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Chapter XIV - Reunited

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As the crew of the Falcon return to D'Qar, the Saber crew have returned. Alongside them, a friend from the time 2 years after the Clone Wars is around the corner too...

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Chapter 14 - Reunited
Zrooooooom!! a noise said. That noise was the parking Saber, the ship containing Hem, Jeb and Wells, a resistance crew that is allied with Jake and Luke.
"Hey guys!" Hem cheerfully said.
Jake mummed. He wasn't happy with the crew. Ever since they abandoned him, Jake never thought of them, due to fighting Kylo Ren, getting his hand chopped off, fighting Sith and being promoted to a Jedi Knight, then promoted to a Jedi Master.
"Hi Jake! I heard you became a Jedi Master! Well done!" Jeb congratulated Jake. Jake did like to Jeb, because Jeb was a good friend to him before he joined the crew. In fact, Jeb and Jake created the crew, but neither of them wanted to lead it, so Luke offered.
"Thanks, Jeb," Jake said softly, "You guys have missed a lot. My hand got chopped off, I fought Kylo Ren, I fought Sith Lords and got a new blue lightsaber. We have also almost lost Luke and almost lost me! Luke was attacked by Darth Baneus and I almost got killed by Darth Vision!".
"It's true," Luke confirmed.
Leia, the leader of the Resistance, moved towards Hem, Jeb and Wells.
"Welcome to D'Qar, fellow Resisters! My name is Leia Organa Solo, leader of the Resistance," Leia greeted them.
"We know who you are!" Wells cheerfully said, shaking her hand, "My name is Hem his name is Jeb and her name is Hem.".
"No time to celebrate being reunited!" Luke said.
Suddenly, a Jedi Starfighter landed.
"Hello," a deformed voice said, "My name is Fulcrum, former Rebel hero and worked alongside Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla and Zeb.".
"Who are you? Reveal yourself!" Luke demanded.
"I know who you are, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, Chewbacca, the presumed dead Han Solo and the second Chosen One, Jake Starkiller," Fulcrum answered.
"I know who Fulcrum is," Jake told Luke.
"You do?" Luke asked.
"There were stories, there were rumors, of the time before the Rebel Alliance was formed and fought the Galactic Empire. He provided information to Rebels, but your not a 'he' are you Fulcrum?" Jake said.
"Who is she then?" Luke asked desperately.
"Who knows," Jake started, "There are many names people call here, such as, The Survivor, but real names, Kit Fisto reincarnated, Freesafe Den, a very skilled pilot who was a member of the first Jedi Order before Order 66 was carried out, but the most recognized is Ahsoka Tano, a Togruta Padawan of the Fallen Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and one of the 3 survivors of Order 66, who was born on Togoria."
"Correct," Fulcrum said.
"Correct?" Luke asked.
"She means she IS Ahsoka, Luke," Jake corrected Luke.
She pulled her mask down and said joyfully in a more healthy, normal voice,
"You must be Sky Guy's son."
"Sky Guy is Anakin, Luke, your father,".
"I know that!".
Anakin's ghost appeared suddenly.
"Ahsoka? Hey Snips!" Anakin's ghost joyfully said.
"I see you redeemed yourself," Ahsoka said.
"Stop flirting, OK? We have to battle the First Order, now," Jake said.
"Agreed," Hem said.
"We have their battle plans, so we can attack more heavily now and defeat Snoke and Kylo Ren," Leia said.
"I still think I can bring him back to the light side," Han told Leia.
"You said that last time and look what happened," a voice said.
"Who's that?" asked Han.
The voice was revealed to be Rey, a young Force-Sensitive girl who found Luke on the planet Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens.
"Hey Rey," Luke greeted her.
"Hey Luke," Rey replied, "No time for reunion with us. I said I would come back in case there was a problem so I did. Residents of Hosnian Prime, the destroyed capital of the New Republic, have escaped via ships and are seeking assistance.".
"Send Chewie and Han in the Falcon and Poe in an X-Wing, Luke," Leia commanded Luke.
"I'll take an X-Wing. I may be 65 but I still have good pilot skills," Luke said.
He commanded Han and Chewie to take the Falcon to rescue them and Poe to fend off enemies if they attacked. Luke hopped into his old X-Wing he used when he was in the Rebel Alliance and he helped Poe.

The Falcon docked with their ship, allowing them to board the Falcon.
"Come on! Hurry up!" Han yelled.
"WHAAAGGGGAAA!!" Chewie said.
Luke shot a TIE fighter to pieces and shot down a few more. Poe did the same, but when a huge Star Destroyer called the Finalizer flew slowly over D'Qar, they called in every pilot in the Resistance and took every ship. The Finalizer was the most powerful Star Destroyer ever, powerful enough to wipe out half a planet! However, before it could do that, the weapon would need to charge for 2 and a 1/2 hours. That's 5 hours in total for it to destroy a whole planet!
"SEND EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT AT THEM!!" Leia yelled. They shot bombs, powerful blasters, missiles, you name it, but it wasn't going down.
"Oh no," Luke said, sensing with the Force, "It's just like the Death Stars, it has a exhort hole in it that when a torpedo goes in it, it blows up. This is gonna be hard!".
The Saber went into air, and a mini-ship called the Light popped out of it and they all started to fight the Star Destroyer. Will they destroy it?

Find out in Star Wars Episode 8: The Rise of the Jedi - Chapter 15 - Battle of D'Qar which you can read soon!
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