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Chapter XII - Out of the Frying Pan

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The now Jedi Master Jake is sent on a mission with his Padawan Harry. They must steal battle plans from the Order to use against the New Empire and end the war between all three of them.

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Chapter 12 - Out of the Frying Pan
Jake walks to his old master Luke to receive his first mission with Harry.
"What do you want us to do, Luke?" Jake asked.
"With Harry, I want you to infiltrate the First Order to steal battle plans that we can use against the New Empire and the First Order," Luke started, "However, there is a very good friend of mine and Leia's coming with you to assist you on your mission."
Out of the bloom, Han Solo appeared. Not as a ghost. Not as a zombie (duh). As flesh and blood. He looked exactly what he looked like when he was killed by Kylo Ren (except the hole in his chest of course. Again, duh).
"Han?" Leia said.
"WHAAAAHAAA!!" Chewie yelled.
He ran towards his friend, as happy as a lark to see him again. He shook him hard.
"Ch... Chewie!! Calm down!!" Han demanded, "I know you're happy to see me, but I have work to do. I have to help Harry and Jake steal First Order plans."
"WAAAAGHAA?!" Chewie asked.
"Sure you can come. Just let me clear it with Luke and Leia." Han said.
He did what he told Chewie and they all said that he is allowed to take Chewie with him. They all hopped into the Millennium Falcon, Han and Chewie's famous ship.
"OK," Han started, "We haven't destroyed the second Starkiller Base yet, so they must be holding the plans there. So I suggest we split. Harry and Jake on one team looking for Kylo Ren and Chewie and I looking for the plans. Sound good?"
"Sounds like a great plan, Han," Jake said.
The Falcon landed in the base. Jake activated his brand-new, fabulous blue lightsaber. Wondering what happened to his green one? It's in the hands of his Padawan Harry. He knew he could use it responsibly.
"Get your lightsaber out, Harry," Jake said.
He did what he was commanded and activated it.
"A lightsaber is a noble weapon of a Jedi, not as clumsy or as random as a blaster. Use it wisely."
"How do I tell a Sith from a Jedi?" Harry asked.
"A Jedi uses the Force for defense and knowledge, never for attack," Jake answered.
"Just shut it kid and let's split!" Han demanded.
"Wow. For an old man he is still sassy," Jake whispered to Harry.
"I heard that!" Han said.

Meanwhile, in Ren's ship, again, Anakin's ghost appeared.
"Not you," Kylo Ren said, "I have had enough of your voice."
"Too bad. You'll be hearing it more often," Anakin's ghost said.
"Yay!" he replied sarcastically.
"Look, do you think I wanna be here either? Ben sent me," Anakin's ghost said.
"Ben?" Kylo Ren said.
"Obi-Wan Kenobi is Ben Kenobi. He changed his name to hide from the Empire."
"Why not change his last name," Kylo Ren said.
"I know, right?"

Han and Chewie were getting a bit close. They had almost found what they were looking for. The battle plans were not so far away. Han could sense it. You may be wondering, How does Han sense it? He isn't Force Sensitive. Not completely true. You see, ever since Han was 'killed' he was resting as a Force ghost. Ben speared some of his Force to make him a ghost until the Resistance can revive him. However, when he was revived, the Force wouldn't leave him, turning him half-Jedi, like his wife Leia.
"Chewie, move forward," Han said.
Chewie sneaked forwards with his bow-caster at the ready. He saw a storm-trooper squad and fired at them and so did Han. They successfully defeated them. They proceeded through the Base, ready to steal the plans and run. They found the plans and picked them up, before bumping into Jake and Harry.
"Hey, guys, you seen Ren?" Han asked.
"Fortunately, not yet," Harry said.
"Good, so we're free to go," Han replied.
Notice 'yet' being on the end of Harry's sentence
Suddenly, as they walked off, turns out they did bump into Ren, just AFTER they bump into Han. They prepare to fight.
"Well, well, well. It's Jake, Harry, Chewbacca and Han. Good luck..." Ren said.

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