lightsaber in half. With the determination of a bull, she grabbed Darth Oxidus' lightsaber and dueled him. He grabbed his second lightsaber and lost his duel. He retreated and jumped off the cliff. Feeling that she was unbeatable, she threw Oxidus' lightsaber at him.
"Gullible," she chuckled, walking off to find her ship to join the fight on Takodana after telling Jake about Kylo.

Luckily, Jake received the message and told the fellow Jedi, but it was too late. He was already here.
"Well, well, well, Jedi scums," he started, "Prepare to die,"
Kylo fought with the tip of his lightsaber and attacked the Jedi, who managed to do well at deflecting the hits.
"Don't worry! We'll get him!" Luke said.
They all fought valiantly, with stormtroopers and Resistance troopers joining the fight. Ships in the air were fighting to the death and the Resistance were destroying a huge amount of First Order ships. The First Order got some hits in, but the Resistance managed to defeat and destroy all the TIE Fighters invading D'Qar.
Luke managed to disarm Ren and they all used the Force to push Kylo a considerable amount of miles away.
They had defeated the Ren's for now but they'll have to deal with the Sith later on. While Kylo retreated on a ship, all the Resisters cheered for the Jedi.

Later on, as the First Order try to recover from this crippling blow, the Resistance and the New Republic partied all day and all night, alongside all the Jedi. As Jake stared at the crescent moon, a girl the same age as him walked up to him.
"Well, beautiful evening, isn't it?" she said, "By the way, my name is Amy.".
"My name's Jake," he replied.
"Jake Starkiller? THE Jake Starkiller? The Jedi Master who works with Luke Skywalker?" Amy happily cheered. Then Jake nodded.
"Well, you must think I'm useless because I'm only a general," Amy sighed.
"No. I find all warriors, generals and commanders the same. Even compared to Jedi Masters and Knights, everyone is worth the same. No-one is more important than anyone else. Except the Resistance is more important then Kylo Ren," Jake joked.
"You're funny!" she happily said. She kissed him on the cheek and said,
"So, how long have you been a Jedi?"
"Almost 3 years," he answered.
Shocked, she said,
"3 years, you've dedicated your life to the Jedi Order?".
He nodded proudly.
"Wow, that's amazing!" she excitedly stated.
"Yeah, so how long have you been with the Resistance?" he inquisitively asked.
"Almost 3 and 1/2 years," she said proudly.
"That's great too!" he cheered.
"I guess so!" she cheerfully said, high fiving him. "Well, I'll see you around!".
"I will see you around. I will," he said, slowly letting go of the bar and walked off.

Read on to find out what happens after in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Rise of the Jedi - Epilogue I - The Aftermath Part I which will tell you about after the party and days after that, with an argument that will change the way you look at this story forever...

After-note: Hi guys! I am now completing Episode VIII. After I have finished the Epilogue, I will start a mini series called 'Star Wars: Resistance'. Another note that will be important for that series is that it won't be 1 story per episode, it will be one big story. However, Series 1 will be in one story and Series 2 will be another story. Sorry if you get confused, but if you do get confused, don't be afraid to ask me again. Buh bye!
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