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Chapter XV - Battle of D'Qar

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With the Finalizer coming over D'Qar, Luke, Jake and Rey must find Kylo Ren and defeat him.

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Chapter 15 - Battle of D'Qar

WARNING: If you haven't read Chapter 7, please read it at the part where it says --SPOILERS
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. I am simply making a fan made Episode 8 of the amazing trilogy made by the legendary George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd. Please enjoy the following chapter.
"Planet of the Resistance, home of Harry, former First Order trooper who became a Jedi Padawan and all around planet of Resisting and home of the New Jedi Order," a First Order commander said to Snoke. "Are you ready to destroy the planet, my lord?".
Snoke smiled creepily.
"OK sir,".
Back on the ground, Luke's X-Wing docked. Luke ran, as fast as an ocelot, towards his sister Leia.
"Leia! Let me take Jake and Rey to the Finalizer! I have a plan to defeat them!" Luke yelled.
"Go then!" Leia replied.
They arrived on the Finalizer, Luke with his green lightsaber, Jake with his custom blue lightsaber and Rey wielding Anakin's lightsaber. While they were walking, Rey had a vision. Not a vision of hope, a vision of devastation.
If you haven't read Chapter 7, please read that and then come back to this, as this has spoilers from the plot twist in Chapter 7.
If you are still reading I presume you have read Chapter 7
The vision was of Finn, the young boy who fought alongside her, Chewie and Han on the first Starkiller Base. She saw multiple scenes, Finn waking up, Finn fighting Kylo Ren again and Finn rising in a robotic suit and said,
'I am Emperor Baneus'
"Ahhhh!!" she screamed, before falling unconsious.
"Rey? Rey!" Jake yelled. He ran over to her, and said, "She's still breathing. She's alive. Don't worry Luke.".
"She must have had a vision about her friend Finn aka Darth Baneus," Luke confirmed.
"Yeah, I already sensed it," Jake told Luke.
Luke grabbed Jake's arm and said,
"We'll get her after we've finished Jake.".
They moved on.

Anakin's ghost re-appeared in Kylo Ren's sector of the Finalizer.
"Seriously? Go get a ghostly life Grandad," Kylo Ren said to Anakin.
"Na. I don't have a life," he replied.
"True, it is," Yoda confirmed.
"OK I think we get it, Master Yoda." Anakin said. "Just go away."
Yoda's ghost went away.
"Why are you back?" Kylo Ren asked.
"I'm here to offer you a deal." Anakin said.
"A deal? What deal?" Kylo Ren asked again.
"I help you destroy the New Empire, in exchange if you leave the Resistance alone," Anakin answered.

Jake and Luke were approaching Ren, while defeating stormtroopers with their blasters. They defeated stormtroopers with shields with their lightsabers. They proceeded to run to Kylo Ren.
"Welcome back, young Starkiller and Skywalker." Kylo Ren said.
They activated their lightsabers and started an all-out fight. Jake fought Kylo Ren and while their lightsabers while clashing, he stated,
"You didn't think that Emperor Baneus being Finn was the only disturbance, did you?".
"What do you mean?" Jake asked.
"You know your father and your sister," Kylo Ren answered.
"My father abandoned me, but Luke found me and is my new father figure. As for the sister, I don't have one," Jake said.
Luke, with his heart pounding hard, gulped.
"You know your father. He has been your trainer," Kylo Ren said.
"Wait, Luke?" Jake asked.
"Umm, yes?" Luke said, his heart pounding harder.
"Are you my father?" Jake asked.
"Yes... and Rey is your sister. She is my daughter..." Luke answered.
Jake gasped. With a smirk on his face knowing his father is the Saviour of the Galaxy, defeated Ren in their lightsaber duel.
"Come on Dad we need to go," Jake said.
"Call me Luke, still Jake. We've still got to destroy this ship. You take your sister back to D'Qar and I'll destroy the ship," Luke said.
Jake replied,
"I'm not leaving you!"
"If you trust me, you will! You must save your sister!" Luke replied.
Jake sighs and runs to find Rey.

Luke finds the export hole in the ship. Grand Moff Jan Jan found Luke and attempted to capture him, but a stormtrooper shot him in the back and that stormtrooper was Harry in disguise.
"Come on Luke! We need to destroy the ship!" Harry said.
Luke nodded and they activated their lightsabers and stabbed the floor, making the ship to start to be destroyed. Outside of the ship, on the planet of D'Qar, Leia notices the ship coming down.
"ALL TROOPERS RETREAT!!" Leia demanded.
All troops received the message and started to return to the base.
Jake picked up Rey and ran as fast as he could to a ship. Rey returned to consciousness and sees her brother saving her life. Jake arrived to an escape pod big enough for 2 people and set down Rey on a seat. He let out a sigh of relief, knowing his master is already safe on the ground.

Crazy twist, right? I thought it could make logical sense that Luke is Jake's father and since people think Rey is Luke's daughter, I may as well support the idea. Anyway, if you are enjoying the story so far, please leave a good rate, as it really helps me. I really hope you keep reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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