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Chapter XVI - The Battle of the Galaxy Part I

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The battle of the Galaxy has started and the gang must convince the New Republic to help them fight the New Empire

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Chapter 16 - The Battle of the Galaxy Part 1
"OK, we have got everyone of our back, so we should assault the First Order and the New Empire if we are to sustain our balance with the Galaxy," Leia told the Resistance, "I will establish a meeting with the leaders of the New Republic so we can both think of plans on how to finish the First Order and the New Empire for good. We will have to attack the New Empire first, then we will attack the First Order. Everyone got that?".
"Good. Now go and get into your ships!!" Leia commanded.
The Resistance got into their X-Wings and Y-Wings and all Star-fighters to take the fight right to the New Empire.
"As for you, Luke, Jake, Rey, Harry and Han, we need you to go to the planet of the New Republic, Endor. I know that means Ewoks but they're OK!" Leia said.
"Yay(!)" Han sarcastically said, "I hate Ewoks. They are annoying.".
"Fine. You and Chewie take the Falcon alongside the Resistance," Leia sighed.
"Wooo-hooo!" Han yelled happily, running the Falcon.
"The nerve of some people," Jake whispered to Luke, who laughed.
"I heard that!" Han yelled.

"Blue squadron and Green squadron take down the TIE Fighters! Red squadron and Yellow squadron will take on the Star Destroyers!" Poe demanded.
Blue and Green squadrons took down tons and tons of TIE Fighters, while TIE's took down a few X-Wings. The Falcon arrived in the air and helped Red and Yellow squadrons on the Star Destroyers.

The squad sent to Endor were already there and were looking for the New Republic's base. Luckily, the New Republic found THEM. 5 minutes later, Luke, Jake, Harry and Rey were at the New Republic's base.
"So," Luke started, "My sister Leia sent me here to ask for your help.".
"Ah, Luke Skywalker, legendary Jedi Knight. Why would Leia Organa Solo want our help? By the way, call me Dan," A New Republic commander said.
"Ok, Dan," Jake stated, "The reason Leia needs your help is because we are attacking heavily on the New Empire and later the First Order. We need your help on attacking and destroying them for good so we need you to send your best pilots in your best ships to attack the New Empire.".
"Right. I'll go clear it with the leader of the New Republic, Commander Hath," Dan said, before walking off.
"Commander Hath?" Luke said, "Didn't we meet him on Tatooine?".
"We did," Jake confirmed.
"Who is Commander Hath?" Rey asked.
"We'll tell you in a minute," Jake answered.
"We should follow Dan," Harry suggested.
"Agreed," Luke said.
They followed Dan.

Boom! Crash! Shoot! Were the sounds of TIE Fighters fighting X-Wings and Y-Wings.
"Easy," Poe said, "They can't beat us!".
Just as Poe said that, TIE Fighters shot down 25 X-Wings and 10 Y-Wings.
"Me and my big mouth," he murmured to himself.

"So, what did Hath say?" Luke asked.
"He said..... KILL YOU IMMEDIATELY!!!" Dan yelled.
At all angles, troopers from the New Republic including Dan himself started to take arms. Luke, Jake, Harry and Rey all got their lightsabers out, with Jake and Harry reaching at their blasters at the same time.
"We've got this," Jake said.

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