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Chapter XIII - The Calm Before the Storm

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Kylo Ren and the Order have captured Han, Jake, Chewie and Harry. Luke must rescue them. Meanwhile the New Empire closes in.

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Chapter 13 - The Calm Before the Storm
Darth Plague was plotting with Darth Vision, The Emperor, Darth Oxidus and Commander Temple. They were focusing on attacking the First Order for them to join them so they can both crush the Resistance. Plague was the adopted son of Obi-Wan. Ben was going to train him as a Jedi alongside Luke. Luke supported the idea, however, Yoda did not. Luke may be the son of Darth Vader, but Darth Plague being the son of Obi-Wan, is totally different.
"We must aim for Snoke, Kylo Ren's boss' ship. It will effect the Order long enough for me to slip in and defeat their troopers. Darth Oxidus will look for another Knight of Ren, Warrior Ren and Emperor Baneus and Darth Vision can attack Kylo Ren. If they will not join us, we will destroy them," Darth Plague announced in a deep harsh voice. He was a former Knight of Ren before joining the New Empire for more power. All of them (excluding Commander Temple) proceeded to a massive ship, ready with their lightsabers.

Meanwhile, on Snoke's ship, Kylo Ren was talking to him, praying that the New Empire wouldn't destroy them.
"Master Snoke," he started, "How can we stop the New Empjre from destroying us?"
Then Snoke thought. He then had an epiphany. He leaned over to Kylo Ren and said,
"Let them attack. They will attack when strong and fall when weak.".
"Fall when weak?" Kylo Ren asked, "They would probably destroy us.".
Snoke leaned over to Kylo Ren. Suddenly, he knew what he ment. He took his mask off and smirked, "We will destroy the New Empire.".

At the same time, on the Starkiller Base, Han, Jake, Harry and Chewie are running to the Falcon.
"Jake and Harry go left! Chewie and I will go right!! We will meet you at the Falcon!!" Han yelled.
Jake and Harry ran to the left, taking out all stormtroopers in their way.
"Harry! Harry! Grab your lightsaber!" Jake said.
Harry did what his master told him and threw it to him. Jake activated Harry's green lightsaber and his blue lightsaber. He charged really hard.
Why is he doing that? thought Harry. He blinked and then he noticed something. The 4 Sith were exiting their ship.
"CALL LUKE, HARRY!!" Jake shouted.
Once again, Harry did what his master told him and called Luke.
"Luke! Come to Kylo Ren's Star Destroyer now! We need you! We're fighting Darth Plague, Darth Vision, Emperor Baneus and Darth Oxidus! We need you!!" He called over comm.
On D'Qar, Luke told Leia that he must go and 50 troopers came with him in a medium sized ship. They arrived at the fight.
"Jake!!" Luke yelled.
It was a bit too late for Luke to yell Jake. He was already slashing furiously at the Sith. Luke tutted and activated his green one. Jake threw Harry's green one back to him and he caught it. Harry, Jake and Luke were attacking the 4 Sith Lords.
"You will not win!" Darth Plague yelled.
"We will destroy the New Jedi Order!" Darth Oxidus yelled.
"We will crush you!" Emperor Baneus said.
Jake, Harry and Luke laughed. They defeated the Sith in a lightsaber duel. Jake did an epic kick-walk on all of the Sith. After that, they proceeded to go to the Falcon, all except Luke, who took the shuttle that the Sith arrived in to escape. They found the Falcon after walking really far in the ship. Later, Kylo Ren met the Sith who just woke up.
"Hello, Plague, Vision, Baneus and Oxidus. Goodbye my dark friend. And good riddance!" he said. He got out his cross-curricular lightsaber and killed the 4 Sith.
Snoke smiled happily. He noticed in the Force. Luke, however, frowned for some reason. Maybe one of the 4 Sith were related to him? Maybe he was sad Kylo Ren killed more people? No, no, no, no. Not that... I'm sure...

Anyway, Jake and Harry arrived at the Falcon, where Han and Chewie were relaxing.
"'Bout time you made it mate!" Han said cheerfully.
"We run into the Sith Lords," Jake replied.
It was just now when Jake received the Force message of Ren killing the Sith. He sighed.
"What's wrong?" Harry asked.
"Nothing," Jake replied.
"Chewie, punch it!" Han demanded. Chewie hit the hyperspace cord, destroying the main reactor.

The base went into a chain reaction, almost disintegrating. Unfortunately, Kylo Ren and Snoke escaped safely. The Falcon landed on D'Qar, where Luke was waiting for Jake and Harry to arrive. Han hugged and kissed Leia, after not seeing her for ages. Chewie hugged 3PO.
"WHHAHAAAGH!!" Chewie yelled.
"Please, calm down Chewbacca!" 3PO demanded.
Jake and Harry walked to Luke.
"Well?" Luke said.
"We got the plans!" Jake reported to Luke, handing the dusty battle plans over to him.
"Well done," Luke said to Jake.
Well, finally, Jake completed his first mission as a Jedi Knight and with his Jedi Padawan Harry.
They have the plans, but they don't really need them now. Speaking of which, the Sith were 'killed'. Notice killed in quote marks. Darth Sidious' Force ghost had used the midi-chlorians of his Force to resurrect the Sith. They woke up in their planning room, stating that their mission was also successful. However, with the battle plans in the hands of the Resistance, the Order stand no chance of controlling their Starkiller Base, which had been majorally damaged. If they fixed it, they would still be doomed, just like the New Empire will be. However, the First Order will get those plans back, somehow....

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