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Admiral Harry, the Start

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Harry Potter, as a result of trying to escape the Toad, is transported to a strange new world where powerful warships take the form of cutie girls, strange monsters roam the seas attacking anyone a...

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There are a few thingy I would like to take care of first before we all move on to the fun bits.

Firstly: I don't own Harry Potter or Kantai Collections, if I did the Kantai Collection anime would have been longer and less loopy, Harry would have been shot of Ron by third year, and Snivolis Snape would have died a painful death involving tissue paper, a needle and his left 'nut'.

Secondly: while I don't write what I consider porn I do stray close to what some people find uncomfortable, so save us all a bunch of headaches, understand that this will be rated M and will likely earn it. there will be skin, there will be bloody, there will foul language and there will be political incorrectness. if you don't want to deal with it please leave, I will not think any less of you for it.

Thirdly: Kongou-class warning because...well...their the Kongous, 'nough said.

Fourthly: Original world/Original timeline warning, Canon Nazis need not applie.

Fifthly: Irregular Update warning: I update when my muse allows; and my muse is a dozen squirrels hyped up on med-grade caffeine, crack and LSD...get the picture yet-_-'

If I think of anything else I'll add it in as needed. For those who've stay'd enjoy;)




Story Start

Harry Potter hit the ground a seriously hard thud and laid there groaning for a few moments.

Harry had been caught by the latest monster employed by Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (one Amphibious Umbitchious) running an 'illegal' defense club, and in the resulting firefight had accidentally tripped the activation sequence on the hidden room that the club had been using to train. One quick trip through a swirling blue thingy later and Harry was being rather roughly introduced to a cement floor.

After a few moments Harry's head had stopped spinning enough for him to sit up and look around...and what he saw made his heart sink

He'd been dropped in the middle of a main street of some city; though calling it a 'city' was kind of stretching the term a little...or a lot depending on who you asked. All the buildings that Harry could see on either side of the street had either been completely leveled or had massive holes blasted into them. And it hadn't been done recently if Harry was reading the amount of grass and even small trees that were growing in and around the various ruined buildings.

"Well this sure isn't a good start" Harry mumbled to himself as he stood up and dusted himself off. After a moment of thought Harry pulled out his wand (that had somehow returned itself to his pocket even though it had been in his hand when he went through the portal) and pointed it into the air.

"Homonis Revelio!" Harry shouted and a dull blue light shone from the tip of his wand before it formed a pulse that swept out in all directions. Harry lowered his wand and waited, hopeing to feel the familiar pings that signified a human presence nearby; but after three minutes of feeling nothing Harry came to the depressing conclusion that there were no people close enough to his position for him to detect. Harry was starting to get seriously nervous about his current situation when an idea struck him and he raised his wand again.

"Magicus Revelio!" as the pulse went out Harry focused intently so as to pick up even the slightest indication of magic, and was soon very happy that he did as he felt a faint counter pulse of magic that was either weak or far away. As quickly as he could Harry used the revealing spell several more times to give him a good general direction of whatever he was looking for before he started hiking down the crumbling street towards what looked like the harbor.

It took Harry most of what remained of the day to make his way to and locate the source of the magic his spell had detected; mostly because he had to climb over, around and sometimes even under the rubble of destroyed buildings to get were he was going. Harry had pulled off his long, black Hogwarts robes as he was working so hard that he was starting to over heat. He had also seen plenty of bleached bones laying around, almost taunting him as hints of what his future in this city of ghosts would look like.

Finally, just as the sun was starting to set, Harry located the source of the magic he had been tracking. It turned out to be giant, multistory bird house, kind of like the one he'd seen at Hogwarts that housed the school swallows but this one was both larger and beaten half way to kindling. Harry studied the birdhouse curiously as it was the only magical thing he could detect in the whole city. It was also covered in a strange form of writing that Harry couldn't read pointed to him being somewhere in Asia.

Harry quickly decided that the best way to figure out what the bird house did was to fix it and pointed his wand at it.

"Reparo Maxima!"

Ever so slowly the various bits of the bird house were pulled back into place by the soft blue light of the repair spell Harry was using. but it wasn't easy, What ever the birdhouse thingy had been had contained powerful magics; and repairing those magics took a lot of time, will and focus...

...Well it wasn't like Harry had anything else to do right now.

Finally, after almost an hour, the last slivers of wood slotted back into their places and a small pulse of magic told Harry that his spell had finished it work and that the birdhouse was now back in working order; which was good because the repair spell had taken a lot out of the young Potter.

In fact it had taken so much of Harry's energy reserves to fix the birdhouse that Harry could barely eye his eyes open now that he was done and he felt himself starting to wobble dangerously. Deciding that he'd had enough for one day Harry moved to a park style bench that he'd spotted under the birdhouse earlier, transfigured is Hogwart's robe into a blanket, cast a Warming and Water-Repelling charm on both, wrapped himself up in his new blanket, laid down on the bench and went straight to sleep.

