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Chapter VII - A Disturbance in the Force

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As things start to look up for the Resistance, things are looking down for the First Order and the New Empire. However, Luke and Jake sense a disturbance in the Force, both Living and Cosmic.

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Chapter 7 - A Disturbance in the Force
Harry wakes up in the recovery room and things are looking up for the Resistance. They've struck a decent blow in both the First Order and the New Galactic Empire. The New Galactic Empire and the First Order are still at each other's throats, however, which is good for our heroes.
"I must go to the Star Destroyer Kylo Ren is on." Luke stammered.
"Why?" Jake asked inquisitively, "You know he's hot on your trail!".
Luke simply replied, "Well, we've struck a blow to the New Galactic Empire, so we may as well go and strike a blow in the First Order, so while they're both at each other's throats, we can sneak in and find classified information if they want to attack us or their opposing team.".
"Good idea," Jake said, "But I'll have to come with you. I don't want you dying from a guy with a double-crossed lightsaber who YOU trained. At least you started training me AFTER he turned, or I'll be dead."
"Think good stuff, Jake."
"I am! Not being dead is good, mostly. You're making being alive boring.".
They walked to the Starfighter to go to Ren's ship. However, while they walk, a TIE fighter comes down and shoots the ship. Damn. Luckily, the Resistance thought this would happen when they get attacked so they have spare ships. They ran to it this time. They made it in and destroy the TIE. They hyperspace off the planet D'Qar to make their way to Ren's ship.

"Grandfather, I thought you were LESS annoying than this," Kylo Ren said to Anakin's ghost.
"I am less annoying," Anakin's ghost said, "It's just that I'm more annoying for people I dislike."
"You dislike me? Do you? DO YOU? It's a simple yes or no question. Do you dislike me?"
"Yes I do."
"And that is how it's done. Wait, that's a BAD thing if you dislike me! I don't like you.".

On the ship, Luke comes to a stop in mid-space.
"Luke, what's wrong?" Jake asked.
"I feel a disturbance in the Force. I feel cold. I feel anger, fear and hate.". Luke feels it and it goes right threw his brain. He knows something. Unfortunately, they didn't pull the brakes on the ship, so it went flying into Ren's ship. Oopsy. Ren and Luke are fighting and slashing and slashing and fighting.
"You felt it, didn't you?" Ren said.
"Feel what?" Luke asked.
"The disturbance in the Force." Luke knew it was true. He did feel it. HE DEFINATLY FELT IT!
"Don't deny it," Ren started, "You know the identity of The Emperor don't you?".
Luke gulped.
"Luke, you know who he or she is?" Jake asked.
"Say it." Ren said, "You know. Don't wanna tell us? OK. I'll do it myself.".
"You wanna know the identity Kylo Ren? OK, get ready. This will blow your mind. The Emperor is.... Finn.".
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