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Chapter 2

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Rage and The Safe Zone

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"(Y/N) ... Please answer me? Don't be a robot ... Everything will be fine I pro-" Pete didn't get to finish ... He was stunned as you broke into a sprint and got the hell out of there ... He tried to follow you but when he got out the store door, you were upon the rooftops and out of sight ...

Whilst Pete was standing dumbfounded at your exit you on the other hand were being whipped past buildings and chimneys and whatever else people leave on their roof tops. Seriously, you won't believe what you can find up there. Clotheslines, empty oil drums, bon fires inside old oil drums, Hobo Joe, some guy handcuffed to a water pipe for stealing a lady's handbag ... Really? But none of this matters anymore, as your body and mind are two separate items. Your mind is elsewhere, not controlling your body movements. Your body is being controlled by another entity within yourself. A demon that was created inside your soul. Rage controls your body now. But Rage isn't what others think it is, when you refer to him. They think that your body is controlled by your anger, being the rage emotion. But that's not what Rage is. Not who Rage is. Rage is another person, only he's inside your head and others can't hear him. People think you're insane and steer clear of you when you tell them about Rage and Demonica. Your foster parents even took you to a psychologist because they thought something was seriously wrong with you. You didn't used to be like this though, you didn't have other full people in your head when you were younger. Before your parents died.

Your parents, thinking back on it now, weren't entirely the nicest people in the world. They didn't really like you very much, you were just another waste product. You weren't anything like your brother or your sister, both of whom were older than you. Your parents thought they were perfect, always getting the highest grades, always chosen for leadership positions, always getting the best job offers and getting paid the best wages. Your parents only put up pictured of them and their achievements around the house, showcasing what they've accomplished as if it were a museum. You were the outcast of the family. You were not like them. You did get good grades and you were an accomplished student in the eyes of the schools you went to. But to your parents you were nothing. You never studied for your tests, never really bothered in your classes, didn't really care what grade you got so long as you passed that subject and moved on. Your parents didn't understand why, they thought you were cheating your exams and assignments because you never studied or tried very hard. You didn't want to apply for leadership positions but your parents forced you to, saying that maybe if you finally got something right and was more like your elder siblings then maybe your parents could be proud of you for something. That set you off, you had always wanted their love and affection. Actually, you had always wanted somebody's love and affection. You never got given love or affection from people, you were a lonely child at school. The teachers just saw you as a student. The students just saw you as a filler. Your parents barely even saw you or paid any attention to you. So when they said that if you started to be like your sister and brother they would love you, you tried to be something you weren't. You tried to socialise, started studying, tried to be a popular girl. Changed what you were comfortable with wearing to suit the new fashion trends. The kids at school finally realised that you existed, they even asked if you were a new student to the school. The teachers started taking more note of you, marking you down for potential leadership roles within the school.


[Rage]: Why are you dawdling on the past dear, when you have us to comfort you now ... The past is no longer within your reach child, you have nothing from that life to hold on to ... Everything from that past life has been erased ... So why continue to live in it?

[You]: What do you mean, I'm not trying to live in the past! I don't want to go back to that life!

[Rage]: But my dear, you are ... See, you are studying for college, trying to get a degree, trying to get a better job, trying to be social, not being able to make up your mind on what to wear ... You see? You are still, even after their death, trying to be like them ... The people who forgot you ... Dropped you ... Gave up on you ...


By this time your body had traveled half way across the city ... Well away from society and the general public, now you were in the bad part of town. These were the kind of streets that have so much crime and gangs in it that they just can't put them on the news ... There's just too much shit that happens here that they wouldn't have enough time in the program to cover a day in these streets. This was where Rage took you every single time he came out and controlled your vessel. It was his safe haven, he was the king and nobody messed with him or even dared to look at him twice. Rage had proven his worth to these people, he helped them whenever he could. He would steal from shops closer in to the city and bring the supplies back here for the people who needed it most. Warm blankets to those who don't have a bon-fire to reside beside, food to those who haven't seen it in months and live off road-kill.


[You]: Why are we here Rage? You don't have anything for these poor people today ... Do you?

[Rage]: As a matter of fact I do actually, I have money for them don't I?

[You]: Rage the only money I'm carrying is the leftover of my pay check from last week and that's barely enough to buy anything decent ... Let alone feed these people ... And funnily enough I need that money to pay my bills and whatnot ...

[Rage]: Do not fret your little head young mistress ... I have taken the liberty of on our way out of the store disposing of your trouble-maker's cash ... He won't need it or miss it by the looks of the fashion he's wearing darling ... He won't miss a cent of it ... He probably won't even realise it's gone to be honest ...

[You]: Great ... Give him something else to be mad at me for why don't you?


"Hey boss, you're back! Didn't think you were still around ... We thought you'd forgotten us ya know?" Said the second in command, Bob. His name was Bob because in fights he was famous for bobbing and miraculously landing punches in all the right places at the same time. So we all nicknamed him Bob or Bobby; nobody really knew or remembered his real name, then again none of us used our real names anymore ... We were the outcasts in this town, these were the forgotten people of our city ... The hopeless and the stranded, the dumped and the lost. Nobody knows their real names, they just use ones they stole off a grave now ... No point letting people know who you were when that life has been ripped from you. Everybody here was content with this thought though, they all knew that each and every one of the people living here in the slums had their own unique backstories and their own battles they fought, won and lost.

"Yes I am back, and I brought a little something for all you people." Rage said, handing the lump of money to Bobby.

"Wow, how'dya get this kinda money Rage? This will be enough to feed all of us for the next two months at the very least!" Bobby exclaimed, slightly overwhelmed by the vast amount of money that was thrusted into his hands.

"It was simple really Number 2." Rage calmly responded, noting that Bobby was getting emotional. Bob then took Rage aside into what the people referred to as his "Office".

"Listen mate, you don't have to do all this for us ya know? You don't have to bring in this much money, we live fine enough as it is. You really don't have to go to all this trouble for a bunch of slum fellows like us. We don't even exist in the eyes of the public or the government anymore." Bob explained, clearly very emotional about the fact that somebody was still looking out for their people and still being gracious enough to give them massive helping hands every now and then.

"Well if I can't be gracious to my people then why have I been elected the King of you? What a lousy King I would be if I didn't help my people get the bare necessities in life to survive on. I would end up being just like the rest of the world. Cold, heartless, cruel, unforgiving, not caring ... Do you and the people really want a King to do that to them, make them feel horrible even in their own homes and their safe havens?" Rage stated, pausing to let the information sink into Bobby's head and mind. "Besides, if I did that, these people would have nowhere to run from the government and the public and all those who look down upon these people. I would be just like them, I would be the equivalent of the government ... This is something I cannot and will not do, not to my own kin, not to any living soul that resides in my Kingdom."

"You're a legend, we will never forget the work you do for us. We are forever in your service. If you require anything from us, shout and we will come." Bobby bowed deeply in respect in front of Rage.

"Do I have your word that the people will do this? Because you never know, I may someday require your assistance ..."

"You have our whole word as a people. I promise."
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