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Chapter IX - Fighting Alone

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Jake has left the Resistance base, angry with Luke, and is heading to attack the Emperor and Darth Vision full on. Meanwhile, everyone else must track Jake and help him.

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Chapter 9 - Fighting Alone
Jake was still angry. In the TIE, he was distraught. Leia had called his comm several times, but he declined to speak to anyone. He knew this was his destiny and he knew he had to do this. But how? Two Sith vs a padawan Jedi. He barley could make it through the troopers if it was that! However, Jake was a special Padawan. He was amazing! He could handle the power of a double bladed saber with a simple green lightsaber! He had a plan already. He knew that many have failed fighting Sith on their own, but he wouldn't.
"Activate deflector shields!" Jake said.
The deflector shields of his TIE fighter went up. Now he needed to work on the guns. He needed power couplings. Luckily, he has thousands of them. He scavenged the TIE for the wires of it's main cannon, so he could put the coupling in there to enhance it's power.
"That's done," he said to himself.
Suddenly, an Imperial commander noticed a TIE coming in and needed it's number to let it in.
He opened a transmit window and commanded Jake,
"TIE fighter, this is Imperial Commander Sato. Please state your TIE verify code to go in the Star Destroyer."
Jake scavenged the ship again to find it's verify code.

Meanwhile, on D'Qar, Luke was disappointed with himself.
"Calm down, Luke," Leia said.
"WHAAA!" Chewie confirmed.
"The wookie is right Master Luke," Threepio started, "You need to calm down. I'm not sure Jake's fine, however. I know I'm a droid and you're a Jedi, but the odds of him surviving a fight like that is... 984 to 1.".
Luke started to hyperventilate. He was so angry. He calmed his breath down and ran to a ship.
"No Luke!" Obi-Wan's ghost started, "You must not go!".
Anakin's ghost said, "Indeed. You can't go. You need to leave Jake to do this. Plus, you are not healthy enough to go and I want my son to be healthy before he fights.".
"You never thought of that when you were Vader," Luke said.
"Yeah, but I was bonkers then," Anakin's ghost replied.

Jake finally found the code for his ship. It was 309-P12-JLK-323.
"My ship's code is 309-P12-JLK-323'." he said to Imperial Commander Sato.
Sato opened up the docking pad for his TIE to park. He got out his green lightsaber and headed for the throne room for the 3rd time. Charging like a bull with his lightsaber, he fiercely attacked Darth Vision.
"It's you," he started.
"Good to see you again. However, I wont see you for long," Jake replied.
"I sure hope not!" Vision yelled back.
Jake furiously stabbed at Vision and slashed menacingly at him. His double red lightsaber was no match for Jake's green lightsaber. Even though Jake could easily win, he somehow lost power on his attack, allowing Vision to almost beat him. However, Jake regained the upper hand and managed to make Vision flee.
"Now it's the Emperor's turn," he said. Walking slowly back into his throne room, he managed to deflect storm trooper bolts right back at them, taking them out. Then, he charged at the Emperor with strength. The Emperor shot Force Lightning at Jake, who deflected it to his Royal Guards.
"Wow," he said, "The New Galactic Empire is even worse than the First Order.".
He started to attack the Emperor, but then had a vision. However it was only for 3 seconds he had this vision. He saw the Star Destroyer blowing up in the vision, so he did a breaking defense to stun him. He ran to his TIE and fled the Destroyer. He knew what would happen. As soon as he left the Destroyer, a thousand First Order ships came out of hyperspace. They shot at the Destroyer, so the Emperor dispatched all TIE's to fight the Order. The Emperor's secret Darth, Darth Plague, jumped in his advanced TIE and shot at the ships. However, as soon as he had his eyes on Jake, Plague knew he needed to go after him. Jake saw and immediately shot back at him. He managed to hyperspace back to D'Qar and escape from him. He manages to land safely.
"Jake, listen!" Luke said.
"Shush, Luke. I'm sorry and I forgive that you abandoned me," Jake forgave Luke.
"Thanks. Jake, we must go to Tatooine right now," Luke said.
"Why?" Jake asked.
"I know a guy who could help us attack the Order and the New Empire at the same time easier than you think. He can give us multiple ships in exchange for our help. Up for it?" Luke asked.
Jake accepts by shaking his hand. They leave in Jake's ship and head to Tatooine.

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