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chapter 2

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The plot squirrels have finally finished doing their job, So I no bring you the second chapter of this story.

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It's actually much harder then it sounds...making something work properly again while making it look as much like a wreak as possible; It required a careful balancing of what had to be fixed for the base to operate and what could be left wreaked so that passing Abyssal patrols wouldn't look too closely and discover them before they could summon enough ship girls for a proper defensive force.

But some how Harry and the fairies managed to pull it off, it just took them working near constantly for three days straight and heavy use of magic. By the time they finished fixing what they could fix Harry was exhausted; both physically from the work and magic used and mentally from organizing the faeries, from doing things with his own magic all while trying to beat a new language into his head.

And yet Harry was also twitching with barely contained energy (or exhaustion) as everything was now in place for the summoning of the first ship girl. The translator fairy had informed Harry that they'd been able to actually choose which girl was summoned first, but that it could only be done once so Harry had been given files on the six most commonly summoned 'Starter Ships' and told to choose wisely.


-Somewhere in the Abyss between Living and the Dead-

Had she not given her all?

She had come whenever someone asked for her, went and did whatever they order her to, died gods only know how many times in some of the worst ways possable.

And yet she couldn't seem to rest peacefully in the afterlife. She never felt that she had truely accomplished anything while she had lived. As a steel ship she had been sunk early in the Pacific War. This made her feel that she hadn't tried hard enough, and when the war against the Abyss had kicked off and people figured out how to summon the spirits of old warships to fight again she had been one of the first to volunter.

And she was also one of the first sunk.

But she kept coming back, answering whenever the call went out. For twenty long years she would keep coming back, keep fighting for the nation that gave her life and keep dieing for them as the Abyssals slowly ground away at the defenses of the nation and killed more and more of it's people.

Finally the Abyssals struck at the last seaport the nation had and this is where she die the last time, one of the last shipgirls still fighting, desperately trying to hold the Abyssals back long enough for the people of the city to escape.

That had been around a decade ago (time was hard to follow here) and she hadn't been summoned again since. Had anyone escaped? Had they managed to reach safe havens farther inland? had they developed new weapons that could fight the Abyss better then she could and so didn't need her anymore? All of these questions and more chewed at her soul and she longed to go back just one more time, to see what had happened...even if all she'd see is a blasted momument to her failure to protect her nation.

And then she felt it; a tug deep in her guts, a plea to come back and again fight for those who couldn't fight for themselves. A plea that she'd been wishing to hear for over ten long years. Slowly but surely she began to pull herself towards the source of the plea, back to the world of the living and another confrintation with the Abyssal Fleet.


Harry stood waiting quietly as the timer over the construction pod, which the faries refered to as a 'Slipway', started the last ten seconds of it's countdown. He had tried his best to get cleaned up, 'cause its always a good idea to try and give a good first impression. This was hindered by the fact that Harry only had one set of clothes to his name, and the only piece of military uniform he had was his admiral's hat.

But hey, at least he tried.

The countdown finally dinged zero and the dock faries gave a loud 'DESU!' cheer. One of the faries floated up to the latch with a bottle in her hands, said several loudish 'DESU!'s before she broke the bottle over the latch, which popped loose from the impact and started to slowly swing open with a little puff of steam still concealing whoever was within (Why did all mysterious doors need a steam effect when opened anyway?)

Harry stepped forward to get a look at his new 'shipgirl' while she was still waking up. When he poked his head in the door Harry saw at girl that was either his age or maybe a little bit younger laying on an inclined bed. The girl had brown hair that was tied back in a ponytail that barely reached her shoulders and two slightly smaller tails that flowed down from her temples to frame a kinda plain looking face. She had on a white short-sleeved blouse with blue cuffs and a blue intergrated scarf as well as a blue lace that was tied in a bow. Below that was a blue pleated short skirt that just reached mid-thigh in the front but that had square cut-outs that barely past the hip on the sides. The bottoms of her legs were wrapped in a pair of black socks and a pair of ankle high mechanical-looking boots.

Before Harry could admire the girl farther a fairy flew in with a small bucket and splashed the girl's face with, judging by the way she jumped, probably ice cold water. The girl's feet had barely touched the ground before she was standing stiffly erect and spouting off a greeting....ninety percent of which Harry couldn't make heads or tails of, but he did manage to catch her name.



