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Chapter X - Journey of Tatooine Part I

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Luke and Jake arrive on Tatooine to ask a man for some ships in exchange if they help him.

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Chapter 10 - Journey of Tatooine Part 1
As we all know, Tatooine is a desert planet, a big opposite of Hoth. It is even hotter than Jakku and that planet is INCREDIBLY hot. It's minimum is 23C. Tatooine's minimum tempreture is almost double that! However, this was strange. Tatooine wasn't normal today...
"Jake," Luke said, "Can I ask you a question?".
"Sure," Jake replied, "What is it?"
"What's your surname?" he asked.
"Starkiller. My full name is Jake Starkiller," Jake answered. "My turn. When you said the New Emperor was Finn, do you mean the Finn that fought Kylo Ren Finn? And if so, why?"
Luke sighed. He never told anyone this, mainly because if the Emperor found out or Darth Vision or Darth Plageus reported it to him, the New Empire would be totally onto the Resistance on D'Qar instead of the First Order.
"Well..." Luke started, "After the fight with Kylo Ren, Finn was injured. A young girl called Rey took my lightsaber and defeated Ren. However, when Finn woke up, he was captured by a fully healthy Kylo Ren. He subdued him to the Dark Side, but he opposed the First Order and built the New Empire. He took over the majority of the planets near D'Qar, Jakku and Tatooine and he decleared himself 'The Emperor of 20 realms' as he had took over 20 planets. He recruited former stormtroopers of the first Galactic Empire and rogue stormtroopers from the First Order and trained a whole new bunch of stormtrooper clones and trained two Sith, Darth Vision and his secret back-up Sith, Darth Plagus. His Darth name is Darth Baneus. That enough information?"
"More than enough. Thanks," Jake said.
They were coming out of hyperspace into the outside space of Tatooine. As soon as Jake had eyes on his birthplanet, he was delighted. However, when he had a second look, he noticed that Tatooine was frozen. How? He didn't know.
"Luke! LUKE!! TATOOINE IS FROZEN!!" Jake yelled at Luke.
"Yeah, wow!" Luke replied sarcastically, "And I'm the King of Alderaan!"
"Alderaan is destroyed," Jake replied back pedantically, "Look!"
Luke looked and gasped. They flew quickly onto the planet and met the man who was called Hath. Commander Hath.
"Ah! You must be Luke Skywalker and Jake Starkiller!" Hath cheered happily.
"Lets cut to the chase," Jake said, "You give us ships for the Resistance in exchange for something else. Deal?"
"Deal. My request is this. First, you must escort me to Jakku so I can steal classified information from a former stormtrooper of the Order. You must do this with stealth, as both the First Order and the New Galactic Empire will try to penertrate your ships shields and destroy your starfighter.".
"Look! Resisters!" A stormtrooper commander said.
Suddently, groups of stormtroopers ran at them from all sides and started to shoot at them.

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