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Chapter XIX - The Battle of the Galaxy Part IV - The Fall of the Galaxy

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Immediantly after the events of Chapter 18, Luke and his fellow Jedi must hunt down Kylo Ren and turn him to the light or destroy him.

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Note: I have used a lot of advanced punctuation in this chapter (both in notes and in the story itself) so please let me know if you do not know some of the language I have used in this series in the review section.

Chapter XIX - The Battle of the Galaxy Part IV - The Fall of the Galaxy
"Right," Luke started, "That's the end of today's Jedi training.".
"OK, Master Luke," the Younglings said in unison.
"Go to General Leia for training with blasters," he instructed the Younglings. Then, the
Jake and Rey - who were still sitting down on seats - waited for Luke to tread over to them. Patiently, they waited; Luke was guiding the kids to training.
"Uh, Dad?" Rey asked.
"Yes?" Luke replied, "And by the way, how do you know I'm your father?".
"Jake, my brother told me," she said.
"Oh, ok. Rey, I am your father! Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun!" Luke joked.
"Seriously?" Jake asked.
Luke, who took off his cape, nodded insanely.
"Go and get up your Padawan, Jake, I need all the available Jedi who aren't young," Luke demanded Jake.
"On it, Luke," he replied, running quickly to grab his student.
"One Padawan? I though he had two," Rey said.
"Remember?" Luke said depressed.
"Oh, Harry. Is he still...?" Rey asked.
Luke nodded quickly, seeing his son come back with his student Riley.
"Ah, Riley! Hello!" Luke cheerfully spoke.
"You called?" Riley asked.
"Yes, I need all the Jedi available who isn't a youngling and it's only just 4," Luke said, "I call forward, Jake Starkiller to talk about today.".
Jake stood up and walked to the front and told the Jedi,
"Yes, today is another conflict like our war with the Order and the Empire at the same time yesterday. However, today we are going against the First Order to get revenge on Kylo Ren killing Harry. So, we will go to Geonosis, the planet where they are currently building a weapon to destroy planets controlled by the New Empire; however, we need those planets too," Jake started, "We will need everyone will powerful weapons, as Kylo Ren is powerful. So, I have been working in my lab and I'm happy to say, everyone will have TWO lightsabers in this fight, including Riley. You can connect your lightsabers together to make a double bladed lightsaber if you are clever enough - which you are. Have you got that? Good. Now lets not dilly-dally and lets get to work!".
Jake passed: a green lightsaber to Luke; a blue one to Rey; a yellow one to Riley and kept a blue one for himself. They ran to their ships, all with weapons as powerful as TIE Fighters.

Meanwhile, on Geonosis, Kylo Ren was supervising the construction of the third Starkiller base (eventually they'll kill themselves!).
"Good," Ren said in a deformed voice. He removed his mask, revealing a huge scar across his face left by Rey on Starkiller I and Harry in the New Empire's base on Coruscant. He walked over to Supreme Leader Snoke, ruler of the First Order and spoke,
"Master, I have managed to turn a Padawan of the Jedi into a Knight of Ren. Harry, a Jedi Padawan of Jake Starkiller is now known as Denaric Ren.".
Denaric Ren walked in to confront his new master, Snoke and partially Kylo Ren.
"Hello, Master. I am now under your command. I will destroy all Jedi," he sinisterly conveyed.
Snoke leaned forward on his throne and said, "Well done, Kylo Ren. He is a good apprentice for you.".

ZOOOOOOOMM!! was the sound of the Jedi Starfighters flying across space to Geonosis, shooting down dreaded TIE's.
"Wooo hooo!" Jake yelled, spinning his Starfighter around skillfully.
"Don't get cocky, kid," Han cried, flying the Millennium Falcon into combat.
Luke sighed, "Please, Han. I know you're technically my half-brother, but it doesn't mean I have to care about you.".
"We all know that, Luke," Han shouted, "Now let's bust this joint and go home... again.".
Arriving on Geonosis, they landed near sharp spikes because as we all know, Geonosis has sharp, dangerous rocks everywhere because it was it was wrecked during The Clone Wars, years prior to the events of the construction of Starkiller Base III.
"OK, guys look out, there are dangerous hazards everywhere on this planet," Jake warned the crew.
"OK, Master," Riley spoke.
They walked on, extremely cautious of their surroundings to find the location where they can attack Kylo Ren, Snoke and unaware to them, Denaric Ren, a Sith apprentice of Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke. Suddenly, the ground shook, separating the gang from each other.
Jake was on his own, Riley was too and Luke and Rey were together.
"OK, don't worry everyone! Don't panic! We'll get back together soon!" Jake yelled.
"If you find him, run back to here! Rey and I will be here waiting!" Luke screamed.
Jake pulled up his Jedi Master hood over his head and proceeded on walking through Geonosis, the war-torn planet. With his hands in his pockets, he looked around to see if he could find any signs of Sith or Dark Side users near by; however, no-one was in sight, not even a Jedi. Surprised, Jake slowly lifted his hood down, looking with eagle eyes to find the Sith, Kylo Ren, Snoke or Denaric Ren.

5 hours later, he came across a stormtrooper from the First Order and killed him. Luckily, he was able to use the trooper's helmet to detect where Ren and his army was. He grabbed his comm set and spoke,
"Master Skywalker, I have found Ren's army and they are building something.".
"Do you know exactly what they are building?" Luke asked.
"No," he simply answered. He leaned forward to see that they were indeed building Starkiller Base III and continued, "I know now. They are building another Starkiller Base. We must attack and destroy!".
"OK. Attack if you would like too," Luke allowed.
Jake grabbed the hilt of his blue lightsaber and activated it, however, Kylo, Denaric and Snoke overheard. Kylo and Denaric activated their lightsabers and attacked Jake, however, Jake fought valiantly and defeated Kylo, leaving the untrained Sith Harry to fight his former master. As well, Denaric lost the duel against his former master and fell to the floor, unarmed. As Jake walked off, Kylo flipped up and activated his cross-guard lightsaber and slashed at Jake, who saw it coming and blocked it with his sparkling blue lightsaber. With the determination of a bull, Kylo kicked Jake and pinned him to the floor.
Denaric stood up and revealed that he was indeed Harry.
"Harry? I thought you were dead," Jake said.
"I was dead, however, Snoke showed me the power of the Dark Side and resurrected me. I was underestimated when you trained me, but here, I'm a Lord," Denaric said.
"Luke," Jake whispered, "I need you,".
Luke heard Jake's whispers and demanded his daughter,
"We have to go. Just follow me!".
Rey did as she was commanded and followed her father to rescue her brother, Jake.

Read on to find out what happens in the final main chapter of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Rise of the Jedi - Chapter XX - The Battle of the Galaxy Part V of V: The Final Showdown.

Very Quick Note: I stated that Chapter XX (20) is the final main chapter of Episode VIII. However, I will have two parts of an Epilogue, which will be set a few days or a few weeks after Chapter XX. So, if your enjoying the series - or not because I like torturing people because I'm a Sith (xD) - there are THREE more chapters to be released.
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