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Chapter XI- Journey of Tatooine Part II - Captured

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Caught by stormtrooper commanders, Jake, Luke and Commander Hath must escape back to D'Qar to give the new ships to the Resistance.

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Chapter 11- Journey of Tatooine Part 2 - When Everyone Else Dies
Caught in chains, Luke, Jake and Hath slowly walk alongside the stormtroopers to a ship.
"Pssst.." Hath whispered, "Psst... Jake! How are we going to get out of here?".
Jake - turning his head slightly - said to Hath,
"Give me a second.". He used the Force to activate his lightsaber, which was in the hands of a stormtrooper. He jumped around crazily and it gave Jake a chance to kick the trooper down and retrieve his lightsaber. Luke did the same, taking out the trooper and they used their lightsabers to open their chains and they also helped out Hath.
"Thanks. So... Jake.... your a... Jedi?" Hath stammered, panting from all the action.
"A Jedi Padawan," he corrected Hath.
Luke, blinking quickly, told Jake,
"That reminds me. I have to do something."
"Do what?"
"Can't tell you. It's a surprise."
They all continued walking to find the ship they were being led to, so they can go to D'Qar and help the Resistance. A blast shot at Jake. He kept walking, but used the Force and sensed the blast, activated his lightsaber and deflected it at the last second. Another three head at them so they all run to Jake's Starfighter.
"It's not big enough!" exclaimed Jake.
Luke used the Force to break the Starfighter and grabbed materials to make it bigger. He gave them to Jake and he yelled in the breeze,
"You have to increase the Starfighter with Hath while I fend off the troopers! Do it!".
Jake did what he was ordered and increased the size of the Starfighter with Hath. Luke finished off the troopers and they all jumped in the ship and Jake piloted it.
"Onwards to D'Qar!" Luke said.
"My ships are already there," Hath said, "Thank you for helping me."
They hyperspace into the space above D'Qar and land in there.
"Jake," Luke said, "Time for the surprise."
Luke got out a mini-sword and told Jake to kneel. He did what he was tasked and Luke said,
"I dub thee, Jake Starkiller, Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order."
"Congrats Jake!" Leia said.
"WHAAA!!" Chewie cherred.
"Beep-beep!!" BB-8 and R2-D2 said.
"Well done Master Jake!" Threepio said, "A well deserved knighting!".
"Thanks everyone! And thank you Luke!" Jake - the new Jedi Knight - cheerfully said. "Too bad I can't train anyone,"
"And I also dub Harry, Resistance hero, as Jake's Jedi Padawan!!" Luke bellowed happily.
"I'M GONNA BE A JEDI!!" Harry screamed.
"I can't wait to train you!" Jake yelled. Everyone clapped and things were finally looking up for both the Resistance and the New Jedi Order. Jake and Harry high-fived each other.
Everyone was so happy. However, this isn't the end of their story...

Read on in Star Wars Episode 8: Rise of the Jedi- Chapter 12 - Out of the Frying Pan which will be available to read soon!
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