Fubuki held a stiff position a attention and waited for her new admiral to return her greeting while also trying to push down her embaressment that she'd spent so much time dozing, enjoying being in a human body again after so long instead of properly greeting her new admiral as was proper; resulting in receiving a bucket of cold water to the face from one of the construction faries. The only possable good part so far besides the afore mentioned human body was that the fairy had aimed for her face and not her chest, she didn't want her admiral's first impression of her to be of a lazy girl with a wet, see through shirt.

She may have some feminine pride in her generous A-cup breasts, but she didn't want her admiral seeing least not like that.

"I'm sorry I didn't catch that, could you please repeat yourself " Fubuki had to think for a couple of seconds before she was able to place the langauge that her new admiral had spoken in as english, which suprised her as she didn't think that any forigners were aloud to join the defence forces, even with the casuilties inficted by the Abyssal Fleet.

But that didn't really matter at the moment. What mattered was correcting herself so that she didn't continue to give the admiral a bad impression of her character.

"My apologises admiral! it's nice to meet you! I'm Fubuki! Thank you for having me!" Fubuki repeated in english.

"That's quite alright Fubuki and thank you for agreeing to come back once again" Fubuki's new admiral answered and Fubuki was surprised at just how young he sounded. This quandry led to Fubuki working up the curiousity to actually look at her new admiral, to see what kind of man he was.

To her shock Fubuki found that her new 'Admiral' was a boy who barely looked any older then she did, maybe fourteen or fifteen years old. More worryingly (if that was possible) despite his youthful appearance the boy slightly drooped from stress and though his green eye's had a friendly sparkle in them she had a feeling that most of the time they would be dulled in surpressed pain. How did she know this? because she'd spent the better part of two decades seeing that look on the faces of nearly everybody she'd known...including her own.

'But enough that the depressing stuff' Fubuki rebuked herself mentally before returning to the evaluation of her new admiral. He was only an inch or two taller then Fubuki was with messy black hair, green eyes (as stated earlier) behind simple framed glasses. Her new admiral was wearing a pair of simple brown slacks with a red T-shirt and brown loafers. Overall Fubuki thought her new admiral was quite plain, with the only piece of uniform that he was wearing was an admiral's cap.

While Fubuki's mind was doing her quick evaluation of her new admiral said admiral stepped closer to Fubuki and exstended his right hand. Fubuki took the hand and the two shared a shake before she noticed something else about her new admiral.

"Sir, with upmost respect, you kinda stink" Fubuki thought her new admiral would vemently deny this but she was suprised when Harry just chuckled in an embarressed manner and scratched the back of his head.

"Sorry, we've been so busy getting everything absolutely nessessary up and running that we haven't had time to workout a working bath for me" at the sight of Fubuki's blank face Harry's expression drooped with another sorry.

But Fubuki was actually trying to think of a solution to her first problem from her new admiral and get to know him better at the same time. This was the first time Fubuki had had someone as her admiral from a foregin nation, who lacked military esperience or was so young. The destroyer was determined to make sure her new admiral was prepared, or this would end badly for everyone involved.

Fubuki shot one of the nearby fairies a look and got a "DESU!" in return. nodding her head as she came to a decision Fubuki reached forward, grabbed Harry's hand and started pulling him from the building while she shouted something to one of the hovering fairies that Harry didn't catch.

"Um? Fubuki? where are we going?" Harry asked nervously as his first shipgirl dragged him along.

"To the docks admiral" Fubuki said as she grabbed the handle of the door "smelling that bad ca...can....can't be...a....good..thing" opening the door had revealed a view of the base, and the surrounding city, in all it's wreaked and decade of decay glory to the newly revived destroyer and Fubuki took it like a knife to the guts. Fubuki had spent almost all of her time drifting in limbo wanting to know what had happened to the city she died protecting. Well now she knew and Fubuki definately didn't like the answer she'd gotten.

"...Fubuki?" Harry asked softly, it didn't take a genus to figure out that the girl was hurting.

"I'm okay admiral" Fubuki answered as she furiously rubbed an arm acrossed her eyes "onwards to the docks!".
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