Scene Break.


"Not now Ron let me sleep please" Harry grumbled as he lightly swatted at the finger his friend was poking him with, rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.


"Hermione I finished my homework last night" Harry whined.


"No I do not need to-"

"DESU!" the loud shout of multiple voices was loud and jarring enough to make Harry hurriedly sit up and wake up at least a little bit.

A little smack from a stick to the face probably helped.

"I'm up! I'm up! al-"

The sight of what was trying to wake him did the rest.

For there in front of him standing on his blanket, on the back of the bench, the ground and or hovering in the air, was a group of thirty or so slightly deformed little human figures, kind of like dolls, each in a little white skirt and vests with a white sailor cap and all looking at him expectantly. Harry gulped slightly at all the little brown eyes looking up at him; so he decided to take a quick look around, which led Harry's green eye's to land on the birdhouse that he'd fixed last evening just as several more of the little fairy-things flew out of it.


The sound of one of the fairies speaking to him from brought his eyes back to the large group of them that was right in front of him. One of their number had moved to within a foot of his face and seemed to want his attention.



'Okay that had to be a question' Harry thought to himself as he continued to look at what he now thought of as a fairy. he had felt that the fairy had said a lot more then just that one word.

"Um? I'm sorry but could you repeat that?" Harry asked.

"Desu?" the fairy tilted her head slightly like she was slightly confused, something Harry was pretty familiar with right now.

"Nope still not catching it" the fairy just looked even more confused as she tilted her head to the other side and started rubbing the back of her head with her hand; before a flash of understanding seemed to jump onto her little face.

"Desu!" Harry under the fairy's meaning this time as she'd also made the hand sign for 'Stop' or in this case 'Wait Here' before she'd gone zipping back into the birdhouse, or maybe Fairy house was a better name for the structure.

Anyway within a few moments the fairy that had left came back and this time she had several new fairies with her; all of them dressed in fairy-sized suits. soon one of these approached Harry and started doing different calls, which Harry assumed was the fairy trying different languages, until...

"Hey" she hit on one that worked.

"Oh yes I understood that one" Harry said, to which the little fairy gave a sigh of relief before she start to question him.


"Right, my name is Harry Potter but I don't really know how I got here, I know it was probably some variation of magical Murphy's Law but other then that? no not a bloody clue; I don't even know where here is."


"A navy base in Yokasuka, Japan? well that's a little farther then I'd thought I'd went" Harry said with a grumble before he took a look around and decided on his next question, which he figured might take the fairy a while to explain.

"So what happened here and how long has your house been busted up?" what followed was a basic outline of local events and then a further explanation of just what things like 'The Abyssal Fleet' and 'Kanmusu AKA Ship Girls' were and a short overview of the 'War of the Abyss', and Harry was positive that even then he wasn't understanding all that the fairy was trying to tell him, but he got the gist of it.

"Damn" Harry swore, he didn't like how this was shaping up one bit.

"If what your saying is true, and please understand that I do believe you, then I'm pretty much screwed unless I do something pretty quick" Harry said as he glared out over Yokasuka's harbor, the Abyssal's were out there somewhere and Harry couldn't think of anyway to defend himself or anybody he might meet from them without some help from ship girls, and he didn't know where he'd be able to find any...unless...

"Tell me is it possible for me to get a ship girl's attention if I reactivate this base?"


That was definitely a yes; and better yet Harry could apparently just 'build' them.

"Can I reactivate this base?"


Harry thought for a few moments before he did what he always did when he needed to make a snap judgement. he went with his gut.

"How do I reactivate this base?" Harry asked.


Well that was simple enough in Harry's opinion Harry's thought as another fairy flew over to him carrying a highly decorated white naval officer's cap several times bigger then the fairy was. Harry gently took the cap from the fairy and looked at it for a few moments, before he plopped it on his head and looked the assembled fairies in the eye.

"I, Harry James Potter, here by assume command of this post as the Admiral in Charge" as Harry finished his first command all of the assembled fairies and their house glowed brightly for several seconds; and when the light died down all the assembled faeries snapped a salute to their new commander with a sharp "Desu!". Harry nodded at this and gave his own (halfassed) salute in return, before turning to who he was starting to think off as his translator fairy and had a quick, whispered conversation with her, then turned back to the assembled mass.

"Stand To for Orders" the fairies all seemed stand a little bit straighter "I hereby command that all critical equipment on this base be repaired and readied for use, but there are to be no repair to the builds or anything that can be seen from the outside without my direct approval. We are defenseless at the moment, so are best defense is to not be noticed. That is all, move out" all the fairies but the one acting as his translator gave one more loud "Desu" before they all sped off to get to work. Harry watched the fairies fly away for a moment before turning to 'translator'.

"I guess the best place for me to start is to find a Japanese/English Dictionary" 'translator' nodded before she led him off.


Chapter End.

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