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Chapter VI- Unimaggeddon Part 3: Unimaginable Power

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As the Emperor has defeated Harry and Jake, Kylo Ren has had word on the co-ordinates of the Star Destroyer Luke is on and coincidentally, the same one Jake and Harry are on.

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Chapter 6 - Unimageddon Part 3: Unimaginable Power

Darth Vision comes down from a portal.
"Finish Harry off, then the Jedi," the Emperor said.
"Funny," Darth Vision started, "I had a friend called Harry. For all I care he's dead now.".
Darth Vision activates his double-red lightsaber, lifts it up and drops it down. Harry knows he's doomed and CRACKLE!! With his eyes closed as he is scared, Harry opens his eyes to see a green lightsaber in front of his face and it was Luke's lightsaber!
"Oh hiya!" Luke said cheerfully, "I've never met you before! My name's Luke, I'm about to kill you and nice double red lightsaber!"
"Oh thanks! I took the design from Darth Maul's and Kylo Ren's!" he started, "You see---".
While Darth Vision was blabbing on about his lightsaber, Luke used The Force to grab the Emperor's lightsaber and impales Darth Vision.
"----and that's how my lightsaber was made! The End!"
That's weird, thought Luke, Surely that would of killed him right? .
Jake woke up, looked at his lightsaber on the floor, used The Force to grab his lightsaber and threw it to Luke. Vision and Luke started dueling and dueling and slashing.
"You'll never win! Sith are superior to Jedi!". They dueled until Luke won. Vision walked back some space and threw his lightsaber at Luke. He deflected it perfectly but, there was a consequence. The lightsaber impaled Harry.
"HARRY!! NOOO!!" Jake yelled. He was as furious as a lion and used the Force and grabbed all lightsabers except Vision's. Jake fought Vision and furiously slashed at him. He was pushed away with The Force. Jake stood up and slashed back.
"Jake! We must retreat!"

On Kylo Ren's ship, Anakin's ghost is still there.
"Why are you even still here?", Ren started, "I don't need you. You're with the Resistance. Now, leave.".
"Na," Anakin's ghost said, "I've had a life of horror that's why I joined the dark side. You thought 'This is good. I don't need to have a piss 24/7 inside a robot suit, so that's nice.' and I had Padme and Obi-Wan, my best friend and master, and I had Luke and Leia. Of course I do. But then, you have to come along and ruin our peace. You kill my son-in-law, for what? FOR WHAT? Leave now, or you'll face the wrath of an army."
"I have an army too. I'll fight 'till I'll win. I WILL finish what you started as Vader. WIPING OUT THE JEDI AND RESISTERES.". Anakin's ghost laughed and laughed and laughed.
"So...sorry! It's...just re...really...funny to....hear....hear you yell! HAHAHAHAHAHA!".

Jake was still fighting. He listened to Luke's retreat call.
"OK Luke," he said.
He did one more attack, pushed him back and ran. They made it to Luke's Starfighter.
"Wait! I gotta go back to get Harry," Jake said.
"Go!" Luke yelled.
Jake ran so fast to grab his friend. He drags him to the Starfighter and puts him in the droid seat. Stormtroopers shoot at them but Luke used the ship's gun to take them down. He shoots down the window and flies to the Resistance base on D'Qar.
"ACTIVATE THE SHIELDS!" yelled the Emperor. The shields went up.

Back to D'Qar. Harry is on the gurney in the recovery room.
"Th...thank you," he said faintly to Jake.
Jake then turned the corner and walked off. He said to himself faintly,
"Your welcome, pal,".

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