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Chapter 3

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[You]: Thank you Rage for letting me answer the phone and letting me talk to Pete.
[Rage]: My pleasure sweetie, you and I need to look out for each other don’t we?
[You]: Yes we do Rage, yes we do.
You wake up safe and sound in your bed. You don’t really remember much about what happened but you don’t care. You were hungry and grumpy and just wanted to be cuddled all day long in bed. But your stomach would not hear a word of it. So you forced yourself to get up and drag your body towards your locked bedroom door. You unlock it and open it to find your roommate on the couch eating and binge watching her favourite show. She looks up at hearing you enter the room and make your way to the kitchen and then pauses the TV and turns to face you.

“So … He came back and they came out and Pete was there to cover for your ass right?” She said.

“Yeah …” You responded nonchalantly, not bothering to look up.

“And you’ve been in the other place for a week?” She questioned again.

“Yes … I think … Probably I dunno …” You trail off, not really knowing because you didn’t want to remember and you couldn’t be bothered to try at that moment. You had found some food and started shoveling it into your mouth and eating. You were ravenous and the cereal was a welcome taste for your mouth.

“So you’ve called work and told the-”

“Yes I’ve already made those arrangements and called Pete to let him know that I was going to be away for a week and all that. Work are okay and know that I’m sick.” You replied tiredly, knowing that your roommate was going to ask all these questions and give you another lecture. But you were beyond sick of it and honestly, you just wanted to curl up in a ball and stay like that forever. But duty calls and you have things to do before resuming your shit life.

“So wha-”

“Look I don’t need a lecture every time I don’t come home for extended periods of time! I’m an adult I don’t need you babying me all the goddamn time! I’m fine! I can take care of myself please, just stop with the lectures okay? I’m sorry I shouldn’t be snapping or anything but I’m tired and grumpy and I don’t want to socalise and I’m in that mood okay?” You explain angrily, but trying not to really bite your friend’s head off. That’s not fair on her and you know it.

“I know you don’t like the lectures but someone has to look out for you and I’m your roommate, I have the right to be worried about you. But I promise I’ll try to stop … Only if you promise to talk to Pete.”

“I will I will I pro-”


“Wha?? NO!! I can’t he’ll freak and leave me and I don’t want the whole band knowing and stuff cause their music is actually pretty good. Besides we’ve only just started dating it wouldn’t be fair-”

“Actually not telling him is worse you know I’m right. You need to talk to him.”

She’s right. It is much worse if I don’t tell Pete. But how can I tell him without it backfiring like always? And why today? I don’t wanna do it today! But the longer I leave it the less likely I’m gonna do it … You think to yourself. Giving in you respond to your roommate.

“Ugh fine I’ll do it tomorrow.”


“NO I’m doing it tomorrow I need today to get everything sorted again and figure out how I’m gonna tell him without it backfiring like always. You know what I mean. Besides I don’t think I can face him right now I’ve just woke up and I don’t want to see people today. I’m just staying in today and I’ll call work back at tell them I’ll be back in a couple of days … There is no way in hell I’m going back there right now!” You counter, not giving in to anything more.

“Alright, but I’m calling Pete and telling him you’re seeing him tomorrow.” She stated, locking eye contact. She does that when she’s dead serious about something.

“Thanks … I don’t even think I can speak to him over the phone right now I’m so messed up.”
After that you take more comfort food from your special stock and retreat from the world into your room, flicking on the small mini TV and watching The Lord of The Rings to calm you down. Your roommate calls Pete’s number and in three rings he answers.

“Hey (Y/N)! I ha-” Pete gets cut off by your roommate.

“It’s actually me, I’m calling on (Y/N)’s behalf because she wants you to come over to the flat tomorrow so she can tell you what happened and explain stuff to you.”

“Is it bad? Is she okay? Maybe I should just give her some more time she can tell me whe-”

“No it’s not really bad, yes she’s okay she’s in her room being fat and no you need to come over tomorrow otherwise she will never tell you and you have to know. And I refuse to be the one to tell you. Look, just don’t worry about it I just need you to promise that you will come over tomorrow no matter what. I can’t have her backing out and I know that if you actually turn up she will tell you. Just trust me it’s fine.” Your roommate explains to Pete.

“Okay I’ll go with it, text me the address tomorrow and as soon as I get it I’ll leave and come over okay?” Pete promised.

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Oh and one more thing really quickly before you go?” Pete asked.


“Can you tell her I miss her and I promise to come over tomorrow no matter what happens please?” Pete whispered quietly into the phone, like he was trying to hide it from someone else on the other end of the line.

“Sure, you wanna tell her yourself?”

“No she needs her space and I’m gonna respect that but I just want her to know that.” Pete said at his normal voice level again.

“Okay, see you tomorrow then.”

“Sure thing. Bye.” The call ended and Pete put his phone back into his pocket and picked up his bass again, coming back over to the others for their band prac.

Pete was practicing with Fall Out Boy as usual when his phone went off really annoyingly loud during their rehearsal of “Dead On Arrival” and Pete stopped to take it, moving away from the group. The boys started to have a break and refresh after trying some new songs for their next album and started to guess who it was and what they were talking about by the little bits they could here. After Pete came back over Joe was the first to speak.

“So was that the chick you brought backstage, or, one of them?”

“Her name is (Y/N) Joe I’ve told you that and no it was her roommate.” Pete replied, slightly annoyed that Joe didn’t use your name.

“So what was she calling about?” Andy asked.

“She was calling to tell me that (Y/N) wanted me to come over to their flat tomorrow because she has something that she needs to tell me and stuff.”

“Why haven’t we seen or heard from her in a week since you told us you two were a thing?” Patrick asked, not really wanting to intrude but his gut feeling was saying that something might be wrong and he was looking out for his friend.

“She’s been kinda sick since the guy came to visit the store like I told you. But I called her and she told be she’d be gone for a like three or four weeks or something … So it can’t be that bad.” Pete reasoned, knowing the look on Patrick’s face meant that he thought something was fishy. “Stop making that face Patrick (Y/N)’s not like those other girls I’ve dated where they fuck me over the second they can for their own benefit okay? She’s got a life without me remember? She has a flat that she can maintain, she has a roommate so she’s not alone, she has a secure job that pays well enough for her to live AND complete a course she’s studying. (Y/N) has a life she’s made for herself that I might be a part of. Those other girls didn’t have a life built for themselves like that where they could depend on themselves. They made their lives depend on whomever they were sleeping with remember?” Pete argued at Patrick, annoyed that he didn’t trust you.

“Alright okay I get it, she doesn’t need you to be able to live and stuff I get it. I’m just worried that something else might be happening and it might be bad …” Patrick stumbled, not meaning to make Pete react the way he did.

“Look if she needs to tell me something then she needs to tell me something. That’s it.” Pete finished, wanting to get back to playing bass rather than arguing with Patrick over his girlfriend. “Can we get back to playing please?”

“Yeah I don’t wanna be sitting here listening to you two fight over some chick I wanna shred some fucking metal dude.” Joe says lazily, drawing out his words like he was tired.

“Dude are you high or tired Joe?” Andy asked.

“Both” The three boys responded to Andy in unison.

I hope she’s okay and it’s nothing really bad. Pete thought to himself as they began playing again.
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