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Chapter XVII - Battle of the Galaxy Part II: The Force Will Awaken

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Trapped in a world unlike any other he's seen, Jake must face the trial that will prove he is able to be a Jedi Master.

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Chapter XVII - The Battle of the Galaxy Part II: The Force Will Awaken
The Jedi were holding their activated lightsabers, ready to deflect blaster bolts from Dan's army.
"Fire!" Dan commanded.
Even though this could turn out like Order 66, the Jedi managed to deflect every bolt and Jake managed to shoot a few troopers and Harry did too. However, Dan managed to grab Jake.
"Jake!" Rey yelled.
"Don't worry, Rey! I'll be fine! Your father will take care of you!" Jake yelled back.
"My father?" Rey asked.
Luke, desperate to change the subject, screamed,
"Jake! You must do this! This is your trial if you are able to be a Jedi Master!".
"OK!" Jake yelled, allowing Dan to drag him away.
The 3 Jedi ran off to the Ewoks, who are able to help them fight the fallen New Republic troops before they can convince or threaten Hath to fight with them.
"Where are we going?" Jake asked, walking slowly with Dan.
"We are going to a chamber where you must find your way through trials to determine if you are meant to be a Jedi," Dan answered.
"I knew that," Jake said, "I mean what room?".
"You'll see," Dan said.

"Leia! Jake's been captured!" Harry said.
"What? Where is he? Find him!" Leia demanded over comm.
"No, Leia!" Luke said, "He is facing the Jedi trials. The New Republic are having a civil war. Jedi Grandmaster Luke out!" Luke said, turning off the comm.
"Guys we need the Ewoks!" Rey stated, "We need them to fight the New Republic's betrayers.".

Jake was thrown into a portal that closed off, then he saw himself in a room. An enclosed room that seemed like a huge building.
"Where am I?" Jake asked.
Uggggghhhh a creature went.
"What?" Jake said. He turned around and saw a zombie. "Aaaah! Stay back!" he said, swinging his lightsaber about.
"Jake..." a voice said.
"Huh?" Jake said.
"Jake. You will complete your training, the Force believes in you..." the voice said again. Suddenly, the Ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared.
"Ben?" Jake asked.
"Jake. You must do this alone. However, Anakin, Yoda and I can guide you." Ben said.
Jake raised his lightsaber and hit the zombie, killing it. He walked on.
He saw 3 rooms. Room 1 was named 'Path of Power', Room 2 was named 'Path of Peace' and Room 3 was named 'Path of Destruction'. He thought of which one to enter. His inner dark side pulled him towards the 'Path of Destruction', his inner light side pulled him towards the 'Path of Peace' and the rest of his soul pulled him towards the 'Path of Power'. Ultimately, he chose and walked through the 'Path of Peace'.

The door went white and entered a green room.
"OK, this should be helping my inner Jedi to conquer my inner Sith," Jake said.
"This will, I promise my friend," Anakin's ghost stated, "I promise.".
"Choose the right path, you did," Yoda's ghost said.
"Ok..." Jake said. He breathed in and prepared to walk on.
He saw people fighting and killing each other, with a man trying to keep his friend alive who has been stabbed by an enemy. The man's friend died and he picked them up and carried them away. To the left was a man who was protected his family from attackers. Jake noticed something; they were in a war. He walked to the right to try and find a peaceful place so he can try and meditate with the Force. He found a place and started. Then he found himself somewhere. Somewhere familiar. He was on Tatooine.
"Jake..." a voice said.
"Ben? Yoda? Anakin?" Jake said.
"Jake..." a deeper voice said.
"Wait. Is it?" Jake asked.
He turned around and saw a man and a woman.
"Adam? Ellie?" Jake said.
"Come with us Jake. We can be friends again. Forget the Jedi." his best friend Adam said.
"No. No. NO!!!!" he screamed.
He then found himself back in his meditation room.
"What's going on?" Jake asked himself.
"You must leave," Anakin's ghost said.
"Agreed. You must leave or this place will mind wash you," Obi-Wan's ghost agreed.
"Passed the trials, you have. A Jedi Master, you are worthy to be," Yoda's ghost announced.
Jake smiled and left the white room.

He then found himself on D'Qar, planet of the Resistance. Luke was there, already knowing as his father's Force Ghost has informed him.
"Hey, Jake!" Harry cheered.
"Hello," Jake happily said.
"You've passed the trials. You are now the co-leader of the New Jedi Order. I have a new rule. Jedi Masters who are also Jedi Councilors, are allowed to take up to 2 Jedi apprentices and the Grand Master is allowed to take on 5 Young lings, which I am doing. Well done on passing. However, this war is far from over. We have convinced the New Republic to stop their civil war against each other and help us fight," Luke stated.
"Good," Jake said.

Read on in Star Wars Episode 8: The Rise of the Jedi - Chapter XVIII: The Battle of the Galaxy Part 3 which will be called The Rise of the Jedi and be able to read soon.
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