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Chapter VIII - Order of Might

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As Luke reveals the New Emperor's identity, Resistance troopers are still having a hard time because of the First Order. Luke and Jake must peruse Kylo Ren to help the Resistance beat the Order.

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Chapter 8 - Order of Might
Luke is still fighting Kylo Ren and Jake is contacting the Resistance. Suddenly, Anakin's ghost disappeared from Ren's ship.
"Finally," Ren started, "The little twerp was getting on my nerves.".
Luke was winning the fight between Ren and himself. However, just as Luke was about to strike the final blow, Kylo Ren kicked him and he fled without Jake.
"LUKE!! WAIT!!" Jake yelled.
Ren started to attack Jake but he was on point and managed to fight back. However, Jake had to take several steps back. Kylo Ren was winning and Jake was failing badly. They continued to fight on a strip of metal and fought and fought and fought. Eventually, Kylo Ren cut off Jake's hand, coincidently the one he's holding his lightsaber with. His lightsaber falls off into the ship's generator and starts a chain reaction, starting to destroy the ship. Jake manages to get his lightsaber back. He ran off, limping. He found an escape pod and left Ren's ship and head for the Resistance base on D'Qar. He arrived on there, seeing that the First Order are still attacking. He gets out of the ship and walked over to General Leia and Chewbacca.
"WHHAAAA" Chewie said.
"I know we're in big danger Chewie," Leia replied. Ever since Han died, Chewie was the best friend of Luke and Leia, but stands by Leia more. R2-D2 manages to hover up to the ships, but fails to make it on board.
"Artoo! Come back down, this instant!" C-3PO said.
Artoo followed his instructions and came down immediately.
"Bleep bleep bo-bleep," R2-D2 said.
"Well, sorry," Threepio replied sarcastically, kicking Artoo.
"Listen! I was fighting Kylo Ren and my hand got chopped off! I managed to grab my lightsaber back after it started a chain reaction to his ship, but I bet Ren is going to get more orders from Snoke. I need a robotic hand immediately!" Jake said.
They did what he said and got him a robot hand. Jake grabbed his lightsaber and headed for the main Star Destroyer of the First Order's attack formation. He sliced off the engines on the outside, jumped down off the ship and used the Force to push the ship into TIE's and other ships of the Order's attack.
"WHAAAA!!" Chewie yelled happily.
"We've won!" All the troopers said in unison.
"And all because of Jake's courage!" Leia said.
"It was nothing," Jake started, "Anyway, I need to call my crew and tell them to come to the base. They know where it is anyway.".
'Crew of the Saber, it's me, Jake! Come to the Resistance base on D'Qar immediately!' Jake said over the comm set.
"Well, we've gotta go back to fighting the New Empire now," Luke said, walking to Jake, "Hey Jake!".
"Shut up," snapped Jake, "You abandoned me on the ship with Kylo Ren. I have nothing to say to you.".
"But Jake--"
"Shut up, Luke. I know what you're gonna say. You're gonna say 'It was part of your training,' but I don't wanna here it." Jake said, "I'm gonna fight the New Empire, alone. Don't bother following me.".
"WHAAAA!!" Chewie said.
"I know you want me to stay here," started Jake, "But I have to.".
"Bleep bleep"
"He's right," Anakin's ghost started.
"You can't go alone. You need allies," Obi-Wan's ghost finished.
"They are right, Jake," Luke said.
"But you were wrong to abandon him on the ship alone against a Sith almost as powerful as me when I was Vader," Anakin's ghost replied to Luke.
"Can people stop reminding me?" Luke asked.
Jake managed to sneak back and used the Force to rebuild a TIE. Jake goes in it and flies to the New Empire.
"Let him go, Luke," Obi Wan's ghost said.

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