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Chapter XVIII - The Battle of the Galaxy Part III: The Rise of the Jedi

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After completing the trials, Jake must fight alongside his fellow Jedi to defeat the New Empire. However, the prophecy declares someone will die...

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Chapter XVIII - The Battle of the Galaxy Part 3: The Rise of the Jedi
"Ok," Luke started, "This is our final chance to defeat the New Empire. If we can kill at least 1 or 2 Sith, we will be able to defeat the rest of the New Empire and the Sith another time with the other Resisters and future Jedi Knights. Are we ready?".
"If we are powerful enough, then yes," Harry said.
"Let's not waste any time!" Jake cheered.
"If we are to make peace, we are to fight," Rey stated.
Leia said, "Great! If we are to win we will need all of our strength. Han and Chewie will assist you, so will the crew of the Saber and Phoenix Squadron and Red Squadron will assist you too. Have you got that?".
"We do," The Jedi said.
Luke stood still while the others walked on.
"Luke?" Jake asked.
Luke shook his weary head and apologized. The team walked on, ready to fight.
"Are you OK?" Jake inquisitively asked quietly.
"Huh? Oh, sure, I'm fine," he replied, "Just, tired, I guess.".
"OK," Jake said. They walk on.

Later on, they are on Coruscant, the planet of the New Empire and the planet of the Old Jedi Order. However, they discover the First Order is also there, attacking the troops and the Sith.
"Uh oh," Jake said, "We're doomed if it's the Order vs the New Empire.".
"Move!" Han demanded. He shoved past the Resisters, who were shooting troopers from both the New Empire and the First Order, to confront his son, Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren.
"Ben! Stop!" he yells.
Suddenly, everyone stops fighting and blasters stop shooting to listen to the father and son talk.
"Why do you do this?" Han asks.
Kylo takes off his mask.
"It's pain. Anger. Fear," he replies, "I've been tortured. Thrown around.".
"Well, help the Resistance! We can free you of pain and anger," Jake said.
"No!" he yells, "Do you really think the New Republic and the Resistance could forgive me for what I've done?".
"Yes!" Han yells, "We give everyone a second chance! In fact if your grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, was alive, the Resistance would forgive him for assisting the fall of the Jedi and torturing everyone! Do you know what? I forgive you.". Han sighs and then continues, "Look, take this chance if you want, but I'm not forcing you. If you want to stay on the Dark, we'll fight to the end. Just join us! We'll help you!".
"Really?" Ben happily said, "Wait, no. I am not gonna!". He raises his lightsaber, ready to kill his father again; however, Harry intervenes.

He activates his green lightsaber and slashes at Ren and clashed into a lightsaber lock. Jake activates his blue lightsaber and fights Darth Vision, Luke fights Darth Baneus and Rey fights Darth Oxidus. The 3 Jedi, who were fighting the New Empire's warriors, succeeded in defeating the Sith they fought. The Jedi ran to Kylo Ren, who was fighting Harry. However, before they could get to Ren, Ren managed to stab Harry in the chest.
"No!!" they all yell. The remaining Jedi defeat the last of the First Order and the New Empire troopers. However, Captain Phasma managed to escape with a few troopers.
Luke and Jake attack Kylo. Luke is drawn into a clash in lightsabers with Ren.
Ren said, "One of your Jedi are dead and so will be Jake and Rey, then you.".
"Your jokes make me laugh, Ben," Luke said.

The Resistance were evacuating, while shooting at the First Order's remaining troops and Luke and Jake manage to defeat Ren and carry Harry away. As the base of the Sith starts to collapse, everybody escapes safely. Back on D'Qar, Harry once again was lying on a medical bed. Jake was near him, holding his hand, trying to sustain his life.
"Jake..." he faintly said.
"Don't worry, you'll survive," he said, "General Leia has got the best doctors in the Resistance taking care of you.".
"Th..." he started. Unfortunately, he fell unconscious and the flat line noise, confirming he was dead. Jake sighed and stopped a tear falling down his cheek. He let go of Harry's hand and put his hands in his pockets and walked off. Rey followed him.
"Jake!" she said, "I'm sorry about Harry.".
"I'm sorry too," he said softly.
"The thing you said. About my father would take of me, what did you mean?" she asked.
"Luke. He's my father." Jake stated.
"And?" she asked.
"Well, the Force is strong in my family. I have it, my father has it, my sister has it. Don't you get it, Rey? You're my sister," Jake revealed.
Rey said, "Well, I sort of knew that,".
"I know. I am a powerful Jedi Master. Of course I would have known," Jake said.
"Thank you for being there for me during my Jedi training, brother," Rey told Jake.
"You're welcome," Jake said happily.

Rey and Jake hung out and had fun and chatted about their lives prior of them meeting earlier on (see Chapter XIV).
"Jake?" she asked, "Thanks for saving my life on Starkiller Base II by the way. There is also one question I want to ask you.".
"Which is?" he asked.
"Why did you adopt the name, Starkiller?" she asked.
"Well," he started, "When I was born, since our family has a habit of abandoning kids, I never realized I had a name. I went around happily to try and adopt a first name, until I came across a man. We had a good time until we had to fight some Tuskan Raiders on Tatooine. He revealed his name was Jake and he was killed. Apparently, he was wielding a green lightsaber, the exact same one I used to use that I gave my apprentice Harry later on. I got the name Starkiller after the Battle of Takodana. I saw a Resister who turned and destroyed planets and I adopted the name 'Starkiller' because planets are stars and he was killing them. It sounds aggressive and I think my name will soon be 'Jake Skywalker'! So, are we cool?".
"We're cool," she said, accepting a fist bump from her brother. They go back to Luke and his young lings he was teaching.
"Young lings! We have some visitors!" Luke said.
"Hello, Master Jake and Master Rey," they said in unison.
"Hello, young children," Jake said, sitting down with Rey.

When a doctor went to check on Harry's dead corpse, he saw it wasn't there. Suddenly, he was stabbed in the chest by a mysterious figure wielding two red lightsabers: it was Harry.
"Time to make things straight," he said angrily, showing his yellow Sith eyes.

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Quick Note: I have realized that I am making a few errors in this series for e.g chapters, grammar and spellings. In Chapter XII, I believe I made a grammar error when the gang were escaping to the Falcon. Heck, I even made a mistake in this chapter! Seriously! I thought this was Chapter XIX not Chapter XVIII! Get your facts right, stupid writer! is probably is what your yelling at your laptop reading this. I apologize for these errors and I will fix them soon. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed Chapter XVIII!
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